Sending message to all players in hashmap

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RuthlessRage, Apr 6, 2015.

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    i can do this when i have the players names as strings but for this project it has to be their uuids...

    for(Player p2 : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()) {


    this code will only send the message to one onlne player please help
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    @nverdier i'm adding it when the player types the command /test (playername)
    it then saves the player who types command as key and the player who is (playername) as value
    the hashmap is claymore(UUID, UUID)
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    @RuthlessRage So only one person has used '.test'... Can you please post all code?
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    @nverdier must i past my code.... say a layer does /test (playername)
    5 times then there should be 5 playernames associated with his name. what i want is to send all 5 of those layers a message that theyre in the hashmap. i don't really have an idea what i will use this for in the future, but its something i was wondering
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    @RuthlessRage Well are you sure everybody is being added to the HashMap? Please post all code.
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    wam i the only one that has to wait for a moderator to approve my post before it gets posted?!?! they take so long...anyways im not sure it may only be putting one player in the hashmap and thats why i only one layer get the "your happy'' message. ths is how i put them in

    for(Player p1 : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers())                                         {
        if(p1.getLocation().distance(lk.getClickedBlock().getLocation()) <= 15){

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    Also, did you Debug?

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    @8jy89hui cause the last time i did that someone literally copied it. then like 2 days later asked a question about adding something to my same code...
    and i alreayd posted main parts of my code which is all you really need to awnser my question...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    If your current code was worth copying you probably wouldn't be asking this question in the first place.
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    @timtower @SuperOriginal @Tecno_Wizard i develop for craft realms,cosmiccraft, and guildcraft and i get big bucks to do so. My mind has never ending ideas so i'm always making something better. My codes are one of a kind anything i ask on here is an example of the code i have. Too many people come on here just to copy and paste when they dont know what there doing. i post on here so i can further my knowledge and so other people who view this forum can learn a thing or two.

    say a layer does /test (playername)
    5 times wit different playernames each time ,then there should be 5 playernames associated with his name. what i want is to send all 5 of those players a message that they're in the hashmap. the asmap for thisis Hashmap(uuid, uuid) the key is the player whos running the command and the value is the (playername) the person who does the command typed.. this is as simple as possible if you still need code to understand what im reffering to dont even bother replying

    for(Player p2 : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()) {
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    Nobody here cares who you work for. You need to show the code that has your problem or nobody can help you. This snippet is useless.
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    @SuperOriginal 1. you don't speak for everyone

    2."this is as simple as possible if you still need code to understand what im reffering to dont even bother replying"

    what part of this dont you understand
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    None of us are omniscient. Stop trying to treat us that way. If you don't post your code, you are basically asking for help from a brick wall. Nothing can be done, and it wastes everyone's time.

    Also, if you really develop for big bucks, I doubt you wouldn't know how to properly use a hashmap.
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    We don't need more code to understand what you're doing. We need more code to help you. But if you are going to act this hotheaded and stubborn you're not going to get any more replies.

    So again,
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    @RuthlessRage there is no need to get aggressive towards a community that is trying to help you solve the problem that you asked the to help you solve.
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