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    PermissionsPlus - Adds ability to modify Permissions in-game

    Updated: 10/6/2011
    Version: 3.2.5p [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    PermissionsPlus adds commands to allow administrators the ability to modify their Permissions config from within Minecraft client. The most complete Permissions editing plugin for Bukkit. Supports Multi-World. Updated for MultiPlay!​
    REQUIRES: Permissions 3.x - Permissions Thread

    Includes: P2Aliases updated 10/6/2011


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    Installation and Usage information and Permissions nodes
    are available at


    It appears that I am not the only server admin that stuck to Permissions v2.7.4 so, I have released PermissionsPlusLegacy v2.4. It is a RB1000+ compatible version of PermissionsPlus v2.3. You can download this in the change log below.
    • You can specify multiple worlds separated using a comma. Do not use any spaces after the comma.
    • You can specify all worlds using an asterisk.
    • You can specify multiple groups using commas for the /user -addgroup command.
      /user -addgroup u:Username s:Group1,Group2,Group3
    • All Usernames and Groups can be shortened. You will be notified if more than one possible match is found.
      digital = DigitalTyrant, adm = Administrator
    • With 2.x+ you must add the info variable 'rank' to your groups in order to enable promote, demote and some group functions. You can set this variable from within the game using the command:
      /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:rank s:1-100+
                         /rankset GroupName 1-100+ world 
      The higher the number the higher the rank. Make sure you use i:rank and not i:Rank it is case-sensitive.
    • You can now set Promote and Demote limits. The Promote limit is the highest rank they can promote to. Demote limit is the highest limit that they can demote from. You can set these using the commands:
      /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:dlimit s:50
                         /group -setinfo g:GroupName i:plimit s:75 
    If you use want to Permissions + PermissionsPlus while using Essentials plugins, make sure you do not have FakePermissions or EssentialsGroupBridge enabled.

    Not sure how long this will be useful with Bukkit's upcoming Permissions system, but it allows the Moderators of my server to give new members access without having to modify the .yml file directly. I will continue development until the new Bukkit Permissions system has widely replaced Permissions plugin.
    Thanks to Nijikokun, original author of Permissions.

    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    Easy to bypass if on offline server ;P
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    Lots of things are easy to bypass on an Offline server. Login to one with your name as Notch, very interesting it is.
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    Yeah theirs needs to be better offline client security so people cant just login as "Notch"
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    You can't just login as Notch, it does change your name, but any plugin developer can make themselves Notch in a couple of minutes hehe.
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    Does this plugin change the permissions file from this
            default: true
                build: false
                - 'commandbook.who'
                - 'commandbook.motd'
                - 'commandbook.rules'
                - 'commandbook.msg'
    to this:
            default: true
                build: false
                {- 'commandbook.who'- 'commandbook.motd'- 'commandbook.rules'}- 'commandbook.msg'
    or something that looks like that?
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    It has not in any of my testing.
    This release currently only modifies the user section in this release.

    group: Member

    Then /group digitaltyrant Moderator would make it

    group: Moderator

    Viewing, Adding, and Removing permissions from a group is something I am currently working on and should be released soon. I do testing on a test server and the live servers I run prior to releasing so hopefully I will catch anything before it hits these forums.
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    Lets try this I've pestered every plugin developer for a SIMPLE promote command xD But it always ends up with unneeded bells and whistles, How my server used to be in the hmod days was our user groups were Untrusted -> Guest -> Regular -> VIP -> Mod -> Admin, Untrusted had no build rights but a regular could simply go /promote <user> and they'd get bumped up to the guest usergroup, basically making it so anyone with the promote command could move someone up to the rank below themselves.. And also a simple demote command just in case that person you thought was a friend turns out to be a dirty griefer
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    As you've described here, this plugin will do such. The command is slightly different but allows you to specify which level to promote the user to. I do however like the /promote command and /demote command. I may look into integrating these. We have found that any user that has the can promote above their current group potentially allowing them to promote themselves which is something I have to address. I will have to compare their current group with the order of groups in permissions and not allow them to assign one higher than their own, or possibly one rank below.

    Version 1.1 released. Check the change log for added features :D

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    Yeah I'm using your plugin as we speak and it works perfectly fine, I just like the quick and simple /promote concept due to the fact that the regular users dont need to know the groupnames, I know the old hmod plugin had you config the order of the usergroups, that might just been out of laziness though
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    thx, i was expecting this fix (could not upgrade higher ranks) for a while, now i finally can installed it :)
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    What would be awesome is a command that is purely meant to move one user to another, like promoting a guest to trusted. Then we could give the commands to our moderators without them playing around and giving their buddies vip or donator statuses that they didn't earn (yes this happened on my server off hmod, not happy about it). :/
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    Has anyone tested this with HeroChat?
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    I use iChat personally not sure why they two would conflict if your having issues though.
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    I've had the same problem.
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    This is a great plugin, but I agree, there's a couple things that could make it even better.

    If there was a config file where you could say which groups can promote to what it would be nice, and also it would help if you could configure the message it shows when you change someone's group.
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    So I can add people to groups in permissions without having to restart and go into the config? Am I right?
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    It freezes me and the person I'm promoted and I can no longer do any more commands.
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    post your permissions config something might of gotten fubared.
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    No need to modify the permissions yml file manually, no.

    It really depends on how you have the groups laid out and what permissions each has. if you rearrange your groups to:


    Moderators wouldn't be able to do any promoting except Guest>Trusted. If VIP and Donator do not have the permission, they would not be able to promote anybody as long as they do not inherit Moderator.

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    This just doesn't work anymore, I get a severe error every time I try to use the command. What's happening ? Has this not been updated yet ?
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    I guess this plugin reloads all other plugins when do something, so users must re-enter their password in off-line server.
    It is bothersome.
    Is this the problem of Permissions 2.5.4 plugin?
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    Wow that's awesome, thanks!
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    I would like to help the people having errors, but I cannot do anything without an error message and a list of plugins that you are using.

    There is no graceful way to reload the permissions addon solo atm, I am looking to implement this as soon as I can.

    :) You're welcome

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    You mentioned that users cant promote people higher than their own rank, but do people above them have immunity to deranking by them?
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    If you give a group the permission:, they can modify the group of any user in any group below their rank. Promoting or demoting.
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    Can you not just have it send the command /permissions -reload all ?
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    Can you add the ability for OPS to promote or demote anyone, regardless of rank? Or atleast a config file to set that?
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    Ops are currently capable of this.

    That command requires permission to run. I know there is a way to send that command via the console and that is what I am trying to do. Hopefully will be in next update.

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