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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    One of my users said that since I've installed the plugin, water ladders do not work properly. Do you know anything about this?
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    That can be. I already implemented a fix once that allowed the "hidden waterladder" to work with my plugin. If you could tell me what kind of water ladder doesn't work (there are really many variations of these) I can test it and probably make it work with my plugin again.
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    Something laggs ;//
    I got CB 531 and when player comes in server [ AuthMe ] it shows that they use speedhack.. 531 events, but allowed was only 30 :D
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    Is it possible for you to add a customizable message that shows for players attempting to cheat?
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    Just tested this. It is AuthMe's fault. AuthMe captures PLAYER_MOVE events just like I do, but it only teleports the player to his previous position without actually cancelling the event or setting the events "To" location to the location it just teleported the player back to. That causes the server and client to spam move events back and forth trying to synchronize about the players position. A ton of unnecessary move-events is the result of that. This also happens without my plugin (only then you won't notice it at all, because noone tells you about the events).

    I'll inform the author of the plugin about that and how to easily fix it (1-2 lines of code).

    That is easy to implement and I'll do it eventually.
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    Anyway you can add a sort of whitelist of accepted texture packs or a way to display what texture pack someone is using? To stop those using xray or another wireframe type texture?
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    That is technically impossible. Even if there were a way to ask the client about his used texture packs, he can always lie to the server and say "I use the standard textures".

    Version 0.6.8

    - IRC support: If you use CraftIRC 2.0, you may now setup logging to irc. My plugin sends messages with the tag "nocheat" (you may change the used tag in the config file) to CraftIRC. You'll have to setup CraftIRC to direct those messages to where you want them.
    - Replaced "airbuild" check code with something much simpler.
    - "freemoves" minimum limit is now 1 instead of 5. I have to give 1 free violation because there are situations where Minecraft doesn't follow its own rules and just moves players up very high within one move (e.g. when he is inside a vehicle and that gets destroyed).
    - some minor cosmetic changes to logging and code
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    Just had a server freeze when someone did an illegal move. After about 5 minutes minecraft started spewing generic player errors. Any logs or errors I should provide?
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    What do you mean with "generic player errors"? Any error message or logs can be useful for me. Plus a list of other plugins that may have to do with the player moving or teleporting.
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    Can't get the logs right now, but the error when a player just loses connection to the server (it spews out some net.mincraft.server crap). And what I think crashed it was "playername here executed an illegal move x -numbers. I'll reply back with logs when/if I can.
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    The plugin author is aware of the problem and fixed it. The preview build he gave me of his plugin v0.41 no longer causes this event spam.
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    hmm. i get notifications when my users warp and use /home. is this normal?
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    Can you post some of these notifications. There shouldn't be any when players use serverside teleportation, so there is likely a bug in my plugin.
    I tried to reproduce the problem with Plugin "MyHome" and its "/home" command, but I don't get false positives doing that, no matter how far from home I teleport myself back.
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    Here are some screenies:
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    Thanks. These water ladders should work now/no longer cause violations.

    Version 0.6.9

    - All types of water ladders should work now without causing violation messages
    - Fixed a cosmetic bug with logging that resulted in "summary" logs being displayed earlier than I intended
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    I hate this plugin, WorldGuard FTW.
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    WorldGuard is nothing like this. They're both good, I use them both.

    Is there a way to tighten the restrictions on how people move? Your system seems ... not how I'd do it, at least. They should never be allowed to be in an illegal position. When in an illegal position, it should immediately teleport to nearest legal position. If not on ground, velocity may not be 0 or should be teleported to ground, possibly disabled when sneaking (not sure how sneaking works). If falling should precalculate land position based on current velocity and not allow any position not on the fall curve. Similar for jumping.
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    recently people have been able to fly up to 25 blocks up on my server while running this mod, I am not sure what their clientside mod it is however i was told it was in a collection of clientside mods, above approximately 25 blocks they are returned to ground.
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    I try to not implement stuff that other plugins already cover. I didn't know I was in a competition with WorldGuard.
    My problem is deciding if a player is in an illegal position, for various reasons. First, the player only sends messages "I am here x,y,z", but no information about when he jumps, lands, in which direction he is currently heading or with what velocity. Even worse, these "I am here" messages aren't sent reliably, the client may skip a message or two sometimes, which makes restricting movement on a per message basis hard. Combined with that, the server doesn't have (at least to my knowledge, I may be wrong) an actual time model about player movement. The player position gets updated when the player sends a message, which makes time based restrictions (move at most x distance per second) also very hard.

    That said, I can definitely improve (or better said, start to implement) the jumping/falling curve prediction, which is the only situation where a player hasn't (much) influence on his movement and therefore it can at least be somewhat predicted.

    For now you can try to set the "freemoves" setting in the config file to 1. That should reduce the maximum height they can get to considerably. I'm currently rewriting part of my height check to be able to better handle these new mods.

    Version 0.7

    - I overhauled how the height is validated in the moving check. Now instead of checking if the distance from->to within each event is reasonable, I check if the distance lastKnownLocationOnGround->to is reasonable. This should prevent people from configuring their mods in a way to especially exploit the limits for each single move event.
    - Finally fixed logging to console. Now it displayes the correct log level + no more duplicate entries if you reload the plugin without restarting the server
    - Reduced false positives due to getting pushed around by enemies (especially spiders and zombies) or explosions.

    Especially the first change is pretty big, so some new bugs may have crept into the plugin. If you observe unwanted behaviour that definitely wasn't there in the last version, please tell me asap.

    PS: You may want to make a backup of the nocheat.yml file, delete the original and then reload the plugin to get a new nocheat.yml with what I currently consider good standard settings.

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    17:39:16 [INFO] Numbnuts portals to Nether
    17:39:17 [INFO] Loaded world: underworld
    17:39:18 [INFO] Kaori1 portals to Nether
    17:39:23 [INFO] Numbnuts portals to normal world
    17:39:25 [INFO] Kaori1 portals to normal world
    17:39:47 [INFO] Kaori1 portals to Nether
    17:39:53 [SEVERE] 17:39:53 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: Kaori1 from (-3804.56438, 50.00000, -3536.65992) to (27.50000, 65.62000, -393.50000)
    17:39:53 [SEVERE] 17:39:53 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: Kaori1 from (-3804.56438, 50.00000, -3536.65992) to (27.50000, 65.62000, -393.50000)
    17:39:53 [SEVERE] 17:39:53 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: Kaori1 from (-3804.56438, 50.00000, -3536.65992) to (27.50000, 65.62000, -393.50000)
    17:39:53 [SEVERE] 17:39:53 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: Kaori1 from (-3804.56438, 50.00000, -3536.65992) to (27.50000, 65.62000, -393.50000)
    17:39:53 [SEVERE] 17:39:53 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: Kaori1 from (-3804.56438, 50.00000, -3536.65992) to (27.50000, 65.62000, -393.50000)
    17:40:00 [SEVERE] 17:40:00 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation ended: Kaori1 total Events: 1
    17:40:00 [SEVERE] 17:40:00 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation ended: Kaori1 total Events: 1
    17:40:00 [SEVERE] 17:40:00 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation ended: Kaori1 total Events: 1
    17:40:00 [SEVERE] 17:40:00 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation ended: Kaori1 total Events: 1
    17:40:00 [SEVERE] 17:40:00 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation ended: Kaori1 total Events: 1
    I'm guessing that isn't supposed to happen?
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    Which version of the plugin are you using? The logs look like they are from an older version. I'm pretty sure that I fixed the multiworld problems in recent versions > 0.6.6
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    Thank you for this! Running a Hardcare PvP server with little to no rules is fun, but when players rage and start hacking it is hard to detect and prevent. THANK YOU FOR THIS PLUGIN!

    It makes my job easier and please, for the love of gawd, continue to support this.
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    It also doesn't play nice with Vampire's dash, and sometimes /spawn triggers the move detection.
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    I'll support it as long as I've fun and time doing so and it is not replaced by other mods or (a man can dream) by Mojang actually fixing the multiplayer part of their game.

    Thanks for the tip with the Vampire plugin. Reading its source code will probably teach me a thing or two. With this version I still don't support the higher jumping that plugin seems to offer (working on that, for now added it to the "Known bugs" section of the first post), but at least the teleport/spawn stuff should be reliable now.

    Version 0.7.1:

    - Teleporting with other plugins should be a lot more reliable now: I now detect with 100% certainty if a teleport is initiated by my plugin or another plugin (or spawn, or portals, ...) and if it was not my plugin, I set the "setback points" of my plugin to the target destination of the teleport, therefore preventing the "teleporting back" bug described 2 posts above.
    - Logs now also show the world name in combination with the coordinates to make them more informative

    This version shouldn't break anything new compared to Version 0.7. Therefore if you liked 0.7, you can savely upgrade to this one. If you still get weird behaviour with teleporting, please keep posting error logs to help me fix it.
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    Would it be possible to issue a kick on a player when they speed/fly hack?
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    I recently updated to CB 556 with NC 0.7.1;

    For some reason, my Player class "Citizen" can fly. NoCheat will not stop them, or give any notifies.

    It's supposed to be for Donators class "Investor", but the permissions seems to be applying to the citizens now.

    This is my permissions groupings:

    Nocheat config:

    Is it because I'm using 556 and not 531 as its built against?
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    I just tried it with NC 0.7.1, CB 556, Permissions 2.5.4, and this permissions config file: (its almost a 1:1 copy of what you posted, I just added the necessary parts of the beginning of the file, the "groups:" before "Default:" and myself of course) and it worked correctly, prevented me from flying (and logging the attempts to the log file). When I change my group to Donator, I can fly as expected. I don't have any idea why it won't work for you. The CB 556 build shouldn't be a problem.
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    The revised permissions worked, thanks!.

    I'm keeping you in there, but your under respected now. Keep up the good work with this, I enjoy the fly mod, but it is an amazing way to entice donations, so I really appreciate the ability to have a hardcoded method of grounding those who are not allowed.
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    Awsome plugin man, big thanks ;-)
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    I love this plugin, but when people use the tp or bring command om my server i got a moving violation. Can this be fixed?

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