[SEC] Orebfuscator 2.1.7 - Anti X-RAY [CB 1.4.5-1.7.10]

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    Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY:

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All important information available here:


    Configuration guide and performance optimizations:

    Orebfuscator 2.1.7 for MC 1.4.5-1.7.10

    Legacy versions:


    CPU testing (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]

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    Hi i today trying this plugin but i got problem all working but when i move or port away it not updating chunk here is screen . I use default config and my server is 16Gb of RAM a 3.4Ghz CPU. Can you help me please ?
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    It does increase CPU load slightly, but there are a few ways to make the increase minimal. Read the FAQ and the configuration guide on Github (link is on bukkitdev)

    Please use punctuation, and what other plugins do you have? anything that interacts with chunks?
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    I using this plugins only can you help me please ?
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    I'm not sure what's wrong. PM me server IP and I'll join to see when i have time, my username is lishid if you have whitelist.
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    Ya i found a major bug. The bug is when i turn on my xray i mine to the ores and they are not there. Please fix this asap.
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    You mine to the fake ores? of course they're not there... they're FAKE

    BTW, your name kinda suggests things.
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    I modified the config today, started from scratch, basically im using engine 1, trying to hide all ores (coal, iron, diamond, redstone, gold) mossy cobblestone, chests, and mob spawners.

    I may be using the obfuscation engines incorrectly, but i added the same list to all three engines, basic, darkness, and proximity.

    Knowing this would possibly cause some issues, i did a test run on my local test server first (it has the exact same hardware as my server computer) and it ran perfectly fine.
    Server Specs (open)

    • core i5 2500k (3.9ghz OC)
    • 12gb Memory allocated purely to the server
    • the live server actually runs off of an SSD while my test server does not

    Everything was hidden as it should be, with no noticable impact to cpu performance. Unfortunately, when i pushed the configuration to my server, theres a lot of world holes, unloaded chunks, and issues.

    Im not saying its your plugin, Because i dont actually believe that, as i have Ptweaks installed also (which was NOT in my test server)

    My question is, do you think theres some issue with ptweaks and orebfuscator that would cause loss of chunk loading? Here is the config i use for Orebfuscator, if it helps.

    edit: additional info: we're running your latest version, updated only a few hours ago, on 1.2.5 RB1 (i know of the performance issues with it) Both test server and production server are running the same builds of both bukkit/plugin
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    lol no worries, but ProximityHider is somewhat processing intensive IF you add blocks that occur often in it. Don't add anything that is generated natually in large numbers (any ore, stone, dirt, etc). It will kill your server...

    Engine 1/2 takes the obfuscated blocks list.
    DarknessObfuscate is an extra feature, which allows for an extra lighting (light level = 0) check for each block.
    ProximityHider is, well... Watch the second video in my OP.
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    well, i turned the darkness obfuscation engine off, but i may turn it back on. Ill be modifying the config again, to work like you said, cuz chunks are taking fairly long times to load now. i took ptweaks off, and it seemed to help, but then after about 30 minutes, chunks started taking forever to load, if not refusing to load outright.

    i just ran a small test, removing iron/redstone/coal/gold from the proximity engine, and it seems to be hiding them nicely just the same.. But is there any reason why there are still some randomly showing iron and coal?
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    That's because some ore is exposed to caves. You want to show then to not affect regular gameplay.
    Though if you want to hide everything, change InitialRadius to 0. Then it will require the player to hit stone blocks to show their real nature.
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    gotcha, okay. Do you think that diamonds are infrequent enough to keep on the proximity list?
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    That's up to you. I'm working on an engine mode that makes all ore exposed to caves be counted as proximity hider. Gonna release that when im done.
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    so.. as long as the server isnt crashing, is there an unsafe number of threads to create using this? i just upped my server from 3 to 16 threads, and its performing a whole helluvalot better, but i have no idea if thats too much for your plugin, or, on the other hand, if its even an issue at all.

    Only reason i have a concern is because i remember something before saying to set your thread count to your number of cores, minus one...
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    Yeah, the number of threads should be approx the number of cores you have. More will probably not have any good performance boost anyways. Though if you have more, it might impact the main server's thread speed (and possibly create lag) if the server has too many players.
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    alrighty then, ill keep an eye on it, Cuz when i had a lower count, it was making it where the chunks werent loading at all. I would log in, and i would get the chunk im IN, but then it would take about 3-5 minutes before any other chunk would start loading. This was with 3 threads. I bumped it up to 8, and things immidiately started jumping. I bumped it to sixteen, and then it just felt like normal.
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    Hey, I was wondering if you could add a new function to the :
    DarknessHideBlocks: Hide blocks from DarknessObfuscateBlocks when light level is 0

    People are currently able to use modified xray clients to find only the ore exposed in caves (not hidden under stone blocks, etc..).
    Basically a quick fix, is it possible for you to go further then an anti-xray, and make an anti-cave finder as well?

    The amount of ores exposed in this new exploit, is indeed minimal, but players are capable of obtaining 5~ stacks of diamonds, in a very short period of time 15-30 minutes...

    Thanks tonnes, the plugin is absolutely incredible! If only people would just give up on bypassing cheat prevention -.-
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    5 stacks of diamond is impossible. you can get 1 stack per hour max even with the most advanced cave finders. There's a way of combined ProximityHider and Orebfuscator functions comming soon to kill cave finders.
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    ..! So nice plugin but.. how can use the hide chest??
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    for everyone who wants to block x-ray texture packs add -0 to the random block list(because texture packs only render blocks that are next to air so between the fake blocks there will be air and the xray texture pack will display the fake ores on your screen
    this is my config

    ConfigVersion: 1
    EngineMode: 2
    UpdateRadius: 3
    InitialRadius: 1
    ProcessingThreads: 1
    MaxLoadedCacheFiles: 64
    ProximityHiderDistance: 8
    ProximityHiderID: 0
    ProximityHiderEnd: 255
    UseProximityHider: true
    UseSpecialBlockForProximityHider: true
    UpdateOnBreak: true
    UpdateOnDamage: true
    UpdateOnPhysics: true
    UpdateOnPiston: true
    UpdateOnExplosion: true
    UpdateOnHoe: true
    UpdateThread: true
    DarknessHideBlocks: true
    VerboseMode: false
    NoObfuscationForOps: false
    NoObfuscationForPermission: false
    UseCache: true
    Enabled: true
    - 14
    - 15
    - 16
    - 21
    - 54
    - 56
    - 73
    - 74
    - 52
    - 54
    - 23
    - 54
    - 58
    - 61
    - 62
    - 116
    - 0
    - 5
    - 14
    - 15
    - 16
    - 21
    - 48
    - 56
    - 73
    DisabledWorlds: []

    i know it's because it renders all the blocks that are next to air

    by adding air to the random block list in the config(air = 0 (zero)) the x-ray texture pack will also show the fake ore, making it impossible to use it

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    loggfreak That also lags clients with mid-end graphics card and low memory. Minecraft tries to render every face that is exposed to a transparent block, which means you're adding a hell of a lot of faces to render.

    This might not be significant on high end PCs, but have significant impact on lower end clients.
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    Not if the x-rayer is fast... I own a server and I've watched people x-ray while I was vanished many times. I've seen guys mine 2-3 stacks in 10 minutes.
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    Ok, gonna start working on that.

    New version: 1.4.6
    ProximityHider now hides all normally obfuscated blocks that is exposed to caves. Useful against cave-finder to find ores.

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    yep its true i noticed it today on my server
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    1.4.6 is very slow. With 30 people online do not load chunks.

    Where can I find a working link to 1.4.5?
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    Is there a way to tell who is using X-ray with this mod?

    Some kind of log that I can read?
  28. jeffro1001: No. The plugin does not DETECT x-rayers, it only makes their life hard by sending fake ore blocks.

    And thats better than detecting X-rayers, because with fake ore you are basically PREVENTING X-rayers.
    But the default config is not top-of-the-notch you need to tweak it a bit so you find a good balance between server CPU utilisation and anti-Xray.
    Cranking it too high makes the server laggy, cranking it too low exposes your server to X-rayers. So you need to find a good point in-between, this depends on server hardware and maximum player limit setting.
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    Just so I understand..
    Server CPU utilization has nothing to do with how many players are using the X-ray cheat?
    Meaning, your server will work just as hard whether everyone connected is using X-ray, or no one is using X-ray?
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    Sorry guys, minor thread bug with 1.4.6

    Please use 1.4.5 for now (hosted on bukkitdev)
    I will fix and post 1.4.7 soon.

    Please test 1.4.7! Attempted to fix the lag from 1.4.6.

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  31. My server don't support it, some user who don't use X-ray saw diamand instead stone.
    More, my server lag so much, I have the "Can't keep up, did ...."

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