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    I found this plugin simple enough to not need the layout!
    What i want is basically an extension to world guard where when a player enter a region this happens:
    Jimmy; on this hub server he likes; wants to go to the spawn, he is in the survival world and wants to go to the hub world.
    Jimmy types: /spawn
    Jimmy knows that the spawn is protected by the region 'spawn' and he knows that the owners got an extension to world guard that gave him a hub kit that can execute commands
    CASE *Owner*:
    -Owner: Ight, I need to make a hub kit that can run commands.
    -Owner: *hold shovel*
    -Owner: /hubkit mergecmd /menu
    Now... Multiverse has the inventories covered, so that's good. And essentials has starter kits, Great!
    But now, IN THAT REGION, ANY shovel you hold and right click will execute that command.
    And the shovel is only an example of course.
    Plugin that lets you bind a command to a tool for a region so it runs that command on that tool every time someone gets that tool. So it's kinda like a universal command tool binder.
    And of course... Per Region..
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    So basically an item that will execute a command based on the location?
    What plugin do you use for creating "regions"?
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    Locked. Not a valid plugin request (Modify existing plugin), read section guidelines before posting.
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