[SEC] TownyTNT v1.0 - Towny perm based TNT block destruction [953]

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    Towny perm based TNT block destruction:​

    Apparently Towny Advanced has this functionality by default, so if you upgrade, then this wont be needed.

    • Allows TNT block damage based on each town's outsider.itemuse perm
    • No database
    • No permissions
    • No settings
    This plugin makes it so it is purely up to the mayor of each town to ensure the safety of their citizens, while simultaneously allowing admins to enable TNT.
    Of note, player damage remains unchanged. Watch yourself.

    If anyone would rather the perm be something less volatile, perhaps ally.itemuse, navigate to line 150 in TEntityListener. Or leave a message and I can recompile it as needed.

    [​IMG] <- Before
    [​IMG] <- After
    [​IMG] <- Changing the perm to allow block damage

    Download the Jar
    Source Code

    Changelog: Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
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    wow really cool!
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    With Towny, theres always been an issue with TNT. You could deny build rights to prevent it that way, but cannons could shoot TNTPrimed entities into protected areas, bypassing the Towny mechanism. This solves that issue.
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    Great job Daem! I'll talk to Ark about adding this onto our server.

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    Wow! Nice going, you should drop into the towny irc, we've actually added something similar to Towny Advanced .72.
  6. This feature was added to Towny as a town protection setting for explosions on/off. Also fire protections.
    It prevents tnt cannons, tnt, creeper explosions.
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    Well then, looks like I wasted some time repeating what was already done.
    I think I might rework this into a general TNT denial system, EXCEPT if towny allows it on only those plots. Keep the world in general from getting torn up

    0.72 is a very big update to Towny, including but not limited to:
    • Anti-Griefing Overhaul
      • Explosions on/off, set by mayors at the Town level using /town set explosion {on/off}
      • Firespread on/off, set by mayors at the Town level using /town set fire {on/off}
      • Itemuse bug, being able to pour water + lava and use lighters when it isn't allowed through plot permissions Fixed.
  8. It's a nice piece of code. it's actually slightly more accurate than what we have done in towny. We simply cancel thh explosion if it is going to affect a protected block.
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    the title was missing the plugin version, please keep it updated.

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