Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Yep the primary link is giving a 0byte zipfile.
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    This is the best plugin I've seen posted in a long ass time to prevent cheating. Thank you very much for the hardwork you have put in to this plugin.

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    Does it work prefectly?
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    Using it right now, seems to work really well.

    Great job.
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    Confirmed working using on CB 977

    If you're thinking of switching from AntiXRay, I'll list a few differences between them.

    - AntiXRay (AXR) attempts to hide everything not exposed to light. This means ores in dark caves are supposedly not shown.
    - Ore to Client Obfuscation (now OtCO :D) does NOT hide based on lighting levels. This hides based on surrounding blocks. As such, it will not hide ores in dark caves/ore exposed to air et cetera.
    - AXR does not always work (for me, take this bit with a grain of salt/take it as biased). When new chunks are generated, I can often XRay and see everything. I've also been able to see "hidden" ore for whatever reason. I've also lost my AXR ore files (not the actual file but the data was either corrupted or something) without server crashes etc and without improperly disabling antixray. This was frustrating. I haven't had good experiences with it so others may think differently.
    - To my understanding (limited :p), OtCO does not edit the map file on the server and, as such, will not cause you to lose your world's ore. However, please, correct me if I'm wrong.

    All in all while AXR seems to hide way more ore, OtCO seems more stable and less resource intensive (also making use of machines with multiple CPUs. I'm not sure if AXR does this or not.)

    Thanks for this :D
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    This is correct, OtCO does not edit the map in any way but edits the chunk packets sent to the client. It should not be possible to lose your ore data because it is never removed.
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    What about flowers, mushrooms, signs, torches, etc.
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    this is awesome and so easy to install :D

    for you: [diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    I dont really see it as a problem - since flowers since 1.7 grow so rapidly :p
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    Confirmed that putting a sign on top of an ore does indeed turn it into stone. That said, I don't find many stray signs in caves :p. Mushrooms might be the only naturally occurring problem that I can think of.

    Also, it only turns into stone for a client upon reconnect/chunk reload so placing torches shouldn't hide an ore from you if you're spelunking.

    I'd actually rather that it hid more than less so hopefully mushroom blocked ores remain obfuscated. Plus, it's a nice benefit to picking up mushrooms!
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    I meant what happens if I cover oreblock with torches? Does it become invisible? Torches are not mentioned as "transparent block".

    E: Ninja'ed
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    I dont think this is a plugin that destroys xrays. I think this is a plugin that stabilizes server economies that are abused by xray / ore retrieval
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    Fixed the primary download. I'll admit that I had completely forgotten about torches and signs, those are not currently counted as transparent blocks. Air/Liquids/Glass are the only blocks currently. I'll probably make that configurable in the next version.

    It does not edit any map data. It doesn't even write to any files other then the config file. All it does is edit a packet before it is sent out.

    It hides ores based on the adjacent blocks, so the majority of them are hidden, but ones exposed on caves, being used decoratively on the surface, etc., are still visible to players without interacting with them. There is already an option to hide all ores no matter what, but it hides all ores no matter what:p

    @Spathizilla Thanks for the mirror!
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    Could you add source code? :)

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    Well done sir.
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    I really need signs, flowers, shrooms etc. to count as air. It's pretty annoying with people's chest shops turning into stone. Thanks!
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    Ahh, you use hidden chests for chestshops? Or shops with signs on top of them? As a temporary fix, you could just clear a block below the chest to act as the adjacent air block xD

    It's a lot of work for a multiple chests but it would work for now
  20. Just realize, if your cheating users can't X-ray, they will likely find another way to Cheat, one that might be more difficult to detect.

    X-rayers are easy to spot with the correct logging/plugins, and then it basically is an effective honeypot to weed out the black sheep.

    Otherwise this looks epic :)
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    I can still see the ores using X-Ray Pro.. but when I use MineFinder.. i can't see it..
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    Would it be possible to add to your plugin checks based on light as well?

    Since now with this plugin all ores in caves might get stripped since that's really the only thing xrayers can do now. Which would suck for normal playing users since exploring caves is one of the nicest ways to get ores.

    So perhaps hide all ores that aren't visible like now. And all ores that aren't caught by that method by light based checks.

    Then really only ores in caves, near lava would be visible. Would be awesome!

    Btw, you're a god for making this plugin!
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    Installing this now
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    @TyrOvC This is amazing.... I think this is probably the best thing since Anti Cheat to come out. This will easily become my number 1 Plugin on Godcraft. Hopefully in the future will find a way to hide dungeons. I'm not sure how hard or complex but I say if it has mossy cobble stone maybe a 5-10 block radius it just packets it as stone. Might be to whacky though?

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    realy nice! Greate Job!

    You get some [diamond][diamond][diamond] from me, too :)

    but one little thing, the Howto always talk about "REPLACE" Packet51MapChunk.class i was not sure about this because i never found a file to replace.

    If you install this plugin the first time, there is no Packet51MapChunk.class to replace.. only to add.

    plz add this to the Howto, that should help cautious admins ;)
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    very cool, I might have to try it out
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    Assuming you're using CraftBukkit, you will have a file called craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

    1. Open this with WinRar (right click > open with > winrar)
    2. Go to folder net
    3. Go to folder minecraft
    4. Go to folder server (Steps 2-4: Navigate to ./net/minecraft/server/)
    5. Put file there. There WILL be a Packet51MapChunk.class. If there isn't, you should probably download the latest RB of craftbukkit again.

    Also, if you didn't find the file to replace it probably means you put it in the wrong location and that the plugin is not working properly. Make sure you put it in /net/minecraft/server/ inside the .jar file

    btw: this plugin works great on cb 977 :D
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    Simply awesome!
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    Hmm, so when you get near the ore, it will show normally?
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    I still can see chests with xray. Is there any issue? any ideas?
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    @yuckfoooo i allready know that. it works for me just fine. about "add" not "replace", it was a little note for the Thread Owner..
    but ty anyway ;)

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