Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Minor update to add more blocks that should be counted as transparent (like signs). Don't have to update unless it was bothering your users.
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    when we're upgrading do we need to update the CLASS file? or just the .jar?
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    I have try with mode 1 and mode 3 and the bug is the same, but when I remove the plugin the bug are away.

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    @TyrOvC GREAT work :)
    The idea is quite straight forward and so very effective. I love you!

    Few tiny suggestions:
    1) List of transparent blocks is not complete yet. I don't know at which point the if-statement where you check the adjacent blocks gets too ugly, but you might want to consider having an array containing all block ids that should be handled as air and then use Arrays.binarySearch, like so:
    private static final byte[] airLike = { 0, 8, 9, 10, 11, 20, 27, 28, 39, 40, 50, 55, 63, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69, 71, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 85, 96 }; // *Sorted* list of all block ids the player can see through
    // Now where the giant if-statement was:
    if (
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexup]) < 0 &&
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexdown]) < 0 &&
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexnorth]) < 0 &&
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexeast]) < 0 &&
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexsouth]) < 0 &&
    Arrays.binarySearch(airLike, abyte[checkindexwest]) < 0
    ) continue;
    Binary search should actually be faster than just checking against every id, but it adds the overhead of a function call, so dunno what's better.

    2) If you don't want to change that if-statement, you should at least change the "> 12" part to "> 11", unless you consider sand a see-through block ;)

    3) You could change
    if (abyte[index] == 1)
    in the big triple-for-loop to
    if (abyte[index] == 1 && original[index] != 1)
    So it does not check the adjacent blocks of EVERY stone, but only the ones that have replaced some ore.

    Didn't really test this too well, so apologizes if anything I said here is broken...
  6. This is good, im using this instead
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    why not turn it around ?!

    so everything becomes one (or many) different ores ?

    so when an xray'er comes and and look down all he sees is ore covering everything, but when he digs down after it ... it turns back into stone (or what there was before)

    this will stop every x ray mod (i think) and stop xray'er form looking down in caves and loot them (also i think it will stop them)
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    that does sound like a good idea, maybe everything look like a diamond block hehe
    it will also obscure ores that are around lava etc
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    Can this be rewritten to allow for the modification of any packets to make any block look like any other, with an on/off switch?

    I'd like to use this to create insanity effects on my server... like, suddenly, dirt turns to netherrack, water looks like lava, the air is portal blocks... and then it's gone. Or, make it so that past a settable range, the player can't see anything but darkness?

    This could be a very powerful storytelling tool.
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    I rather like this idea.
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    i would not recommend turning everything into 1 block ... because then the xray mods will just filter that block out
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    Wow! That's a rather epic idea there.

    Better make it many different sorts of ore, randomly selected, so that people can't just change their Xray clients to ignore that type of ore.
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    Good catch on those last two! Yeah, I was going to change that transparent block check to be configurable anyway, so binary search is the way to go.

    That's genius! I'm going to make the new default engine do that.

    That's a bit beyond the scope of this, but after the features for OtCO are finalized, I could make a plugin that uses the same method specifically for that!
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    I think adding a light detection feature would be best. That way people cant really use the light mod that comes with xray. I have had many people go around mining in pitch black... :/
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    agreed it may be more trouble ... keeping it simple, lightweight and latency free is the thought process I assume :D
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    Understood. I just saw that you already had the underlying code in place and started thinking about other ways to apply it. I do love what you've done, as an elegant solution that won't harm data files; it's far superior to how I thought it would have to be done (IE, altering the packets by altering the saved data). But, if you made it more generalized and customizable (IE, give it the ability to be linked to events or commands, specify replacements), it would be an entirely new toolbox for survival servers, and make survival-horror (without loads of monsters) a viable server genre.
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    You should add yourself a paypal donate button.
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    @TyrOvC The packet changes are causing a problem with lockette plugin. What is happening is when you place a block near the sign and break it when it's mounted onto the chest it breaks the sign from the chest.

    So lets say X is chest O is gap between to place a Block or a Torch

    XOXOXOX eww haha anyways place torch where the O is and break it and boom the signs pop off the chests.

    I tested with a clean build and only your plugin and lockette and 100% confirmed.
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    I Do agree with this here.
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    X-rayers also uses their mod to find hiden shelters...
    So, cant you just make every block x-rayed?
    So a x-rayer will not see any anything?
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    Working great so far!

    Thanks for making this plugin as this is the first real alternative to the buggy/slow/not-updated in months AntiXray plugin.
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    Mike A

    Works great; I use setting three because if you use 1 or 2, it makes some chests above ground stone until you click around them, which confuses players.
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    Big update, with the transparent blocks being moved to the configuration file, and a new engine mode. Thanks to jaboy's outside the box thinking for the idea, it sends all ores and stone as iron ore above height 20, and diamond ore below. This makes it to where all unexposed ores are impossible to single out, and even exposed iron ore over height 20, and exposed diamond ore under height 20, is impossible to distinguish from regular stone even if the x rayer filters which blocks they view.

    The Lockette chest lock removal exploit should also be fixed now. Would like confirmation from someone else on that though.

    Both the plugin file and the class need to be updated this time.
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    You sir are genius! thinking out of the box!

    Tyr go get your self a donate button.

    Best plugin in ages!
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    this is not my plug in i dont deserver money for it :confused:
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    I know Jaboy :p I said 'Tyr go get your self a donate button' :p Tyr = plugin author XD
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    confirmed fixed for lockette :)
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    found some bugs in mode 4

    this wall
    Show Spoiler




    Next to stairs
    Show Spoiler


    i dont know if this counts for all modes
    The torch (on the right) jumps off when the block is removed

    Show Spoiler



    else great job :)

    lol fail :p

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    Lunar Delta

    Mode 4 seems terribly buggy. My users were freaking out at me because their creations at the surface had turned into iron, and certain redstone creations were able to turn diamond ores on and off, so to speak. They were also complaining that the transformation from faux-ore to stone took a very long time, even though my server is otherwise lag-free.
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    I have the same thing with mode 4. A lot of normal stone is showing up as iron while not using xray. And when you place a torch on it it suddenly realises that it isn't an ore and turns back to normal. Also as already described by Jaboy. When you place a torch on a wall and mine next to it the torch pops off.

    I did a bit of lagg testing as well.

    I have an i5 2500k with 16 GB ram on 100 mbit fiber. (home hosted)

    At the moment of testing about 5-6 people were in it and it was mode 4. This was on CB 974

    I did /debug clock and got about

    19.7 - 19.9 ticks / second of the 20 expected.

    Same goes for mode 1 btw. Its rather buggy still. Maybe you can do some tweaks here and there.

    Keep up the good work!

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