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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DarkFlame, Oct 21, 2016.

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    i have 3 worlds in my minecraft server and i always have a same money same echest and same chat in all of them how can fix this
    i using multiverse core pl now i want to know how can segregate money , chat and other stuff per world
    Also i want to know how can i give a rank to someone in a specified world?
    i mean how can i mod someone in world 1 and helper in world 2 for example
    i using permissionEx
    sorry if i had grammatical mistakes i'm not good in english :D
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    The best thing to do would be to Google it! Simply searching "per world money bukkit" will help with money, and I believe you can get Multiverse-Inventories for inventory-related things. Finally for PEx there are lots of tutorials for setting per-world permissions.
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    thank you for your answer but can you give me the exact name of plugins please? :D
    my minecraft server version is 1.10.2

    also i want to know how can i segregate other essentials stuff like warps, jails and homes

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    Warps, give per world permissions for them. Jails, that shouldn't matter. Use certain jails in certain worlds. You may want to look at "home" plugins as I'm sure there are a few that support multi-world.

    No. Literally Google "per world money bukkit" and a plugin will come up I guarantee you.
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    thank you again
    and more questions :D
    how can force players to spawn in my lobby every time they coming to the server?
    and at this time i fixed chats,warps,money and homes
    how can i segregate members per worlds?
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    SpawnTP will make players spawn at spawn when joining every time.

    Can you expand on "segregating members per worlds".
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