Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    20:11:14 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-7"
    20:11:21 [SEVERE] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    20:11:21 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet51MapChunk.obfuscateandcompressPacket51MapChunk(

    I get this often as a result of your plugin. Any idea why? Running 1060 WITHOUT spout.
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    Do players have to have the spout client installed for the spout version to work? I have the spout server plugin running, but most players don't use client. (Or should I just use a non-spout version?)

    I read this so ignore my question above. (reposting since it's a common question)

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    Ok so I tested it with the spout version and a vanilla client and it was good.

    Heres a problem tho:

    Using the spout dev client, CB1060, the spout ver of this plugin, Spout server plugin.

    Only some areas are affected and it seems rather random and only for some users. One of my users complained about this, I tp'ed to him and it looked like normal stone to me but he saw ore.
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    Could you make in mode 2 to hide chest, moosy stone, and mob spamers, so that dungenos are not visible?
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    @TyrOvC testing this out as default. So with the default install in 1060. New configs and the works I get the iron ore / diamond ore. But my players who have never used xray should see no differences right? Anything exposed is exposed correct?
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    *If* they arent prone to lag / server lag / connection lag.

    I used mode 4 a while and had heaps of people with slower connections complain all the time how they see ores where there shouldnt be ores.

    I guess you simply need to test it out.
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    ahh yeah that would be a problem. So what one do you use then?
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    I Did All The Steps Correctly As Stated In The Instructions And Set The Mode To "2" To Hide Every Ore And Chest But All The Ores Still Seem to Show Up Does This Have A Permission To Bypass That Was Not Stated? I Also Asked My Friend To Test As He Is Only Builder Rank In My Server He Can Still See All The Ores As Well The Plugins Starts Fine As Well Would Really Like Some Assistance. Thanks In Advance To Anyone That Can Help Me. :)
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    I had this problem that ores showed up by using dynmaps compass but not it seems to be fixed buy it self i havent changed anything this is weird any clues?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Just for the record, if you use the spout install, can players see ores by using the vanilla client (with x-ray mods) on a spout server? This seems like an amazingly helpful plugin, and I'm eager to install it :).
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    No, OreToClientObfuscater hides ores on the server, even when using the Spout plugin. Vanilla clients will never be able to see hidden ores.
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    Using mode 1, default setup, Spout version, one of my players made this video:

    Is that even connected to your plugin? It's happening to many of our players...
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    Do you need the Spout client and plugin to use the Spout version?
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    I actually use Mode 1 on my server. Completely seamless to players that have latency so bad that it's nearly a second that way :p
    Suspect a couple of xrayers gave up and left after seeing that "the world has barely any ore, it's all nearly gone", have had a few cases were someone has said that, anyway.

    I've never heard of anything like that happening on my servers. Looks like it could be related though.

    You have to have Spout on your server, the Spout client is not required.

    I test this with a profiler, and there are no memory leaks caused by the changed classes specifically. There's probably something else that's using up all of the memory on your server. The out of memory error can appear anywhere where there's not enough left to perform something.
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    There is a memory leak in CB, I've already found it and made the Bukkit team aware of it.
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    the same issue for the mode 2, if someone breaks a block and there is an iron block there, just he can see it, no other players around :S :S

    Is that going to be fixed? :S
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    I get that a lot on the client or something like that but I don't think that is from CB :p
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    With Bukkit 1060, Spout and v1.6.2.2 of Ore to client obfuscate, engines 2, 4, and 5 dont work very well at all. While initially it seems to work, using something like Ore finder with the Zombe mod, you can still see all ores around you (and they're actual ore as I mined it myself).

    Previously, I was using the the non-Spout version (when we were on Bukkit 1000) and it seemed to work a lot better. I'm guessing the problem with Ore obfuscation not working is related to using the Spout version and not due to Bukkit changes from 1000 to 1060?
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    I caught a xrayer on my server and he said he used this xray <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    sens i uppdated to Regular Version for CraftBukkit 1045+ (
    "some" people seems to see ores again i downloaded it and tryed but i didnt see any ores :s
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    Still getting HUNDREDS of byte mismatch errors like others. Help?
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    That means that there's something uncompatible/unexpected going on with the packet data format on your particular setup, I'm going to figure out what as soon as I get the time.
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    Problem solved.
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    I second TyrOvC that mode 1 works much better. My guys were seeing nothing but iron with mode 4 after a several hours of uptime. Not a delay issue.. they simply would not change back.

    Using for spout.
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    Is there anyway to add a whitelist to this plugin where certain people are allowed to XRAY? I ask this because as an admin, I constantly look for player's hidden chests, just to make sure that nothing bad ends up in them. It would be great if there were a node to give to admins/mods to bypass this plugin.
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    Why can't the non-ores/ores that arent touching air just be stone? instead of diamond and iron?
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    Donald Scott

    There critical issue with this plugin! If player a is mining and player b is behind him, player b does not get sent the real ore data and is left seeing iron or diamonds.
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    If you turn the invisible stone and everything else into ore, x-rayers will see nothing but ore. They'll se no lava, dungeons, chests, anything. Just a wall of ore blocking the view. This is good since it'll effectively stop xraying... Until you set the x-ray mod to hide the iron/diamond ore as well, then (i guess) they'll see everything else, like redstone ore, coal ore, dungeons and so on. But not the iron/diamond ore. If you use engine 1 it'll just hide all invisible ore. That means x-rayers will still see ore that is "visible", even if it's not visible by the eye, i.e if there's just one air block beside some diamond ores far down in the otherwise solid rock.

    Feel free to correct me! :)
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    Suggestion: could this possibly have byte data saved for ore that is placed such as iron ore and gold ore blocks that are raw so that when a server is running both this and mcmmo players won't be able to continually place and break the same block to increase their stats? If this doesn't make sense I can give a more detailed explanation, thank you!
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    So after Spout removed the Chunk Compression code, is it too required to use the "Spout" version of this?

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