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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I wish them good luck with that, especially for plugins that really do rely on the parent->child relationship to give players an unrelated subset of permissions at once. E.g. some use permissions as a substitute for groups, defining a permission "plugin.admin" with a subset of permissions, maybe even unrelated to the plugin itself, and then use PermissionsEx to give people only the "plugin.admin" permission.

    If adding a ".*" works for you, that's fine by me. I'll stick to my defined permissions in documentation, and those don't have the ".*" (which was on of the major ideas behind SuperPerms, to get rid of that and explicitly define parent-child relationships).
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    I understand that, though I've rarely seen cases where a parent node just plucks a bunch of random and unrelated nodes together. My guess is that he/they decided it was confusing to have a set of permissions that only worked one way (old Permissions-style nodes where using * is standard) and SuperPerms that work in a fairly different way (where you're forced to rely on the plugin author to make node groups using 100% standard SuperPerms). It's really not that much harder to deal with it that way.
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    I came across this comment while trying to find out why my plugin was having trouble with PEX 1.15.1 too, heh.
    Specifically, 1.15 was updating superperms permissions fine, while 1.15.1 was not giving permissions.
    I don't suppose you have any more info to enlighten me, as to the reason why? Just a bug in PEX?
    Edit: Also, I tried with/without a .* permission, no good either way.
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    Deleted user

    Hi, are u supporting Permissions 3.1.6 ? because my Members cant fly..
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    No, you'll have to use a permissions plugin that supports "SuperPerms". Permissions 3 is dead, development has ceased to happen long time ago.
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    Deleted user

    The old Version of NC are working with this plugin
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    Yes, but that plugin caused me lots of problems, so I ditched it in favour of the official permission standard called "SuperPerms". Plugins that support SuperPerms are e.g. "bPermissions", "Essentials GroupManager" or "PermissionsBukkit", if you want to switch to something that is still developed.

    Version 2.13:
    • Respect the "MobEffect" that increases player speed (for compatibility with Heroes plugin and 1.9 potions)
    • Reduce memory usage by recycling objects instead of creating instantiating new ones
    • Some changed default settings to make less "noise"
    • default log messages changed a little
    • Lots of very little other improvements

    "MobEffect" is what the minecraft server uses to tell the client "you can run faster than normal now for x seconds" or "you mine faster now" or "you are now invisible". It is kind of a hidden feature, because the game itself doesn't use most of these Effects yet (only e.g. the poison effect when bit by spiders). They are intended for the MC 1.9 potions. Some plugins however use those effects already (e.g. Heroes), so now NoCheat will read them too and adapt to the effects that are applied onto a player (e.g. player has effect to run 2x as fast, NoCheat will allow him to run 2x as fast). For now player speed is the only such effect I respect, if necessary I'll add others.

    Everything else is quite self explainatory.

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    Deleted user

    PermissionsEX is supporting now SuperPerms ist possible that u can support this plugin?
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    I don't explicitely support PermissionsEx, because that should not be necessary. I support "SuperPerms". Any permissions plugin that supports "SuperPerms" should work with NoCheat. If PermissionsEx claims to support "SuperPerms", you should be able to get it to work with NoCheat, or complain at the developer of PermissionsEx if it doesn't work.
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    @Evenprime do you know how to customice the messages in the actions file? I was going to make a custom prefix lol.
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    If you just want to change the prefix for the messages, you can do that in the config.txt now: logging.prefix = "..."

    If you want to change the log messages, just copy the lines with the actions that you want to change from default_actions.txt to actions.txt and change the text to whatever you want there.

    PS: The header of the actions.txt file (the comments at the beginning) are probably wrong. I only noticed recently that I've written the wrong comments there. If you delete actions.txt to get a new one, the comments at the beginning will make more sense. :)

    Version 2.13a
    • some small changes to default config (again)
    • new check "fight.selfhit" to detect/prevent people from hitting themself
    • should work btw. with 1240 and 1337 too, just forgot to change the message at startup, so I label this as 1317

    Why would somebody want to hit himself? Some ideas:

    - It seems to be a prank some people pull off. Call an admin, then hit themself with bare hands (or something else that does almost no damage) and watch the admin go crazy in search for that "hidden" player that is constantly attacking that poor player in front of them.
    - Also, it's good to frame people. Just stand next to somebody and activate that, then yell at them for having PvP hacks and call an admin that will see the "proof" (a player getting hit).
    - Also, it can be used for something more evil which I won't spill the beans about here (yet, maybe after this version of NoCheat becomes more widespread).

    Anyway, there is no legal way to punch yourself in the game, so any player who manages to do that is obviously doing something wrong.

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    Version 2.13b

    • changed when and how player data is discarded by NoCheat, potentially fixing problems when Nocheat is kicking players with a "customcommand"
    Somebody told me he got problems with using NoCheats "customcommand" actions to kick players, namely it sometimes freezing the whole server. Did somebody else experience that? I can't reproduce it. This update is made to, if it really is NoCheat that's responsible for the freeze, avoid that by no longer using playerDisconnect events as a trigger to discard player information. Also, a little bit of thread safety included, yay!

    Now data gets discarded simply if it wasn't used for over a minute, instead of when players leave the server.

    Version 2.13c
    • changed when and how player data is discarded by NoCheat, potentially fixing problems when Nocheat is kicking players with a "customcommand"
    Didn't notice that this broke some time ago. Short story: If you only e.g. log messages for "runfly" check, instead of also cancelling movement, the "runfly/vertical" part may break if players climb up a mountain, giving them insanely high violation levels.

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    Currently working on "godmode" detection/prevention. That's a tough nut to crack, especially because I don't want to break other stuff of Craftbukkit in the process. I found a good and simple method on how to do it today, it just needs a lot of finetuning now. I hope I can release that new feature (which is definitely the first of its kind) in the next few days.
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    Add permissions ex support please sir. I will donate if I have to ;/
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    PermissionsEx recently started to intentionally break the "SuperPerms" standard of handling permissions. So giving somebody e.g. "nocheat.checks" in PermissionsEx doesn't work as expected anymore. You'll have to ask the author of PermissionsEx on how to achieve the standard-conform behaviour again or what workarounds exist.

    The other plugins (GroupManager, bPermissions and PermissionsBukkit) respect the "SuperPerms" standard and handle parent nodes like "nocheat.checks" correctly.
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    Yes, I see.. But there just absolutely no way you will ever make support for it?? The author can't give 2 shits about a random guy asking it to be apart of superperms again.. Please.. I really need it. It works for me.. and I just don't have the time to switch to any other system
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    Afaik using e.g. "nocheat.checks.*" instead of "nocheat.checks" still works in PermissionsEx. So I suggest you try that.

    EDIT: I suggest you just use the "/nocheat permlist playername" command to find out what config of PermissionsEx achieves what you want and then use that. The original behaviour would be that e.g. "nocheat.checks: true" gives a player the permission node "nocheat.checks" and all nodes that start with "nocheat.checks".
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    I personally support evenprimes stance here rugrats even though I'm a permissionsex user. The whole point of superperms is to make permissions plugins transparent for plugin developers. They should be able to lean upon a standard that all permissions plugins support equally instead of having to add workarounds or supporting code for all the different permissions plugins.

    I'm hopeful the change in permissionsex will get reverted when more people move to 1.5.1 and discover things breaking.
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    Version 2.14:

    • new check "timed.godmode": detect/prevent a known 'godmode' hack that gives players invulnerability if they stand still
    • corresponding config and permission updates
    So, finally it's done. I hope I've set the default settings to reasonable values for this. This godmode hack is hard to distinguish from client lag, so the log message explicitely says it is godmode OR lag. It's up to you to decide which it really is. Anyway, even if it is lag and this check thinks it is 'godmode', usually that's a good thing or doesn't have an effect at all (most of the time). It will only have a noticable effect if players are in situation that are dangerous to them, e.g. underwater, on fire, on a cactus, attacked by enemies, ...
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    Would it be possible to fix the workbench item duping glitch?
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    Afaik that doesn't work anymore. Last time I tried I couldn't duplicate items with that method. If you still can do that, please let me know how exactly.
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    Apparently it does, but I don't have a client that can do it. Someone on my server claims he can, and I've seen them with a workbench in the nether, so I'm assuming that's the method.
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    Tried it now on CB 1337. Didn't work for me. Duplicates get produced, but you can't pick them up (anymore).

    Version 2.14a:
    • dead people shouldn't fail the godmode check
    Didn't notice that before, but it seems that dead people look exactly like people using godmode (except for being dead). So if a player wouldn't respawn after dying, the "godmode" check would falsely detect it. This now no longer happens.
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    can you add a autoupdate function to nocheat plugin?
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    It happens, or maybe i downloaded older version idk.
    But srsly, when someone respawns he has lags and it shows, that he is lagging or godmode ?? ;/
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    Look for a plugin called "CraftBukkitUpToDate". That plugin will automatically search and find updates for CraftBukkit and your plugins (including NoCheat) and tell you about it.

    The version of NoCheat gets displayed when the plugin gets loaded by the server. And ,yes that's why the message says "logging or godmode". There isn't a good way to automatically differentiate between the two.

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    20:18:36 [INFO] [NoCheat] This version is for CB #1337. It may break at any time
     and for any other version.
    20:18:36 [INFO] [NoCheat] version [2.14] is enabled.
    Its not the Version 2.14a? and where can i donwload it?
    Its fixed @2.14a?
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    i now, but he don't auto-update like lwc, he only download
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    Evenprime yes, it should be fixed or at least not be that big a problem in 2.14a.

    I won't add an auto-update feature, because some times newer NoCheat versions stop working with older versions of CraftBukkit, which would cause problems.
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