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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Had someone on my server today zipping around really fast, thought NoCheat actively blocked speeding so I guess there must be a new config entry or permission I'm missing.

    Its confirmed people can't fly when blocked but this one guy claiming to be using something called "epislon client" or something was speeding as fast as you teleport with navigation compass in a world where no NoCheat exemptions are given.

    He should be governed by NoCheat's checks. He wasn't able to fly but he could speed. Could any fine gentleman tell me if there is a config entry I can change to rectify this?
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    Thanks a lot it worked fine,

    one problem though, with zombes modpack when you hold SHIFT you will "run" really fast

    the only permission node they have is flying though and that is limited now (thanks to you :D)

    edit: they also can jump really high without triggering anything

    main problem is still that speedhack/runspeed
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    can you fix mob-aura and kill-aura from griefcraft?
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    NoCheat can't fully prevent nuking. It is technically hard to find a difference between people using a nuker and people just looking around really fast while spamming the left mouse button. The only thing NoCheat does is force players to actually move their arms while digging blocks and look at the blocks while removing them. Both of those things can be automated by hacked clients. Beyond that there isn't much NoCheat can do to seperate people that are just very fast at destroying blocks and those that use a program to do it for them.

    Hm, I don't know. I've seen the epsilon client and it does nothing special compared to other, similar clients. The only thing I can think of is that your server may have experienced lag during that time (doesn't have to be much, you not even have noticed it). If the server lags, a part of NoCheat that's related to speedhacking deactivates itself, because players moving during such server lag and players using that specific method of speedhacking look identical (and I got lots of angry PMs and E-Mails about players being labeled "hacking" in these cases).

    I've seen that video. As you can see in the video, NoCheat already forces them to look at their enemies when attacking. The only thing that could be fixed is the attack range (team avo was able to attack players at roughly 1 block distance further than the normal attack distance). All other hacks in that video are graphical and clientside and therefore not fixable.

    I'd like to fix that attack range thing, but I'm currently occupied with another, currently (somewhat) secret plugin project. Also, somebody wanted to revive the "mxantipvpcheat" plugin, which would specialize in PVP hacks (I just added the features to NoCheat because that plugin went inactive). You may want to search for it, maybe the new version is already finished.

    If they are allowed to fly, then the "flyingspeedlimits" are the only limits applied to them. That means they can jump as high as they want (which is technically the same as flying, and at the server it is impossible to differentiate between these things) and run as fast on ground as they are allowed to fly. You'd have to reduce the flying speed limits further to reduce their onground movement speed.

    Most implementations of these are simply bots (the player moves correctly, looks at the enemy, swings his arm and hits it as expected). There is no reliable way to prevent bots from working. So as long as they obey the games rules, I can't do much. All I can do atm. is enforce the Minecraft rules (player has to look at enemy, player has to swing his arm when attacking).


    As mentioned in one of the answers, I'm currently occupied with a "secret" new plugin, that is only loosely related to NoCheat and eats most of my time. Sorry for the lack of updates.
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    Curious if there is a way to make many different speed flying groups.
    So far all I have figured out is to give nocheat.checks.moving.flying to one group (That would obey config)
    And to give the other group nocheat.moving.flying.* which would let them go as fast as they like.
    Is there anyway to limit say fly speed 3 to group 1, fly speed 5 to group 2, etc etc, and staff unlimited.
    Or is this that I speak of fall under the request category. (Sorry if this is covered somewhere, I just started fully messing with nocheat perms/config)
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    I banned someone because of:

    He said he was not flying (but xRaying - so why should he lie about that?).

    Am I wrong?
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    No, there is currently no way to do that.

    How should I know? NoCheat observed him being 37, 209 and 110 blocks higher up in the air than expected, on three different ocasions. It is always possible that NoCheat does make mistakes. But usually those are minor mistakes and not of that magnitude. Do you know what he did during that time?
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    Hi first of all thanks for this great plugin. My server got somway bit more popular on internet recently and it has attracted also some cheaters abusers and hacked client users. It seems no cheat is doing good job on detecting them but not sure if its also preventing and stopping them. I see only info about violation in log but Im not sure if any actions were taken such us kick or stop. I know there is file that defines custom action but it loks quite complicated and also I have no idea what is chance of false positves so if auto ban is not too much for example.
    My experience is that I have not seen single log from users I know personaly that are not using hacks but a keep seeing at least some from other users from time to time and I dont whant to blame 25% people from hacking.
    11.12.30 22:43:15 [SEVERE] NC: xxx failed moving.running.vertical. VL 57507
    11.12.30 22:43:43 [SEVERE] NC: xxx failed moving.running.vertical. VL 54124
    11.12.30 22:43:57 [WARNING] NC: xxx failed chat.spam: Last sent message ":D". VL 1
    11.12.30 22:44:04 [WARNING] NC: xxx failed chat.spam: Last sent message "Im spamming". VL 1
    11.12.30 23:29:00 [SEVERE] NC: yyy failed moving.morepackets: Sent 164 more packets than expected. Total violation level 164.
    I assume xxx is hacker for 100% but not sure about yyy user. I see packet violation from time to time from him. Could be related to high latency ?
    It would be great if you could publis example action config that includes ip timed bans and kicks for actions that are clear violations and hacks.
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    I think he used an Enderpearl - and NoCheat has no Idea about that.
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    You can pritty much let no cheat take care of its self when someone makes these violations the system reverts whatever they done in first place.... if they using no fall damage cheat it will add damage to them. If they using a block reach cheat it wont place the blocks .... if its a packet notification for speed mod it will re adjust there position...

    when you see these alerts for players you can teleport to them to check them out if you wish but i would only do it if a player is spamming your screen with alerts.
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    This sounds like a bug with no cheat, when trying to get out of water onto a halfstep, you get teleported back into the water, it's quite irritating.
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    This plugin has ruined my fun in minecraft server =( its on almost every server!
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    Yes, you can assume that xxx was hacking. As long as the problem with yyy only appears randomly and more important, only once or twice in a row, it can be lag. If someone is actually trying to use that method to move faster, it usually produces many such log messages in a row.

    I have intentionally no examples for bans and kicks, because NoCheat (as you may have found out already) can't be 100% reliable. All information has to be interpreted on a case by case basis. Therefore there are no good limits that clearly indicate "that's hacking". NoCheat was also designed first to simply change the game mechanic to make cheating hard/impossible. Finding out who is cheating is more of a secondary feature. As @o0AzzA0o said, NoCheat can be mostly left alone and all messages ignored.

    I think Enderpearls cause a serverside teleport just like plugins would. In that case it shouldn't produce any problems with NoCheat. But I'll try that just to by sure.

    That's most likely NoCheat causing that. I'll see if and how I can fix that.

    Sorry 'bout that. I know tons of servers that don't use it though, so you may be not looking hard enough.


    Sorry for the general inactivity here. Holidays and such. I try to get a new version ready today with mostly bugfixes of stuff that surfaced during the last week. No new features for now.
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    We can reproduce that.
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    Just checked this, to be sure, in the server code, client code and tested it on a server. When somebody throws an Ender Pearl in multiplayer, the following happens:

    - It has no clientside effect, because teleportation is limited to singleplayer games in the client
    - The server will fire a playerTeleport event. If successful, the player gets teleported the same way as "player.teleport(...)" would, which is used by tons of plugins and the server and cause no problems with NoCheat. It's the standard way of teleportation.

    So my only guess is that either the client has been modified to mess with the players position (NoCheat and the server expect him at the enderpearl position, but he claims he is somewhere else).
    Or there is a plugin that heavily messes around with the PlayerTeleport event or the EnderPearls throwing directly.

    I ran a quick test on my server with just NoCheat as a plugin and could throw EnderPearls as far or high as I wanted to, it always worked as expected.

    Sorry, it seems I can't help you with that problem.
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    Can anyone help me with the Speed Vars?

    Some People are still faster than me - but doesn't show up in the logs...
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    You can't go much lower than those values. I have to give players some additional maximum speed because Minecraft isn't perfect in that way and may cause players moving faster (e.g. because of minor lag, jumping around, programming mistakes) from time to time. Setting the values lower will annoy people, because despite not actually cheating they'll get labelled as such from time to time.

    NoCheat 2.23:
    • Likely fixed NullPointerException when MobArena plugin shuts down
    • Removed fight.selfhit check, as it causes problems all over the place with other plugins and isn't that security relevant anymore
    • Don't check BlockBreakEvents that can't come from a player (therefore have to come from a plugin), fixes compatibility with "LumberJack" plugin and probably a few others that I don't even know of
    • Reduced maximum movement speed a little bit by removing/nerfing a workaround for bunnyhopping
    • Support commandbooks "/rocket" command, precious stones etc. (overall stuff that launches players very high in the air) better than before

    Ok, after getting the NPE with MobArena reported twice, I made some changes to the relevant code. I still can't reproduce or explain why that code would fail in that case.

    fight.selfhit as said, I think it's not necessary anymore and plugins tend to get problems with it. So I sent it "to the mooooon, bey*tch"

    The creator of "LumberJack" asked me if I could make NoCheat compatible to his plugin. I could, and did. This will help with other plugins that break blocks on behalf of the player.

    Because Minecraft now only allows jumping once every 10 ticks, instead of before every tick, I adjusted some workarounds for those things. This will also cause NoCheat to catch onto players that move faster than usual a bit faster than before.

    And I've been asked a lot about that. "/rocket" should now reliably work, other such catapult skills/commands/tools too (or at least better than before). It may still fail for extreme heights though.

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    ok so can u plz help me whenver i go to the end it kicks me and says im moving to fast but im the owner and everyone else can go there just fine plz help
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    LOL All of the top servers have it i should say
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    Hi Evenprime,

    When a Player on a two Block heigh Fence dance, then he get a kick.

    I musst "moving.runfly.jumpheight" set to 3000.
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    Chat Spamm Not Working

    Lastest Recommended CB Version as well as latest Nocheat Plugin Version
    Before the Chat Spam would work. about 4 updates ago. Now it is not working and a user spammed dwd server with no problem.
    I am not sure if any plugin is conflicting with it but I receive no errors in console if you would like a list of my plugin please let me know ill private msg them to you.
    Nocheat did start correctly with no errors
    No error logs.
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    Hi @evenprime,

    I've been being attacked lately, by people who have blinking and flashing names.
    Its unreadable too. It just keeps changing. (Yes it is a cracked server by choice. I have the game. :) )

    And they can do something then suddenly my server gets spammed by:
    "Server has kicked (blinking player name)" x10000

    Is there anything i can do about this?
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    You shouldn't have to change anything to allow people to move on fences. Can you give me a screenshot of the place where players got problems to move?

    I tried this, and the spam check still works as expected. You may have a plugin that handles chat messages and hides them from NoCheat, e.g. because the plugin wants to only show the message to selected players etc.

    I wondered when this would come up. I'll tell you a secret that almost nobody knows about, not even the Minecraft Wiki: :cool:

    You are most likely aware of the fact that Minecraft uses color codes like "&7" or "§7" or "\2477" (depending on where and how you enter them) to switch between colors in text. The color codes go from "0-9" and "A-F". 16 colors. Plugins use that to e.g. make colorful prefixes for chat messages.

    What not even the Minecraft Wiki knows is that there is a 17th color: "&k" or "§k" or "\247k". (yes, that's a normal, lowercase "k"). This color is intentionally coded by Mojang/Notch to show random characters instead of the real characters, and they change every time they get painted (so if you have a framerate of 50 fps, the character changes 50 times per second).

    You'll have to restrict player names to not include the magical "&k" or "§k" or "\247k" character combination. Actually, just deny all players that try to use a color code in their name entry to the server (I'm sure some plugins can do that for you already). Because names including color codes are illegal usernames, you'll never see players with one of these on "online" servers.

    @ everybody else: Try it. It's fun to e.g. give the "admin" group a prefix that includes that color code (if your plugin that handles prefixes doesn't filter the k-color), and then baffle players when you send chat messages, as these random characters will show up.


    NoCheat v2.24:
    • Fix MobArena shutdown NullPointerException (again)
    • Fix some problems when players lose and then get "nocheat.checks.moving" permission(s)
    • Catch unexpected errors when executing commands
    • BREAKING CHANGE: consolecommand actions are executed a little bit delayed with a bukkit task instead of instantly for safety reasons
    • New check "inventory.drop": Kick people if they drop too many items within a short timeframe (default limit is 100 item(stacks) within 20 seconds)
    BREAKING CHANGE: If you use custom "consolecommand" actions, be aware that these are now executed delayed. This should increase stability of the plugin and make more of these commands work safer than before.

    New check "inventory.drop": As you are probably aware, there is a builtin limit of dropping 20 items within 1 tick (~0.05 seconds). If a player drops more, he gets kicked. Now there are two problems with that. First, that's still almost 400 items per second that can be dropped without getting kicked. Second, there are alternative ways for dropping items that completely bypass this limitation.

    Why should you care? Well, every item lying on the ground will cause a little lag. 10000 items (a player dropping items for roughly a minute) will crash even powerful servers, or increase lag to many seconds, causing players to get disconnected due to timeout. This check will limit item dropping from the current ~400 per second to ~5 per second, making it harder for players to cause serious lag in a short time.
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    Hmm, I am using

    Could that be it?
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    Is this Cheating? And if yes - what are they doing?
    this is in the logs all the time...

    U can see the whole logfile (watch the end) here

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    Maybe. I'm not familiar with that, so I can't really say.

    Based on the really high VL numbers and short timeframe that they reach them, I'd say that they tried to use a "kill-aura" (a little hack that will automatically attack everything that's close to the player) while using a "noswing" hack (which prevents other players from seeing that the player attacks, by hiding his arm movement).

    Alternatively, you've found a bug/incompatibility of NoCheat with another plugin. But I think the first explaination fits better in this case.
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    Our Plugins:
    RB Bukkit and 2.24 NoCheat

    Thank u for your help, they now told me they used a "mobkill" hack, to kill all the mobs around them.
    Thank u for your plugin too - if it finds the next cheater i will donate u some $$ :)

    And tripple post (bcs new stuff).

    I have this very often too, can i adjust config to get it of it?

    i think it is caused by climbing up with water?!

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    Go to config.txt, and remove the word nofallLog from this line:

    moving.runfly.nofallactions.0 = nofallLog nofallDamage
    That will cause that check to be silent. In general, that works for (almost all) checks this way. Find the relevant config line and remove the word that contains "Log".
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    Hello, I recently added this on my server, but i allow my staff to use hack clients and now that i added this, they cant. So i was wondering if theres a way to not make it effect certain ranks? Like i guess permissions, but not to use it, on who it effects.

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