Inactive [SEC] PermissionsPlus v3.2.5p - Alternative commands to modify Permissions in-game now w/MWS [1337]

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    PermissionsPlus - Adds ability to modify Permissions in-game

    Updated: 10/6/2011
    Version: 3.2.5p [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    PermissionsPlus adds commands to allow administrators the ability to modify their Permissions config from within Minecraft client. The most complete Permissions editing plugin for Bukkit. Supports Multi-World. Updated for MultiPlay!​
    REQUIRES: Permissions 3.x - Permissions Thread

    Includes: P2Aliases updated 10/6/2011


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    Installation and Usage information and Permissions nodes
    are available at


    It appears that I am not the only server admin that stuck to Permissions v2.7.4 so, I have released PermissionsPlusLegacy v2.4. It is a RB1000+ compatible version of PermissionsPlus v2.3. You can download this in the change log below.
    • You can specify multiple worlds separated using a comma. Do not use any spaces after the comma.
    • You can specify all worlds using an asterisk.
    • You can specify multiple groups using commas for the /user -addgroup command.
      /user -addgroup u:Username s:Group1,Group2,Group3
    • All Usernames and Groups can be shortened. You will be notified if more than one possible match is found.
      digital = DigitalTyrant, adm = Administrator
    • With 2.x+ you must add the info variable 'rank' to your groups in order to enable promote, demote and some group functions. You can set this variable from within the game using the command:
      /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:rank s:1-100+
                         /rankset GroupName 1-100+ world 
      The higher the number the higher the rank. Make sure you use i:rank and not i:Rank it is case-sensitive.
    • You can now set Promote and Demote limits. The Promote limit is the highest rank they can promote to. Demote limit is the highest limit that they can demote from. You can set these using the commands:
      /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:dlimit s:50
                         /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:plimit s:75 
    If you use want to Permissions + PermissionsPlus while using Essentials plugins, make sure you do not have FakePermissions or EssentialsGroupBridge enabled.

    Not sure how long this will be useful with Bukkit's upcoming Permissions system, but it allows the Moderators of my server to give new members access without having to modify the .yml file directly. I will continue development until the new Bukkit Permissions system has widely replaced Permissions plugin.
    Thanks to Nijikokun, original author of Permissions.

    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    oh ok thanks^^

    havent read it.. :D
  5. Im still using the old PermissionsPlus which works just fine, and has what i wanted a way to promote and demote people aswell as checking group and setting group. The new one is too bloated with complex commands and having to use ranks.
  6. what Permission must I give a user so that he can use the promote and the group command?
    (I am still using minecraft 1.5)

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    The permission for promote is p2.promote

    For the group command, there are a few different permissions depending on the action that you want them to have access to. The format is

    There is a full list of commands with actions above in the commands section and each action has the required permissions and usage example(s) there as well.
  8. but I have an old version of PermissionPlus.
    A version, where the command was "/group SPIELER member" or "/promote SPIELER"
    What permission do I have to set?

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    DigitalTyrant and permissions.promote respectively
  10. thanks a lot :D

  11. so this works or does not works with the latest permissions ??
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    I need this Plugin pls update this Plugin
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    I go to set ranks to each group but I get An internal error occurred. what should i do???
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    I have a problem and I don't know who's fault it is. When I promote or demote someone they are not able to use their new commands until I fully restart the server. Even after using permissions -reload world the changes still do not take effect. This is a very big problem on my server that has had 20+ people on it and can;t use any of their new commands.

    Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? At first I thought it was Essentials (really hate that plugin) but even with it removed it seems to still not be working.
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    I'm getting the same problem as Tarheels. I'm just running Essentials, Permissions, and PermissionsPlus. Every time I use the given commands to set abilities, it gives me this message: "P2: Some groups do not have a rank defined, some commands are disabled."

    If there is an obvious answer, I would like to apologize in advanced, but either way, please respond. Thank you.
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    he's workin on it, be patient
    which version of permissions are u using?
    internal errors will occur if it's permissions 3.x as the plugin doesn't currently work for 3.x
    same as above. any tracebacks would be good too.
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    Thanks for the update!
    Looking forward to having this back!
    Keep up the good work, honestly I don't mind waiting for this as it's very much worth waiting for!
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    Does it work with Permissions 2.x with bukkit 1.6 (843+)?
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    I am using 3.x, should i download the older version or wait until its fixed?
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    how do i downgrade permissions im using permissions 3.0 can someone help me?
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    2.7.4 works fine on bukkit #818 from what i've read (im on 3.1.1 myself) im not sure about the dev builds though, possibly checkout the 2.7 thread.
    the main issue will be moving all the .yml's together, with the 2.x series, there was a .yml file for each world (e.g if ur world was called my_world you'd have a my_world.yml) which contained both the groups and users in it. also in 2.x you were only allowed to be in one group (as far as i know.)
    grab the 2.7.4 version and copy paste the changes (there's not too many differences in layout.)
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    I have finally had a chance to upgrade my Permissions. I am still trying to wade through all the new mechanics introduced in 3.0, once I get familiar with all of the different configuration styles that people may use I will start restructuring P+ to accommodate.
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    Awsome! can't wait till your done :p
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    So far all is well, still some modification that needs to take place to get all the commands working but going fairly smooth atm :-D Hoping to have a working release today.
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    I think I may just use essentials group manager....
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    Dude, i really hope so. The amount of time it's taken you to get this update out is just mind-blowing. =/
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    I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you.
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    any other plugin like this plugin?
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    That is extremely rude to say, man. You should be ashamed.
    Devs on here have real lives too. You can't expect us to drop everything when a new update is out that affects our plugin(s).
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    Lol. Implying that your guy's java coding isn't "real life" ? We all have our obligations. If you choose to take up a project such as developing, especially for public use, you should have enough common sense to make your project somewhat a priority. And what? Considering the plugin only needs to be updated once month? I did an entire java tutorial in a week, ontop of the already basic programming knowledge I had with C++. Java is by far the easiest language I've come across. It should take 1-2 days tops to update something like this.
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    I have ran into a couple set backs with the multi-world and All world modifications but it's something that I just need to put some more time into. Unfortunately, I lost a bit of development time today because of my parent's anniversary dinner.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for coding and I am glad that you have been able to complete projects larger than this one for the public. I was not planning on continuing this project beyond Permissions 3.0 due to the fact that the developers of Permissions 3 integrated a lot of the commands that this plugin offers. There are a couple other projects, Yeditor and AssignPermissions, that may have already been updated that offer similar functionality if you are unwilling to wait for me to finish updating this. I know that Permissions 3 has been out for a while and to most this may seem like it's taking a long time to "code" the update when in reality I just started on it today. If you'd like to create your own version of this plugin I would be glad to show you all the resources that I used in order to author PermissionsPlus.

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