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    Erwyn LENS

    Plugin now available and updated at:

    Rakamak - The authentication plugin:
    Version: v2.0.0

    The Rakamak plugin has been created to provide a security opportunity for
    servers with online-mode=false.

    Cause I was in a particular network configurations with players accessing the
    server by the Internet and others by the local Network without Internet access
    I was encoutering lots of account stealing, particularly adminisatrators accounts
    (oh? isn't it?).

    The Rakamak plugin is a simple plugin which asks a password previously set up
    by the player, before being able to do anything with his character.

    It's my first plugin, so I probably have lots of things to learn, but it works...

    • Set a password for each player
    • Protect players from account stealing by asking it
    • /rakaset <thepasswordyouwant> to protect your character
    • /rakapass <thesamepassword> to authenticate on login

    Source Code

    • Re-enable players freezing
    • Disable all commands but the login's one when not logged
    • Permission support

    Version 2.0.0
    • Translated into English
    • Removed useless BlockListener
    • Added PlayerInteract event support
    • Removed unlogged people freezing, now when a player didn't authenticate before quitting, the character is teleported to its original location.
    Version 1.0
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    Tfs Halo

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    awesome I've been waiting for something like this!
    I'll test it out and get back to you
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    ehm hey guys i got a problem 2011-04-27_21.10.56.png about this plugin here is the photo the green thing is your plugin it is not on english.. dont care about the other it is just a welcome message
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    Erwyn LENS

    Oh, yes you're right, i'll translate everything. Sorry, this plugin has been made for a french server, that's why messages are in french, i'll correct it ASAP.

    Another thing, after using it for 2 days, I decided to stop freezing the player. Now, the player can move, but if he is not logged until he quit the server, his character will be automatically teleported to it's previous location. I'm going to make another build don't worry.
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    K thanks but exept that it is good:p nice keep upp the good work

    Can you write back when it is done please

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    Erwyn LENS

    Yes, no problem, I think tomorrow :).
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    OK thanks
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    But amm.. French..
    Post an update when its translated into English:)
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    Erwyn LENS

    :) ok no problem


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    xAuth and AuthMe already do that better u_u
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    nice good work !
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    Erwyn LENS

    I didn't found these two plugins when I was looking for this. So I made mine which is of course worst than them, but, because I made it, I decided to post it, if people wants to try... Cause I like sharing experiences.
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    Maybe some people prefer to have choices.

    Good plugin, definitely a good alternative to both xAuth and AuthMe.
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    Salut !! dit j'ai vu que tu était français ! es que tu peux laisser dans un coter la version française ? stp ^^

    car moi et l'anglais sa fait 2 alors... pour une fois que je peux trouver une script pratique et français !

    stp laisse le de coter et mis a jours ^^

    (au passage a tu msn ou skyp ? car je veux aussi créer des plugin ^^ et je ne trouve rien alors...)
    sinon continu comme sa ! ^^
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    Erwyn LENS

    Je vais essayer de garder une copie en français à jour mais je ne garantis rien. Oui j'ai un skype: erwyns
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    does every one have to signup?
    I would like password for moderators only, does every user have to have a password?
    can you add a option if the player can move or not?
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    Erwyn LENS

    Yes, every user have to have a password. This isn't because I was lazy and didn't want to restrict for non-ops, but because I experienced inventory stealing.

    For the player move, after using the freeze for 2 days, it was really shitty so I disabled it. About options, I'm actually learning the use of YML, so, at the moment, configuration isn't possible, sorry, maybe in a future version.
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    Hey Thank you very much i Love it:p Keep upp the Good work:p just 1 question they can move around still even that they dont writed the password but they can't do anything exept walking:p?
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    Erwyn LENS

    Yes, the only they can do is killing people/mobs. I didn't find a way to fix it now, but it will be done ASAP :)

    No sorry, they can use chat aswell and ... WHAT, commands... OOPs, i'll correct it ASAP too, sorry sorry sorry, stupid boy....

    another crappy shit is: when you die you cant respawn, and I don't know why... i'll work on it ...

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    Congratuletions for this plugin :)

    Just 2 ideas:
    -MySQL support :S
    -Remplace rakapass for (login / register)
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    K but it is good:p tell me when you got it Worked out
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    A small question ..
    Is there any chance that you will translate your first release 1.0 plugin to english?
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    Erwyn LENS

    why do you want the first release in english? There isn't any command protection... Thing that i'll correct ASAP.
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    This plugin will have MySQL suppor?
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    Erwyn LENS

    I do not think so...
    But you have the source code, you can adapt it if you want to, but I don't think it would be really relevant for this type of use.
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    I like first release a bit because of freeze. There is too many things you can do when you'r moving. Run away from mobs, let mobs kill each other, when your under fire of skeleton and hide behind any monster. Kill yourself in lava, water or fall. Well, first release is simple, good and would be great if you add translation and command protection to it. But this is just my opinion, in other way you did great job with this plugin and I'm glad i can use it.
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    Erwyn LENS

    Okay I understand. You know what, I'm going to refreeze people, protect commands and translate it into english.
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    AuthDB supports MySQL.
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    Erwyn LENS

    Sorry for being missing during approximately 2 weeks, but I had work. Now, I'm going to do everything I promised.

    Stay Tuned

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