Selling my Server. You Interested?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Aug 20, 2011.

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    If you're looking to buy a bukkit server lemme know! I made mine the beginning of summer, and it's been going great the whole summer!

    However school is starting and I wont be able to be the owner anymore. I don't just wanna forget about it, or give it away for free. I worked really hard on it, there are a good 30+ active players, the server has tons of fantastic plugins, everything is organized, there is a server mall, the currency is gold, and people can buy items with real money!

    If you want more info, please email me at [email protected] or message me on here!

    Please only contact if your legit about buying the server.

    I will send you ALL the files, so all you gotta do is port forward, and the server is yours!

    I would like to still play on the server, as an Admin rank and Op atleast, however if you purchase it from me thats up to you. Like I still love to play minecraft, the server is just getting to busy for me to operate, Im really focusing with school.

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    dark navi

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    sellign a server thats really crazy ill handle it. keep hosting it and all i can just run it basic style what type? and no im not paying
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    @shurfine Speak English please?
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    I would love to host the sever for you but Im not willing to pay i will give you an admin slot and take care of the sever. If its alright with you of course
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    @gregorymurp Are you willing to keep it up 24/7? And what are your computer specs? I worked really hard setting it all up, it's a nice server.
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    I'm not interested in taking it over, what so ever. However, How many user's play on it out of curiosity?
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    Daniel Heppner

    That's stupid. You're making people pay for it and then they also have to pay for hosting? Lol.
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    So your selling your world? if you were selling a server with a hosted vps that would make sense but i don't think people normally buy just worlds.
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    I'll take it off your hands if you'd like...Though what kind of server is it? My machine's powerful, and i'd gladly make you an op.I run a server now, but no one plays on it, so i think this would be kind of nice to have.
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    Just see OP's started thread history to get an idea what kind of server he's trying to "sell" here. *facepalm*
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    I would love to take it in for free. The ip would be
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    Wow, fail. You have no clue about all that server stuff and now you want money for the time you spent begging* in forums for help?

    * Started nearly always 2-3 Threads about the same thing.
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