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    All updates found at
    SimpleAntiGrief - Simple Config Options To Protect Your Server
    Version: 1.4
    SimpleAntiGrief is very simple plugin that lets you set some config options to customize the damage and placement of certain blocks on your server. Just change the config options to true and your world will be protected. A blacklist is also added in v1.1, which blocks placement of certain blocks. The config and blacklist have been re-done, so please pay attention if you are updating!

    • TONS of easy to understand configuration options to protect your server
    • Permissions to override certain options
    • Includes Creeper nerf, TNT nerf, and Mob nerf.
    • Blacklist to prevent certain items from being placed.
    • Blacklist to prevent certain items from being broken.
    • Option to kick people on placement of blocks.
    • Option to kick people on breaking of blocks.
    • Easy to use YAML config (thanks to @codename_B for help with multiple .yml files)
    Config (open)
    Config (open)

    A file called config.yml will appear in /plugins/SimpleAntiGrief/. The values are self explanatory, it looks like this:
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockDamageToPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockAllDamage: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockMobFallDamage: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockDamageFromPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockPlayerFallDamage: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockDamageFromMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockDamageToMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockLightningDamageToPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockLightningDamageToMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockFireDamageToMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockFireDamageToPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockFireOnBlocks: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    InstantBreak: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    InfiniteItems: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockTNTExplosionDamageToMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    KickOnTNTPrime: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockCreeperExplosionDamageToPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockCreeperExplosionDamageToMobs: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockCreeperExplosions: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockTNTPrime: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockTNTExplosionDamageToPlayers: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockTNTExplosions: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockLavaBucket: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    KickOnWaterBucketUse: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    KickOnLavaBucketUse: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockWaterBucket: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockLavaDamage: false

    All values are false by default, edit them if you want to :)

    Blacklist (open)
    Blacklist (open)

    Blacklist File:
    A new file will be created at plugins/SimpleAntiGrief/blacklist.yml. It is easy to use, but nothing is written in the file when it is created. Paste this into it for a format reference:
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    Notify:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]        Broadcast: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]        Player: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]        Log: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockPlace: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    BlockBreak: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    KickOnBreak: false[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff0000]    KickOnPlace: false

    Just add blocks to the list like shown above. 1 is the block id, so in this case it is stone. The values are pretty self explanatory!
    Blacklist Permissions:
    To make somebody be able to bypass a block in blacklist.yml, add the following permission nodes:
    • For BlockBreak, give them sag.blacklist.break.ID
    • For BlockPlace, give them
    • For KickOnPlace and KickOnBreak give them sag.blacklist.kick.ID

    Important: If you are updating from 1.0-1.3 to 1.4, you need to redo your configuration file and your blacklist!
    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/SimpleAntiGrief/)

    Planned Changes
    • None so far
    Version 1.4
    • Completely redid the config and blacklist!
    • Fixed BlockDamageFromPlayer and BlockDamageFromMob (why didn't anybody tell me about that?)
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed water bucket blocking not working (code fail)
    • Fixed water bucket kick on use (code fail)
    • Fixed lava bucket kick on use (code fail)
    Version 1.2
    • Overhauled blacklist, adds tons more options
    • You MUST delete your old Config.txt and Blacklist.txt when updating!
    Version 1.1
    • Added Blacklist
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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  2. ok thanks u did an epic job on this
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    I meant the release build for 1.2.3, not R5. I looked at it late last night and it's going to need a pretty large rewrite because configurations got retarded for no reason.
  4. i heard.
    i heard... everything changed for config or something
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    Yeah it's similar enough but no matter what I do it comes out unformatted. I really don't know what to do about that.
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    Boom updated toCB 1.2.3-R0.1 here
  7. ro.1 xD

    btw can you update your colored signs plugin?

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    For some reason this plugin isn't working for me. I am placing it in using FTP and putting it into the Plugins folder but when I restart the server its not picking it up. Doesn't show in /plugins and makes no folder in the plugins folder. Using latest version of bukkit etc
    Any ideas?
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    Update to Java 7, when I get home I'll compile it against java 6 fix the incompatibility.
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    Did you fix this? Due to i have the same problem
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    I compiled it against Java 6 and there were no issues. Try updating your server box to 7, and if you have a host I guess you could request that they do the same.
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    I spoke to my server hosts and this was their reply

    20:39Jeff W: Hello Aaron. This is unfortunately not possible, as it would complicate (and probably break) hundreds of other plugins.
    20:39Jeff W: Tell that plugin's author that he needs to compile his plugin with JDK6, as it is VERY unlikely that he needs JDK7.

    Would this be possible for you to do? Don't worry if you would rather not.
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    First off updating Java doesn't break plugins, 7 is backwards compatible with other versions. Anyways, I did compile it against JDK 6 and there weren't any issues. It said there weren't any errors. I'll do it again and put up a new download link I guess, even though it should work fine.
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    Okay Thanks

    Sorry for being a pain :oops:

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