Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    With the newest version, you can still see the ore as you mine when mining straight down...

    Also: Mode 3 doesnt seem to work anymore

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    Now that I've had time to test it more, update! More threading so any of those idling processor cores should speed it up, and actually if you have free ones, gzip compression on chunks sent out is ran in a different thread then the main one now, so people running around loading chunks should have less impact on your server tick rate then the default server.

    I really didn't want to add any more class files (actually, more didn't want to change anymore) to the server jar, but to do this I had to add a new class file to make it to where it can be done in a new thread. You'll have to update the old Packet51MapChunk.class, and add Packet51MapChunk$CreatePacketInNewThread.class to it in the same location. At least it was an added class, not another changed one!

    Sure thing!

    @Shaun Bennett
    Yup, Mode 3 isn't working, fixing now. When you say you can see ore while you're mining straight down, are you using anything like World Edit's super pick, or have you ever raised oreupdateradius=1 to 2 or 3?

    @Donald Scott

    BukkitContrib shouldn't interfere with it, unless it specifically does something to Map Chunk packets. I'll test them both together today though and see if there is something to it. If your server isn't using all of its cores completely, maybe you should try the latest version. GZip compression on the packet is moved to a different thread now.

    I haven't messed with it that much during snow actually, so it might be that snow causes lots of map chunk packets to be sent out (although I'd question why it wouldn't be multi block change packets instead). They'd have to be full or half chunk packets to have the obfuscate logic ran on them though, it's already skipped for packets that have a y size of less then 60. Working on it!
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    So we just add the new class file into the jar and leave the old class file inside. Is that right?
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    You have to update with the new Packet51MapChunk.class too to get the speed increase.
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    I was using ore radius of 3, mode 4. Basically works fine for around you. But mining down doesnt work or something because you see the ore.
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    I'm still getting some lighting issues using Mode 4. I'm using version Here's a screenshot after first removing all the torches from a soon-to-be mob spawning chamber, and then logging out and back in:

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    If you use Worledit to flatten out a place, on mode 4 there are iron ores in stead of the stone even though it's day and the stones are facing the sky. I guess they haven't been updated yet, the only way for them to go back to stone you have to mine one of em and like a small part (3x3) will turn back into stone. You should make it so it automatically goes back to stone if someone WorldEdits like a top off of a hill.

    Also sometimes you can see iron through stairs, because stairs count as a block, so the stone block has no transparent blocks next to it, but you can see through the top part of stairs (because stairs arent 1 solid block). Im guessing the same would also happen with halfsteps.
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    I made it to where they don't update when world edited on purpose, other wise it would limit how large of a world edit operation you can do because of all the extra processing. Logging out and back in shows it as stone again though.

    And, in your config, change transparentIds= to

    Working on the lighting.
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    Stone appears as iron if its placed behind half blocks sometimes :O

    EDIT = Never mind, just realised guy above posted the same thing xD
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    Hello, TyrOvC! I see when using this plugin, you have to distribute a modified Packet51MapChunk class, something that could be troublesome for some players. I know your plugin is very dependent on this, but hear me out.

    Afforess has a plugin called BukkitContrib, in which he recently added Packet listeners, allowing plugins to use his API to modify packets before they are sent to clients, meaning, you don't have to distribute modified class files anymore! It is currently not released officially, but is released in his dev build and github, I recommend you check it out! Remember, this will allow you to eliminate all dependency on distributing class files.
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    FYI: My server just hit today 500 PLAYERS online.

    OTCO (Engine: 3, Radius: 1)

    Zero performance impact. :)
  13. Is mode 3 broken in latest version?
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    I had a member show me today that using zombe's modpack, and using the see through walls, you could still see all of the hidden ores that existed inside of caves it seems.
    We are using setting 4 currently. The only way I've been able to fix this is to switch to mode 2.
    Anyway to fix this while still using mode 4?
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    Tyrovc stated it was last night, though it still seems to be borked in
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    are you able to set Radius: 1.5 ?
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    I've noticed a couple of iron blocks turning up in walls which are in tunnels (which have been there for a long time) when using mode 4 with radius 2 and default blocks on CB1000.

    The placement of the blocks seems to be entirely random though. Still no performance impact either when the server is full. Tweaking java ftw as I get 19-20tps almost constantly and that is with contrib.

    I've also noticed random chunks seem to appear as holes when using xray and others appear as fully iron (with the caves showing ofc). However, this is also in a heavily developed area and could just be the result of that. I'll be checking in a far off land now.

    Edit: checked in the far off lands, guess it is the result of the developments as only one or two chunks shows down to the void
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    @Tagz That's odd. Sounds more like mode 1 which simply turns all hidden ore to rock. Mode 4 should turn all unexposed rock/ores/etc into fake ore, so your players should be seeing nothing BUT ore in the map. Theoretically this means you could still spot some redstone/iron/gold/lapis ore down in caves, but there should be so much fake ore blocking the way that it shouldn't be an issue. (Unless you specifically made it only show redstone, gold, and lapis ore, in which case the exposed bits down in caves would still be visible.)
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    I've tried every mode, and it messes with legit miners. People can make mines and walk right past ore which has been turned into stone, and the stone doesn't turn back so they have no clue it's ore. How do I fix this?
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    I agree, I thought this was how it would work as well. But turning on zombe's mod and then only turning on the see through walls option, none of the blocks have been changed to fake ores. The only ores visible it seems are those in caves, or connected to lava. Seems like it would be similar to mode 1, but I'm on 4. In fact when I turn on the xray for zombes and look behind me, all I see is diamonds and iron, but not in front .
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    Anyone know why? I really need the plugin, because it takes loads of work off of me.. Please reply with your settings :/...
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    So I currently use Anti-Xray and this seems much better as it will actually prevent x-ray modders from seeing tunnels and dungeons... so has anyone else switched over from anti-xray to verify this works better with that in mind?
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    I could see X-rayers going insane when they see ores all around them like in the second picture :)
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    The newest (development, not release) version of BukkitContrib comes with server outgoing packet listeners, which you could use instead of changing CraftBukkit class files.
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    how much more intensive is oreupdateradius 4 over 2? what is it limited by, CPU?
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    Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Been busy, but I'll have answers and fixes tomorrow.
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    This is amazing.

    This will get really popular, really soon. :)
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    fail :p its bug
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    Andy Candyman

    I had this problem too, just add the block type (67) to the config file under the 'invisible' blocks

    Also, may I suggest that on block destroy events, the chunk update shows the client real blocks in a radius defined in the config file? It would mean that laggy players don't have to deal with constant 'false' hope with random ore appearing (i know its not a full fix but it would make it much better)
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    Its so cool Thanks bro but 1 question how u toggle off n on Commands?
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    Running absolutely flawlessly with over 60 people online last night, amazing plugin, you rock ! :D

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