Inactive [SEC] NoInvisibility v0.1.0 - No invisibility for those griefers! [1.4.6 - R0.2]

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    NoInvisibility Plugin
    * Incredibly simple to use
    * Set one permission and that's it
    * Adds an easy way to catch griefers
    * Extremely lite and causes 0% lag
    * Constantly updated for servers
    * Need help? Contact is easy and doesn't have a long waiting period

    What it does:
    You see those pesky players spamming invisibility potions? What am I talking about; we all have (and yes we've all done it at one point, but that's beside the point). Well after applying one permission to whatever permission plugin you use (PEX, SuperPerms, even Bukkit Permissions) you are set for life. Players or groups with the permission are denied access to using invisibility potions, but all others can use it freely. It provides a great way to catch griefers as well; making it impossible for them to hide. It's super lite and has one dependency; meaning it doesn't require WG or WE or even Essentials, but it does require permissions. So what are you waiting for? The download is right here

    12-23: Plugin created, base code added
    12-24: Permissions added, event coding added
    12-25: Plugin finished and updated to 1.4.6 R0.2
    add permissions
    add events to activate the plugin
    finish plugin
    Mediafire - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
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