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    SimpleProtect - Griefing Prevention the Simple Way!

    Click Here For SimpleProtect On BukkitDev!

    Current SimpleProtect Version: 1.0

    SimpleProtect is a simple plugin that disallows players from building, placing, or igniting blocks!
    This plugin is great for Hunger Game servers that want a lightweight plugin to use to prevent griefing or breaking any rules!

    - Lightweight, just plug and play!
    - Only 1 permissions node!
    - No glitches whatsoever!


    Permissions Nodes:
    Works with all permissions plugins!
    SimpleProtect.bypass - Allows a user to bypass griefing prevention measures.

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    All 1.3.2 version of SimpleProtect are compatible with 1.3.1.

    This plugin uses a TPL license, courtesy of @tyzoid. If you'd like to see a copy of the license, look here.
    I changed the download so it'll direct you to, then to the Dropbox link so I can track how many downloads I get :D. If you're interested on how many downloads i'm getting, check out <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    This plugin is closed-source due to some people who tried to copy my plugins >.>.
    If you liked my plugin, i'd really appreciate it if you left some feedback on this thread. It's the only thanks we developers get, besides donations!
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    Nothing! Suggest some new features by adding a comment below!

    SimpleProtect v1.0:
    - Initial Release

    If you'd like to know when a new update is coming out, please follow me!
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    ShootToMaim for making this plugin!

    BukkitDev page is occupied, i'll see what I can do about combining plugins with the current owner.

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