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    Disclaimer? (Skip if you want):
    Alrighty! After a long and painful time (literally months) of searching for ways to accomplish this without making a plugin request I have come here defeated. I know that the Bukkit/Spiggot/Cauldron community of plugins have been somewhat disoriented during the transition to Spiggot for 1.8, however I am requesting this plugin for 1.7.10 so I am able to use this on an old Caulrdon build I have. Without further ado, I present to you: Sectors.


    What is Sectors?
    Sectors is a plugin heavily inspired by the land controlling system present in Planetside 2. It allows the creation of server-owned factions that can be captured in only one way: capture point domination. Any faction can participate, but only one faction can hold control of the faction at one time. All features and details can be found below!

    The Sector Itself
    The factioned territory itself will work as a normal faction type would; as if it were a wilderness or warzone faction type. The only difference here is that it will only be able to be captured through the capture points, and can be controlled by any faction. Some faction features (when a faction is in control) include:
    • A configurable buff for friendly members of the faction in the sector (optional)
    • A configurable debuff for unfriendly members of the faction in the sector (optional)
    • A configurable buff/debuff for everyone in the territory when it is not under any control (optional)
    • Disallow/allow certain permissions for friendly/unfriendly players inside the faction while it is controlled (required)
    Capturing The Sector
    Capturing the sector is done by standing near the setup capture points by the creator of the sector (most likely server admins). Once in control of these points, the faction that has captured them must remain in control of them for a certain amount of time until they are in control of the faction. This will only work if the faction is in control of the majority of the capture points. Each capture point will grant a configurable (per-point) amount of points per second. When the sector required capture points for control is met, the faction who won is now the owner of the faction.
    Features include:
    • Configurable capture points based on the coordinate system (required)
    • Configurable range for each capture point (ex: 5 block radius from capture point) (required)
    • Configurable region capture point requirement (ex: capture of sector must require X amount of points) (required)
    • Capture point distribution (points per second from each capture point) (required for system to work)
    • Maximum of 26 capture points per sector (optional; can go higher; really only need max of 4-5 per sector) (required 4 or more)
    • Configurable lock-down time. (How long should the faction be on cool-down before it can be captured again) (required)
    • Configurable amount of points per sector required to capture the sector (required)
    If the sector is already controlled by another faction, the controlling faction starts with an automatic full capture points, as the enemy must drain them of the capture points to capture the territory.

    I have been trying to find a solution for this since Oct. 30, 2014, and I am really hoping someone will pick this project up. I realize it is a lot to ask for, but I desperately want to incorporate this into a private role-play server that involves mods through the use of Cauldron. The server runs on about 15+ people and this will be perfect for what I have in mind for the players.

    Thank you for your consideration, and feel free to ask any questions you need to!

    Some things I forgot in the original post:
    When I would like this: As soon as anyone can make it!
    Preferred plugin name: Sectors
    • /sector create <sector name> (creates sector)
    • /sector select <sector name> (selects sector to edit)
    • /sector claim (claims chunk for sector)
    • /sector setlockdowntime <int> (time in seconds or in hr/min/sec form -- ex: 5hr6m30s)
    • /sector cp set <cp id (string value)> [<x> <y> <z>] (sets capture point for the sector with an ID. If coordinates are left out then it sets it where the player is standing when they issue the command)
    • /sector cp select <cp id> (selects specific point to edit)
    • /sector cp pointspersecond <integer> (sets points per second the selected capture point is giving)
    • /sector cp captureradius <integer> (sets radius in which players must stand to capture)
    Other commands seem self-explanatory or are optional, so I will leave that to you to do.

    • sectors.admin (only admins need access to this, so why not just include everything)
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  2. So you want a plugin that divides the server in the TR, NC and VS with maps like indar and amerish where three factions battle non stop??
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    Not quite. I want to have player still be able to create their own factions and stuff, but instead of having the world defined by 100% sectors I would like to maybe put a city/town in a sector in which can be captured. With the use of allowed permissions in the region for friendly/enemy I would be able to allow certain things like weapon shops in these towns as a reward of capturing them.
    (Note: Shops not accessible unless the faction is in full control and there is no conflict)

    Essentially I want the land control system with the ability for players to create their OWN factions and still be able to participate.
    This wouldn't mean players battle non-stop, hence the lockdown feature I want in there. I don't want them to battle non-stop. I want this as a side goal that factions can go after. Their buffs would come in the form of what they can get from shops, resources, etc. from these sectors.

    P.S. - I just now realized that an easier way to explain this would be the interception mission mode from Warframe as well, but eh, this works just as well I guess...

    Also, thank you for your quick reply. I was actually hoping I wouldn't have to wait a decade for one! xD
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  4. If i could do this i think ill need to integrate a custom factions system that allows for warfare and it would take some time
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to Bukkit alternatives
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    Time won't be an issue as long as it's not an extreme amount of time like a year (yeah that would be a problem...).
    Whenever you can get started on it is great for me! I would love to see this come together as a finished project!

    Well it's mainly for Bukkit, but Spiggot runs Bukkit plugins anyways, and Cauldron is a modified version of Forge + Spiggot I believe. I don't mind it being moved, though. :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    As long as it isn't a CraftBukkit released from Bukkit then it gets moved. Those other ones also do different things with it.
  8. Ill get started as Soon as possible.
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    Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification! :D
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    Unfortunately, Loslobos1234 dropped out about a week and a half ago on this request...
    Can anyone else pickup this project? :(
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    No? No one? Okay...
    Well guess this idea (that should be in default factions) will never happen...
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    Will someone please take up this project?
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