[SEC] Orebfuscator 2.1.7 - Anti X-RAY [CB 1.4.5-1.7.10]

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    Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY:

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All important information available here:


    Configuration guide and performance optimizations:

    Orebfuscator 2.1.7 for MC 1.4.5-1.7.10

    Legacy versions:


    CPU testing (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]

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    No its alright it was my mistake your know that other plugin that is named liked yours, it hid chests and lava and all of that stuff so I was just used to assuming antixray hid those things inc redstone and stuff. all in all this works out good in a way as I can use the xray pack to find lag machines with the rest of the ore and crap in the way :p. Please forgive my mistake.

    If this is the case then it was working with Nolagg and Spout the entire time.
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    Don't worry, we're good :p

    Also, the author of NoLagg said that he fixed a infinite loop in the code of his recently, so you might want to see if he has an update out yet.
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    I have been trying but the git links are down my end and I cannot connect to minecraft.net at all. I suspect ISP issue in AU but then again everything but those 2 things are working perfectly normal. I am keen to get hold of the latest build tho and see if the annoying chunk issue is gone and the lag it generated.
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    Anyone else notice massive performance issues with this plugin?
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    yes dito
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    Yes... if this plugin is enabled, everyone experiences massive lag... they have to play in normal render distance to stop Minecraft from crashing.
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    I have people on 50+ servers saying no problems with performance
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    So... 50+ servers....
    Made me go back through this entire thread to see what I might be doing different from all those servers.
    I did find a couple of posts mentioning that it is bad to add air to RandomBlocks.... which is exactly what I have done in an attempt to block the view of xray texture packs.
    I'll remove air from RandomBlocks and see if everybody complains about lag. Hopefully, this was the problem.
    Even if this does fix the lag problem... there is still the issue of xray texture packs.

    After a trial run, I'll post my results.

    Ok... even without air in RandomBlocks my server cpu spikes up to 65% usage... and that's just two people basically locking up the server. This is engine mode 2.
    On engine mode 1 the cpu usage spikes up to about 35% causing moments of lag.

    Wish I had more info for you to use in your troubleshooting. :(
    Maybe later, when there is nobody on, I'll disable all but your plugin and see if it lags the server by itself.

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    CB 1185 OFC .98

    Ok, ran into a big problem, it either conflicting with something or just a bug. cause when i disable ofc it started working correctly again.
    when mining in this one area with ofc on it wouldn't let the blocks destroy. I disable ofc just to see and it works again.I'm able to destroy the blocks.
    Hmm try to explain, i go to destroy the blocks and when i destroy one and i hit another block they would re appear.(Regen)
    If u need more info let me know ill try to explain it or get the info for you.

    Also everything we tried to dig before hand, was dug once i shut of ofc and restarted server..
        EngineMode: 1
        InitialRadius: 1
        UpdateRadius: 2
        ProcessingThreads: 1
        Enabled: false
        UpdateOnPhysics: true
        DarknessHideBlocks: true
        UpdateOnDamage: true
        UpdateOnExplosion: true
        NoObfuscationForPermission: true
        NoObfuscationForOps: false
        UpdateOnBreak: true
        - 14
        - 15
        - 16
        - 21
        - 54
        - 56
        - 73
        - 74
        - 5
        - 14
        - 15
        - 16
        - 21
        - 48
        - 56
        - 73
        - 48
        - 52
        - 10
        - 11
        - 50
        - 51
        - 62
        - 74
        - 76
        - 89
        - 90
        - 91
        - 94
        - 6
        - 8
        - 9
        - 10
        - 11
        - 18
        - 20
        - 26
        - 27
        - 28
        - 30
        - 31
        - 32
        - 34
        - 37
        - 38
        - 39
        - 40
        - 44
        - 50
        - 51
        - 52
        - 53
        - 54
        - 55
        - 59
        - 63
        - 64
        - 65
        - 66
        - 67
        - 68
        - 69
        - 70
        - 71
        - 72
        - 75
        - 76
        - 77
        - 78
        - 79
        - 81
        - 83
        - 85
        - 90
        - 92
        - 93
        - 94
        - 96
        - 101
        - 102
        - 104
        - 105
        - 106
        - 107
        - 108
        - 109
        - 111
        - 113
        - 114
        - 115
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    Sorry guys, I will be busy this whole week and will not do any major changes or bugfixes.

    Shouldn't be. Are you running 0.9.8?

    have you tried
    InitialRadius: 2

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    My players KEEP complaining about they see fake diamond over all...and they havent xray installed :S
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    lol sure they dont have?

    you dont see such diamondblocks?
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    Use InitialRadius=2 will help them.
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    Does this one have the problem of fake ores? :S
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    Depending on how you configure and how much bandwidth you have, it will/will not have problems.
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    Any news ? ^ 0.9.9 ?
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    This weekend or next monday.
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    When will there be complete custom map generator support for this? After all, there are maps that dont just use stone for their primary underground block.
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    Theoretically, it should, as it only works with chunk packets, not the actual world data. You just need to modify the parameters a bit to suit your needs though.
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    It seems that the Client Lag is caused by Minecraft itself (or bukkit, more precisely, 1.8), usually not very noticeable, but it is magnified by using this plugin since the chunks take longer to arrive (I supposed that is why).
    I have the same problem even if I use plain CraftBukkit, no plugin, although less often and less noticeable.
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    lishid this is one of the best anti-greif plugins! Thank you :)

    Is it possible to stop people using cave finder with this? I added air to the DarknessObfuscateBlocks but when darkness came the trees had fake ore underneath them etc!
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    So laggy with this on server. ;(
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    Put air in RandomBlocks, beware that this will cause client-sided lags.

    Depending on your server's speed and bandwidth, you can adjust the settings to your needs (InitialRadius, UpdateRadius are the critical items, if you have good bandwidth you can reduce these, if you have high CPU power you can add to these.

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    freezes my server after awhile, no errors and my worldedit is up to date
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    I like Engine 1 but with 80+ online its starting to help lag the server. My friend @Kainzo said he when this came out experienced more issues with lag and cpu usage. Was wondering if much has changed or planning change anything. I really hate how Minecraft not more threaded.

    This even working for anyone? stopped working here.

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    apparently it did but i didnt see an update, then my server started freezing from it
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    Well I just looked on my server and it was not even working haha. Tried on my test server too. Went back to the other one temp.
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    were you op when you looked? this plugins does not obfuscate chunks for ops or people who have '*'

    "Before you say it doesn't work, check if you are an OP or have permissions '*' "
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    No I think he meant that there's a lag issue with the latest RB?

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