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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I had the last version on #1337 for a bit then it stopped working, It did not let anyone use flymod who have has the nocheat.* permission. So it thought maybe i need the next version i got that one same problem. Please help!
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    NoCheat only defines permission nodes like this "nocheat", "nocheat.checks", ... (without the .* at the end) and almost all permissions plugins work with that nicely. Maybe you can try that?

    Only the newest version of PermissionsEx refuses to accept that and expects you to either write every single permission node down in full length, or it (maybe) accepts a ".*" at the end. I'm not sure about that, as they completely overthrew how their plugin works with that version for some reason, and I don't care that much about it.
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    Another reason I chose bPermissions.. I see PEX going the way of Permissions 3. over complicate the hell out of everything, break compatibility, and refuse to fix things.. im not saying this will happen, but just an observation.
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    I don't use permissionsEX i hate it. I use Groupmanager and it works fine for everything except this now.
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    Using default settings every time i sprint and jump off blocks it seems to glitch me to the edge of the block, it's really annoying, I can't jump off 1 block, it just glitches me and "smooths" my landing by jerking me towards the block i jumped off of.
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    I didn't change anything regarding permissions in the last few releases of NoCheat, so I really don't know why there would suddenly be a problem.

    Can you use the command "nocheat permlist username" for some online user that has nocheat.* and therefore should be able to fly? It should print all permission nodes that belong to NoCheat and the specified user. That way it should be easy to check if the permissions of GroupManager are correctly set for NoCheat, or if there is something wrong with them.

    If you use PermissionsEx, that plugin recently added permission nodes for "sprinting" and other things. If players don't have those nodes, they can still sprint, but NoCheat won't be informed about them sprinting, therefore thinking they cheat (running faster than allowed). I have no idea why PermissionsEx added those, if it doesn't at the same time really prevent sprinting without those nodes...
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    I can't figure out why my permissions aren't working!
    I simply want to allow a group to fly. It seems like my permission nodes are beeing ignored.
    The only way i can make them fly is to set them to OP ... which is not what i want
    I am using Permissions 3.1.6 HERE

            - essentials.jump
            - essentials.time.set
            - essentials.time
            - worldedit.navigation.jumpto
            - worldedit.navigation.thru
            - essentials.god
            - nocheat.checks.moving.morepackets
            - nocheat.checks.moving.flying
            - nocheat.checks.moving.runfly
            - nocheat.runfly
            - nocheat.move
            - nocheat.flying
            - nocheat.*
    I tried giving all possible permissions and no difference.
    Is this permissions plugin maybe disallowed/incompatible?

    Thanks in Advance
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    Permissions 3 is discontinued (dead) and doesn't support Bukkits standard for permissions called "SuperPerms". I'm afraid you'll have to use a plugin that is newer and does support "SuperPerms", e.g. the newer GroupManager that comes with Essentials or bPermissions (which I'd recommend). Generally, any permissions plugin that says it is "SuperPerms" compatible should work.
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    Hey um how do I make it only tell certain ranks the denied fly and stuff?
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    Use a permissions plugin that supports "SuperPerms", give players that should be allowed to fly the permission node "nocheat.checks.moving.flying". Other permission nodes are listed here:

    A heads up to all: Bukkit team is working on a version for MC 1.9 Pre 5. When that gets finished, DON'T use NoCheat in combination with it. In the best case it will simply not work, worst case it may destroy important player data.

    Always wait for a version of NoCheat that is explicitly compatible when such big updates happen to Minecraft/CraftBukkit.

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    How do i enable sprinting? I installed the SuperPerms and removed the PermissionsEX, how would i disable the sprinting errors? I just need the nocheat.checks.moving.sprint or whichever it was
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    What do you mean with "sprinting errors"?

    People are allowed by NoCheat to sprint by default, as long as the game would allow them to do so (e.g. NoCheat won't allow sprinting for people with less than 3 food symbols). NoCheat automatically identifies if they use the sprinting function of Minecraft and adjusts speed limits accordingly. If they can't use the builtin sprint function of Minecraft, something else is preventing them from doing so.
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    Evenprime, please. Please add permissions ex support. I told him or whatever to fix it and I got ignored. Please. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Permissions ex it works perfectly fine.
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    Sure there is something wrong with it. It does no longer implement the SuperPerms API correctly. I won't start writing extra code for permissions plugins. I did it with the 1.xx versions of NoCheat and it caused me nothing but trouble.

    PS: I'll especially not write workarounds for PermissionsEx, as the developer of it expects all plugin writers to adapt to what he sees as "the correct way to do permissions". The correct way is the SuperPerms way, and he should just stop claiming his plugin is SuperPerms compatible if he wants to continue breaking its API so massively.

    I strongly recommend using bPermissions (good performance, fully implements SuperPerms, stable, bugfree) over PermissionsEx.

    @RugRats : Some thing that should always work, even with PermissionsEx broken implementation of Superperms is to write out all permissions, e.g. "nocheat.checks.moving.flying", "nocheat.checks.moving.runfly", ... instead of just "nocheat.checks" etc.

    PermissionsEx worked fine with NoCheat and every other SuperPerms plugin. PermissionsEx broke it, PermissionsEx should fix it. If I did include a workaround for PermissionsEx, the next thing would be people requesting "Permissions 3" support. And support for groups. And "obscure plugin X" support. And so on.

    I suggest everybody who has problems with PermissionsEx goes to and opens a support ticket about it, explicitely stating that you use a plugin that uses SuperPerms and PermissionsEx fails to handle permissions correctly for it.

    Or you chime in at this ticket, which deals with the problem already:

    If you don't complain, it won't be fixed. And I don't have to fix anything, because I am 100% standard compatible.

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    Stuff like that. Doesn't work. If it did I wouldn't be here complaining
    But if you do make a work around, please do. No one will ask for permissions 3 that plugins is done it's no longer updated ect and people should and do understand that if they are still using permissions 3 there fucked. But permissions ex is still updated and still works.
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    Works for me. Downloaded "Development version (mostly stable)" and specifying the full permissions works fine.
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    Really weird..... doesn't for me.. I can always check again.

    Nope, still not working.
    - nocheat.checks.moving.flying
    - nocheat.checks.moving.runfly
    - nocheat.checks.moving.swimming
    - nocheat.checks.moving.sneaking
    - nocheat.checks.moving.nofall
    - nocheat.checks.moving.morepackets
    Using those permissions, on an account that isn't op I cannot fly. With the development version of permissions ex

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    And "nocheat permlist playername" command for that player shows what info? It should show for those listed above "true", at least it does for me.
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    and true means you can fly right? because it does. But whenever I try to fly it just teleports me back to the ground ;P
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    It just displays what NoCheat thinks the permissions of the players are - the result of doing player.hasPermission("x.y.z"). If it shows the same values that you set in your permissions plugin, then permissions are correctly forwarded and read by NoCheat. In that case, if people still can't fly, there has to be another plugin that blocks them, as NoCheat will use the permissions listed in "nocheat permlist username" for its decisions.

    PS: "towny" is such a plugin that has an anti-fly feature.
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    Then it's towny because I have that :D Anyway to disable it? :/
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    There is some config option for towny (something with "cheat" in its name) that's controlling it. Don't know the exact name of it atm.

    New Version 2.15:
    • new check blockplace.direction: test if a player looks at the block he is building against, and if he looks at the correct side of the block
    • new check blockbreak.noswing: test if a player swings his arm before breaking blocks
    • new check fight.noswing: test if a player swings his arm before hitting other players
    • output of "nocheat permlist" command is now sorted alphabetically
    • some other small code changes
    • not tested very much, if you have problems, please tell
    • NOT WORKING WITH CB dev builds for 1.9 Pre 5 Minecraft
    A bigger update after some time now.

    The two "noswing" checks will wait for a "swing" event, set a flag, then when a blockbreak or fight event comes and the flag is set, everything is fine and the flag gets unset. If not, they failed the check. Very simple.

    The direction check will do two things. First it will like its brothers (blockbreak.direction and fight.direction) check if the player is looking at the block that he is placing. Second it will also check if the player is looking at the block from the correct side. E.g. placing a block ontop of a 3 block high tower should no longer be possible, unless the player gets high enough up to see the top of the topmost block (there is some wiggleroom here, so it may be enough to be close enough). If a player fails the check, there is a timout within which he is not allowed to place additional blocks (currently 0.1 seconds). You can set the precision and timeout yourself.


    btw. I didn't include a check "blockplace.noswing" because the game sends the "swing" packet after the "place" packet, therefore I can't know if the player moved his arm or not (and when I find out, the block is already placed and it's too late).

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    I have a suggestion. I'm hoping people may agree.

    When a player has been kicked / banned, make it so they can rejoin but only if they use spout client.

    Like if you agree :D

    I envision a situation where a player receives a few warnings, gets kicked with the advise that they will only be able to rejoin if they use the spout client a.k.a no hacks.
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    Does this not work for permissionsEx?
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    Where can i turn off the messages that i get in console?
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    logging.consolelevel = off
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    hi, i have a friend i was test nocheat with and he could still place block on water with a modded client and he could also use instant break all with his modded client
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    NoCheat does nothing against "instant break" hacks. It doesn't even try to.

    I'm probably going to remove the water check anyway sometime, as there is at least one bug in bukkit somewhere (still haven't found it) that messes up blockplace events and makes that check fail for no good reason.
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    I have a request for cobblestone generators. Lava and water is specially positioned, so the water drops on the lava block and create above cobblestone. People wait before and break them, wait if the water block moved to toe lava and so on. So the player can break infinity cobblestone.

    Is there an ability to check the block formation?

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