Inactive [SEC] Vortex Protect v2.8 - Block/Region Protection, MySQL [1060]

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    Working To Protect You From Yourself!

    Version: 2.8
    Bukkit Version: 1060
    Requires: MySQL
    This plugin does what any server owner would want.. Protecting your blocks from those annoying griefers and trolls can save you time, grief and hassle. By running this plugin you can protect pre-built buildings or even buildings which you lazily use world edit to create. By protecting regions you can also add your friends into the region so they can build with you!

    This plugin also supports a nasty side where admins can detect who has placed a block and ban the player if need be. This plugin also supports finding who placed a bukkit of water or lava to catch those griefers at an all-new degree.

    By working with MySQL databases it helps keep players lag at bay and allows easy access for server admins to the database if need be.

    addregion :
    description: creates a new region.
    usage: /addregion size

    removeregion :
    description: removes the region you are in.
    usage: /removeregion
    addplayertoregion :
    description: adds the player to the region you are in.
    usage: /addplayertoregion playername
    removeplayerfromregion :
    description: removes the player from the region you are in.
    usage: /removeplayerfromregion playername

    Detecting Blocks Places:

    You can change this in the config.yml file but by default it should be right hand click on a stick (280) and a placement of a locked chest (95)


    Click Here

    To Do:
    • Permission Support
    Change Log:

    v2.8 - Fixed not being able to detect bukkit placement
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    Approved, but please look to the future: BukkitDev.
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    ive already done it... this was posted before the actual dev was public
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    Hi GamingVortex and nice plugin but when i do /addregion 1 it tells me " unable to create new region the size value of 1 is to small" i understand that but when i try to do /addregion 3 or 5 or 10 or even 2 it tells me an internal error occured while attempting to perform this command

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    need better example of commands here...
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    could you add a /rollback or something :p?
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    No offense but i don't see this as "easy" protection. It is a bit confusing to people with the setprotection command. You cant just put "size" because some people probably don't know how to do dimmensions that well and it just doesn't really make sense.
  8. i think you should make a selection tool for the non "squarish" builders
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    this is good for large protections, i like it, thanks man :)
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    The download button doen't work.
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    is it possible to protect from groups too? like i would create a protected are and only vips and builders can build there, not guest.. ect..
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    I really hope this gets updated, it is the best plugin we have.
    that and i really don't feel like moving another database :(
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    download is broken
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    i cant download it

    i just hope this works because i have been looking EVERYWHERE to find a plugin like this.

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    Download doesnt work :(
    you dont deserve [diamond]
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    sounds perfect if the download would work
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    why would i donate if the link was down -____-

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