Second item name bar like on Hive?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by michiletsplay, Oct 16, 2014.

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  1. Hi,
    I just saw some kind of second item name description-thingy on Hivemc. Now I want to recreate it and make use of it.


    After some time of searching the internet, I couldnt find anything related to this, so I am sure someone here can help me. I'd say its maybe using packets.

    Thank you for help!

    (btw. whats the exact definition for this bar?)
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    I think that might be using the new title and description feature in 1.8. And it's called the hotbar :p
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    michiletsplay the first bar is the action bar message, the second bar is the item name.
  4. Do you know where in the API this can be accessed? I looked for a little bit, but to no avail
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    Matthewenderle itemnames are displayed when you switch slots (or when the item in the current slot changes), action bar messages are 1.8, thus you will find no support for Bukkit (since Bukkit doesn't support 1.8 yet)

    Note for everyone going to nag about unofficial builds: Yes I am fully aware that they exist and that some do support 1.8 players / features, but these forums cover Bukkit, not any of those :p
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    Isn't there a BarAPI plugin out there?
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    MordorKing78 BarAPI provides boss bars, not action bars ;3.
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    Its the record play effect that has been modified.
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    There is no API, and CraftBukkit does not work on 1.8, so this thread does not belong on these forums.
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    This is what the Alternatives section is for. Though bukkit itself, is not up to 1.8. Anything dealing with 1.8+ should be directed to the appropriate sites.
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    eyamaz Still used to the very strict old rules :p. Thanks for reminding me.
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    This is the new ActionBar, go look it up on spigot :3

    How to do it in code with spigot (Snippet)
    1. public static void sendActionBar(Player player, String message){
    2. CraftPlayer p = (CraftPlayer) player;
    3. if (p.getHandle().playerConnection.networkManager.getVersion() != 47) return; // Don't run if player is not on 1.8
    4. IChatBaseComponent cbc = ChatSerializer.a("{\"text\": \"" + message + "\"}");
    5. PacketPlayOutChat ppoc = new PacketPlayOutChat(cbc,2);
    6. ((CraftPlayer) p).getHandle().playerConnection.sendPacket(ppoc);
    7. }

    NMS :( but cool!
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    I made ActionAnnouncer <3
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    How did you get getVersion()? I have the newest patched version of spigot, and craftbukkit (and spiggy API) :p please help :p I've been wondering..
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    ChipDev Just wondering, is the 2 the amount of time it shows?
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    2 Is action bar :p
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    Gotcha. Figured that one out myself.

    ALSO, how would I make 2 messages play sequentially. So it'd be like this: Player joins, sees welcome message, sees player count message.
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    Err.. a runnable? I'm not sure :(
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    Sorry about the necro, but this isn't working.
    1. PacketPlayOutChat ppoc = new PacketPlayOutChat(cbc,2);
    The 2 after "cbc" is not matching the PacketPlayOutChat contructor, it only takes one argument, IChatBaseComponent - help please?
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    oasis9 Same you know how to fix it?
    Sorry about the necro
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    Funergy Fixed, I had spigot #1649 and patched it with the official patch, which is found on the website - I won't go through how to do it here.

    And mine works, go to (LOL such a fail name, it's a free host, but it's not on all the time) Mineraft Server, in 1.8 and you'll be able to see how I've utilised it - A very flashy color thingy, if that's one way to put it.

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  24. you have to cast it to byte just set it to
    PacketPlayOutChat ppoc = new PacketPlayOutChat(cbc, (byte) 2);
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