Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Thanks, I thought it was on by default.
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    What exactly did he use cheatengine for? Afaik it is used to modify applications in memory. What values did he change?[/quote]

    i am not sure but he changed it to 500 he said, maybe try it out yourself? :)
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    Peter Pan

    No cheat <3
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    It is on by default from now on. :)

    i am not sure but he changed it to 500 he said, maybe try it out yourself? :)[/quote]

    That doesn't help me much. If you ever meet him again, please ask him for details. My plugin only checks if a player sends more than 30 move events per second (you can change that in the config file, 20 events would be "normal" - don't set it below that) for 3 seconds in a row. I can't really get more precise without producing lots of false positives due to server lag and other factors. If he just stood there or moved only for less than 3 seconds, he likely won't be catched.

    Also, it could be that your permissions or configuration aren't set up correctly and that is the reason why he didn't produce any violation messages. Unless I know exactly what he did so that I can reproduce it, I can't tell why he wasn't flagged as a speedhack user.

    Version 0.6.3

    - "dupebydeath" check is now active by default, if you haven't set a different value in the config file (better take a look at it). You may also delete the config.yml file of NoCheatPlugin and reload the NoCheatPlugin to get a new one with all standard values set for you to what I believe reasonable settings.
    - "bedteleport" check is new and active by default. It should prevent players that lie in beds from getting teleported. Getting teleported while in bed causes some weird glitches. (Haven't had much time to test this thoroughly. so please give feedback if it worked for you or not)
    - removed some old code that is no longer needed

    Every time I update the plugin I also update the first post to reflect the changes and new configuration options and stuff. It's always a good idea to read it again after upgrading.
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    after i installed this mod i get spammed with this

    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 64.67020085912453 64.67020085912453
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 64.29629682265781 64.29629682265781
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 64.1749999821186 64.1749999821186
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 5.0 5.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 64.59499996900558 64.59499996900558
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 64.92819996263981 64.92819996263981
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 65.17633596123075 65.17633596123075
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 65.34110924305682 65.34110924305682
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 65.42418706086329 65.42418706086329
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 65.42720332237234 65.42720332237234
    2011-03-04 15:07:24 [INFO] 65.35175925718285 65.35175925718285
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.1994240703323 65.1994240703323
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.97173558278732 64.97173558278732
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.67020085912453 64.67020085912453
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.29629682265781 64.29629682265781
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.1749999821186 64.1749999821186
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.59499996900558 64.59499996900558
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 64.92819996263981 64.92819996263981
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.17633596123075 65.17633596123075
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.34110924305682 65.34110924305682
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.42418706086329 65.42418706086329
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.42720332237234 65.42720332237234
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.35175925718285 65.35175925718285
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 65.1994240703323 65.1994240703323
    2011-03-04 15:07:25 [INFO] 81.0 81.0
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    oh my, I must've uploaded the wrong file. Those lines were for me to debug the plugin. I'll upload the right file now.
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 8:15 PM ---
    Please redownload the plugin now.
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    kk thanks
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    I still can't figure out why it won't let me (owner/admin) use my fly mod.

    I have played with all the permissions, adding each individual one, one at a time, having all of them on, turning all permissions off and just going with putting my name in the ops file....Nothing.

    The plugin itself works as it is supposed to, so I really don't have a complaint as far as that goes. For some reason it won't let the owner/admin/ops bypass.
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    Take your spam back:

    2011-03-04 21:36:10 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:10 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:10 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:10 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 7.419999986886978 7.7531999805212015
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.001335979112147 8.166109260938214
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.249187078744681 8.252203340253724
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.176759275064237 8.02442408821368
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 7.0 7.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:11 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:12 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.5 65.42159999847412
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.26636799395752 65.03584062504456
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.0 65.5
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.5 65.5
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 65.5 65.5
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 66.0 66.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:13 [INFO] 66.0 66.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:14 [INFO] 8.0 8.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:33 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:33 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:34 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:34 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:34 [INFO] 65.0 65.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:37 [INFO] 64.92159999847412 64.76636799395752
    2011-03-04 21:36:37 [INFO] 64.53584062504456 64.27152379669295
    2011-03-04 21:36:37 [INFO] 64.08007032996669 64.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:37 [INFO] 64.06479999706745 64.0518399966383
    2011-03-04 21:36:37 [INFO] 64.0 64.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 64.10479999617338 64.16383999461175
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 64.23107199317218 64.30485759192793
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 64.38388607091804 64.46710885415816
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 64.55368708084828 64.6429496623384
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 64.94294967425932 65.158549690138
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 65.29143770828547 65.34326796707875
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 65.21020739812495 65.02846225699446
    2011-03-04 21:36:38 [INFO] 65.0 65.41999998688698
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 65.7531999805212 66.00133597911214
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 66.16610926093821 66.24918707874468
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 66.25220334025373 66.17675927506424
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 66.02442408821369 66.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 66.0 66.0
    2011-03-04 21:36:39 [INFO] 66.0 66.0
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    Some politeness wouldn't kill you, just like reading the 3 posts above yours.
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    I just had to go though every one of my 25 plugins and disable them 1 by 1 to find out who was the moron who doesn't even print the plugin name with debug spam. That used up all my politeness sorry.
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    For someone who profits financially from my work (you do get paid by players on your server) I have never got anything from you in return. But I'm a generous man, so I'll give you these tips for free:

    1) Update plugins one after another, not all at once
    2) Never use beta software on a productive system (that you shouldn't rely on this plugin is explicitly written in my first post)
    3) Grow a pair Behave like an adult and treat other people with respect
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    it's not working for me.
    Tested with no other plugins and i still can clone items after death (opening inv and dropping)
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    Are you OP on the server? If you don't have the Permissions (or similar) plugin, everybody who is OP will be ignored by the plugin.
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    It works when i'm not an OP.

    And so another Q.
    I have groupManager plugin, do i need to put something in the config so players can't dupe items?
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    0) My server costs a lot more a month than I receive in donations. Also I have only used your plugin at the request of another admin a few days ago and have already remove it (for good) so get over yourself.
    1) I don't have time to go though all the plugins one at a time when I roll out an update. I made the mistake of using a plugin from a dev that can't make sure a release works before posting, won't happen again.
    2) you mean production?
    3) blow me, you got to earn respect. be happy I even took my time to inform you of your oversight.
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    Version 0.6.4

    I implemented some server commands that give you better feedback about how the plugin is set up and may help you decide if the plugin configuration or Permissions aren't set up correctly.

    /nocheat will give general information about the plugin: if it uses Permissions (or a system that pretends to be Permissions) as a basis for its decisions or "isOp()". Plus it will list all enabled checks/bugfixes.

    /nocheat -p will give the player calling it information about his own permissions. This also includes disabled checks/bugfixes (they have a * at the end of their name in that case to visually separate them from "real" permissions). For example, if a player has permission "nocheat.moving" and the check "speedhack" is completely disabled in the config file, he will get as output: "moving speedhack*".

    /nocheat -p playername is the same as above but for another player.

    You have to have Permission "nocheat.p" (if you don't have a Permission plugin you have to be OP) to be able to use any of these commands ingame. Or you can simply use the server console.

    Besides this new feature I just moved some code around and cleaned up a bit (again).

    EDIT: Somehow my last two posts disappeared. Maybe I accidentially deleted them. Here the tl;dr version of them again:

    @d3x: go bug someone else, I can't care less for someone who only contacts me to insult me, and doesn't even bother to read the 2 posts before his.

    @g00tch and @Insers: Please try the new version and tell me what you get when you run the new commands /nocheat and /nocheat -p yourname in the console (Alternatively give yourself permission "nocheat.p" and call them ingame).
    That should help me better understand where the problem lies.
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    Finally got it working!

    I was running Permissions 2.5.2, Commandbook and nChat...I removed them all and went back to using Essentials and just having an ops.txt take care of admins and stuff and now it works like it should, preventing non ops from using mods/hacks and allows ops to use them.
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 4:37 AM ---
    I was able to re-enable Permissions 2.5.2 and it works. I think the issue was with either Commandbook or nChat.

    All is well.
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    Wow I just found this really cool your working on fixing these issues as I know everyone here has something unique to offer this one definitely is!
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    This works both ways you know...

    @evenprime: Good work! Any plans to implement other actions, like kick or perhaps deal damage? I bet using fly or speed hack wouldn't be as attactive if it kept killing you :-D
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    Just dropping by to say what a wonderful job you did on this plugin, and that it's working well with the latest CB!
    --- merged: Mar 7, 2011 8:50 PM ---
    lol umad brah?
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    I love your plugin.

    I has helped a lot with the script kiddies.

    I have been looking for a donate button so I can provide you motivation to keep your wonderful plugin going and to help deal with the less desirable people who post here. I am by no means a rich person and I also don't really profit off my server but I feel I use your plugin enough to warrant donating some finances your way .

    With that said, I also am posting because I have a concern.
    I have been running your plugin and today I got a report from on of my staff that even though the plugin was running that a user was able to fly.

    Any ideas?
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    The plugin doesn't actually stop the players from cheating, it just detects it. Atleast for the time being... I would love to see some creative ways to ...umm... discourage it :-D
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    @Evenprime Just a heads up jumping into a void with the no dupe option will cause a lot of spam. I also feel it might cause server crash. we did experience one on our test server when TONS of us went void diving :p
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    Lunar Delta

    If I detect someone flying, I warn them with HeroicRebuke, which freezes them in place. I have the acknowledgment code set to 100 characters to stop them from getting away. Then I alert the server about the person in question and invite them to teleport in to place funny or insulting signs in front of them, throw things at them, etc. It's always hilarious to see them saying stuff like "WTF!!! I CAN'T MOVE! F-YOU!" and then ragequit. :D

    The freeze mechanism in HeroicRebuke is extremely aggressive, and is very useful for stopping flyhackers, speedhackers, and teleporters. It makes it impossible to walk, fly, teleport, quickport, warp, or even use /spawn. You can even freeze people in mid-air. They will stay absolutely rooted to that spot until you clear the warning.
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    I think I should give a sign of life or something, has been a while.

    Nice to hear that.

    I've thought about this for a long time and I think I rather give the option for people to automatically execute a command in specified situations (giving them the most freedom I can think of) than implementing all kinds of punishment myself. That's on my (imaginary) todo-list.

    Strange. The dupebydeath option doesn't print any information (at least I didn't implement it like that). It really does only silently delete items from the inventory when players die. So it probably was either a different part of my plugin or the messages were "xy moved wrongly" (those are from Minecraft itself, not from my plugin). Anyway I try to further reduce "spam" by combining events into one message with a counter if they happen close together in the next version.

    Sounds fun :)

    I actually have a paypal account, but I don't use it anymore because paypal once blocked me from accessing my money (it wasn't much, less than 50€) and I had to jump through various hoops to get it back. Since then I never used it again. Are there any good alternatives (maybe specifically for donations)?

    There is actually a loophole in my plugin that allows flying by doing something funny like flying up for 9 moves, then flying down for one move (which resets the violation-counter of my plugin, such that the player has 10 free moves again), then again flying up for 9 moves and so on. I don't know if someone actually bothered modifying their mods to exploit this (doing this by hand with e.g. Zombe's flymod is near impossible) or if the flying player was caused by something completely different. Anyway the next version will handle that differently, because it'll only reset the counter when a player lands on solid ground. Plus I finally found a clean solution for the stuck on a ledge while sneaking problem (it's magic), which works really nice so far and allows me to reduce the number of "free moves" to 5 again (those free moves were only implemented to mitigate existing problems with false positives a bit, I'd love to eventually get rid of them altogether).
    I just want to implement that a player getting hit won't as easily trigger a false positve anymore, then I'll release the new version. Probably tomorrow sometime.
    Just saw that build #519 will have a "dupeondeath"-like fix builtin. As soon as that build or any build following it gets RB-status, I'll drop that feature from my mod. That also means if you use #519 or later you don't have to activate that feature of my plugin anymore (it doesn't break anything if you keep it activated, except wasting some processor time).
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    I believe it is time for you to drop that feature now because CB #520 got RB-status.

    Edit: Oh CB #520 got removed, why?
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    I am Having the rare problem of people going invisible after teleporting. It happens quite often. Using CB 493 latest version of no cheat.
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    Lunar Delta

    People go invisible constantly on my server when teleporting. I am also having ENTITY_DEATH issues too. It needs to be updated to work with the latest Craftbukkit.
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    ENTITY_DEATH is because of the dupebydeath in NoCheat set it to false should fix it.

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