Inactive [SEC] TNTWarner v1.1 - Delete TNT and give warning [1.01]

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Is this plugin helpfull? If not, please say in a post

  1. Yes, It is helpfull, but I don't install it on my server

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  2. Yes, it is helpfull, I gonna install it

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  3. No, I know a better plugin (or it isn't helpfull)

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    TNTWarner - Delete TNT and give warning
    Version: v1.3

    • Delete TNT directly.
    • Give a warning in the console.

    Download TNTwarner!
    Source is inside the jar file.

    How to use:
    • Place the .jar file in the <bukkit server directory>/plugins directory.
    • Start your server.
    • Nothing to do more. :)

    Use the node: TNTWarner.canplace

    Known bugs:
    None. :D

    Gonna add:
    • Warning to all OPS and the player it placed!

    Version 1.1
    • Fixed that the plugin can conflict with other plugins.

    Version 1.0
    • Release my plugin.

    Those persons have help me developing my plugin:
    • Robin0van0der0v (for his tutorial and host of my plugins).
    • Some people on the bukkit forums (I don't know their usernames).

    You gonna see more from me!
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    nice imma install it :D
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    i hope this will work :)
    i wont allow anyone to grief at my server :)
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    It works fine, but is there possible you can make it warn in the chat too?
    And btw, the source is in the .jar file? No, it doesn't work that way
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    It works perfectley, not even OPs are allowed to place tnt :)

    and i agree, it would be better if it warns the player to not use tnt.
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    Thank you all :)

    I gonna make the warning in chat? Only OP right?

    *And the player it placed right?*
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    No, everyone is gonna see a warning like: Placing TNT on this server is forbidden
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    Ok. My PC has been crashed, so I gonna make it again! And better of cource.

    It can take a while when I updated it...

    Updated to RB 928! You don't have to download again...

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    Some one an idea for more features?
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    Updated to #935

    You don't need to redownload.
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    I found a problem. On my server I was testing this. so i placed tnt and really quickly flpiied a lever. the tnt did blow up. the plugin does work and takes tnt. but I have enough time to flip the switch
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    indeed there is a problem with your plugin when u place a tnt behind a redstone torch it just blows
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    Hm.... Strange... I'm looking of it...
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    Maybe I'll add support for advanced warnings: You get a warning if you placed TNT (And if you have a X warnings, you get banned by advanced warnings)
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    Please fix the Bug with the Redstone/Lever. And the TNT arent delet in the world, it came back to the inventory of the user?
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    I've found a bug !! :( when you let explode tnt before it disappear explode. :(( sry 4 bad english
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    New version!
    - TNT NEVER explode, it's just a fake explode (you see the normal explode, but no blocks are broken then)
    - You can safely remove TNT just click left (same as destroy other blocks)
    - Permissions support! (Not full working). Add the node TNTWarner.canplace

    Build 1000 now out :)

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    Yea its pretty cool! :D Thanks man !
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    No problem. :)
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    Download Link problem?
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    Download Link problem.
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    Cant download
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    Fix the link please. We need your plugin :)
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  25. I can't download could you fix the link please!
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    I hope I can fix it...

    New download:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    LOVE IT, my server crashed of tnt, (i was new to a sphere command) so when i did something i tought was little tnt..... 1 MILLION tnt blocks, all whent off, my server would have been DOOMED whitout you! love you man!!
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    Haha Tnx xD I'm developing my second plugin, but it is secret. One thing I can say: It's again something with security!
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    Fixing permission bug in 1.8 bukkit
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    When I look at the search of tntwarner I see a lot of people that have problems with his server. I can tell you that the problem isn't with TNTWarner. It can't conflict with other plugins (maybe the other TNT plugins).

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