Inactive [SEC] OrebfuscatorLite 1.0.4 - Anti X-RAY [1.3.1-R2.0]

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    OrebfuscatorLite - Anti X-RAY:
    Stripped down version of Orebfuscator

    - Engine Mode 1 and 2
    - Anti Texture-pack and Freecam
    - Multithreading

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All information will be available here:

    Downlod the latest version of OrebfuscatorLite
    or visit

    X-ray effect (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]
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    What is the difference between this and orebfuscator? Are you the original dev of orbfuscator? It looks like the same thing.
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    Awesome :D
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    Hi lishid,
    Really like your plugin, and damn you're so fast with updating your plugins. Great work man~

    Maybe later if situation permits I'll make some donations to you :p

    Don't work too hard~

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    Yeah it's me. This is a barebone version of Orebfuscator.
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    Could you state the actual differences that.. well. makes a difference :p?
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    It doesn't have the overhead of stuff like large cache, ProximityHider, etc.

    Basically, this is for servers that don't have the fortune to run full Orebfuscator but still need some basic x-ray protection.
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    Going to be a bitch for you to maintain, but nice, approved!
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    So, If you'd have to give an estimate on how much "less" resources this uses? What would it be? :p
    Pretty vague question , But with 1.3.1 as laggy as it is , I'm afraid it might make it lag more.
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    Heh this plugin shouldn't take much more since I'm only going to merge stuff in here when necessary.

    It takes out some of the features like ProximityHider. Though I'm not sure how much difference it makes, it should by an improvement if the server is really low on resource and can't run the full Orbfuscator plugin.
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    Running the lite version on a 24 slot server... ill be back later or never depending on if any bugs pop-up :)

    Good luck lishid
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    Thank you , i have been looking for this for ages :D and waiting this, for ages! :p Thank you , my man!

    Only one problem, one of my servers runs on Afforess's craftbukkit++ and it won't activate.
    Can't make a ticket in dev , because the link is 403. -.-

    Server log on startup for orebfuscatorlite.

    All the best

    Fighting for TPS , since 1.3.1 came out .
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    Update java.

    Sounds to be running fine! I'll have a final conclusion tomorrow when I have more players.

    lishid, You keep an copy of the source of all your releases? I wanna take a look into the source of v0.9.6 and 1.3.4 but they aren't on github :c
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    Updated to 7, thanks. (But it cut access to my spacebukkit panel -.-, not related to this.)

    After 6 hours being on, no lagg and no huge CPU eating by the orebfuscatorlite. Everything is smooth.
    (Enginemode = 1)

    Oh and when will the .dev site come up ? It's still forbidden -.-, or is it only me ?
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    When the bukkit staff accept the project :D
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    Could you show an example of the freecam block?
    I'm running a griefing/stealing allowed and people seem to always use nodus or a similar client,
    Could you show an example/video of it? I'm pretty sure the standard orebfuscator doesn't block freecam but I haven't tried. Thanks!
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    Uufortunately, everything on github now is what i got. Must have forgotten to commit/push back then :(

    I got a 'description too short' notice and 2 days after correcting the problem nobody contacted me...
  18. Thanks a lot this modification of oreobfyscator is the best because i only want this 3 freatures not the others because cause a lot of lagg in my server and now wprks perfectly. I LOVE YOU XP
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    Repeatedly getting

    Internal exception: Bad compressed data format

    With this plugin on.
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    lishid, did you go push this on github too?
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    Nope... not yet.

    Server version and plugin list please. Thanks.
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    lishid some of my players ar complaing about this Bad compressed too.

    Plugin list:
    BetterAlias, ChunkFixer, CustomJoin, PlugMan, WorldEdit, NoCheatPlus, EconXP, ColorCodes, Vault, PvPSync, Stargate, PermissionsEx, ExtraSecurity, ConsoleSay, LWC, AntiLost, TreeAssist, WorldGuard, WorldGuardFlagger, ExpBank, AuthDB, AnimalProtect, OrebfuscatorLite, CraftBukkitUpToDate, BKCommonLib, Antilogin, CookMe, Hardware, SupplySign, Simple Prefix, AutoAnnouncer, Resources, Essentials, MobRider, CreativeControl, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsGeoIP, VanishNoPacket, NoLagg, EssentialsChat

    Server Version:
    CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.1 Build #2326
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    NoLagg.... Looks suspecious.
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    Plugins (54): WorldBorder, GroupManager, PlugMan, VoxelSniper, JnR, Websend, MiniDSK, Vault, Multiverse-Core, MobBountyReloaded, EnderpearlDisable, PerformanceMonitor, SurvivalGames, AntiAd, Permissions, xAuth, KitPlugin, Votifier, MobEggs, CleanroomGenerator, PlgDisableCmd, LagMeter, HideStream, LinksOnSigns, AlphaChest, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, AntiBot, ZNounce, CreativeGates, EnderChestControl, OrebfuscatorLite, AntiShare, Multiverse-NetherPortals, PluginReloader, LogBlock, CombatTag, bShortcut, PlayerTracker, WorldGuard, iConomy, Random Spawn, BKCommonLib, Motd, Essentials, Factions, ServerSigns, Multiverse-Portals, Sign Bank, PlotMe, HomeSpawnPlus, CompatNoCheatPlus, ChestShop, EssentialsProtect, WorldChannels

    Server Version: #2317 Craftbukkit 1.3.1 R1.0
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    Does this version of orebfuscator turn chests/furnaces/workbenches ect ( everything where home would be ) invisible/into another block to stop being using things like "ESP" tracers?
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    Nope, that's the feature of ProximityHider which is only on the full Orbfuscator.
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    Internal exception: Bad compressed data format
    when using world edit.

    It does not crash the world, just users within distance of like a /paste.
    This is not on a big /copy.

    1.3.1 CB 2320
    Plugin's List: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    PS if i paste a wall with world edit - I have to log out/in to see changes with this installed.
    Sometimes when i click to make a region position(worldguard) the block disapeers.
    Ive removed the plugin for now as we have new map we need world edit to speed build.

    Hope you can push out a fix :)
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    I can't get to the download using any of the links in the first post. They all say "pending moderation". Is anyone else able to properly download this?
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    With NoLagg i have more laggs :D
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    So, is this better for larger servers? ;)

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