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    Plugin category: Economy, Admin
    Suggested name: LoreSell

    What I want: A plugin that can set value for the same item with different lore, and the value can be changed with in-game command.
    This is an example:
    • When an admin uses "/addprice 50" when holding a stone renamed as "Magical Stone", the plugin reads the custom name of the stone, and saves that and the price (50 as indicated in the command) to the config.
    • After reloading the config (if necessary), a player can type /sellallitem, all "Magical Stone" in his inventory will be removed and 50*[amount sold] will be added to his money.
    • A custom message will be shown to the player and tells him the money he gained. Please make it configurable in the config.
    Multiple items can be added to the config and when a player types /sellallitem, only all items that matches the name in the config will be sold.

    Ideas for commands:
    /addprice [price]: set the price for the item selected.
    /sellallitem: sell all items in the inventory that matches the config

    Ideas for permissions:
    • loresell.addprice : Permission to use /addprice
    • loresell.sellallitem: Permission to use /sellallitem
    When I'd like it by: No rush
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    mrCookieSlime I saw it :D By the way, does it supports Unicode text? Some of the names are written in unicode and the plugin does not seems to recognize them.

    Here's the shop part of the config file.

    Edit: I posted them in pastebin:

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    Sorry Unicodes are not supported as far as I know :/

    Also, please dont double post. There is an Edit Button right next to the Date.
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