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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    On CB#458 it stops and logs everyone who tries to fly. Even the admins who have * as their permissions and are in the ops.txt [​IMG]
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    21:00:31 [SEVERE] com/nijikokun/bukkit/Permissions/Permissions loading NoCheatPlugin v0.5.9 (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nijikokun/bukkit/Permissions/Permissions

    This fails with Group Manager or with Essentials Plugin which has adopted Group Manager over Permissions... looks like plugin authors either have to choose between the two or create separate forks or something.

    --edit-- I rolled back a bit and perhaps this is untrue - maybe was latest CB version, i dumped back to 453 and having easier time now.
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    Soul Reaper

    I'm using it just fine with group manager
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    Its just logging it and not preventing it for me
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    How were you able to use that build? It's listed as a failed build here
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    I really hate my co-owner sometimes... He said he handled updating bukkit and told me to go update all the plugins. I'll switch to a non failed one after a yell at him and then give you an update. Thanks :)
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    Great plugin! We just updated and we've been noticing alot of players doing roughly 140-160 events within a 61 event period. Does this always mean they are speedhacking? Usually the 3-4 players that the event is popping up for are all happening at the same time; could it be lag or delay?
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    That's my biggest problem currently. I can only count how many events are processed on the server in a given period (which can be heavily influenced by serverside lag), instead of actually counting how many events a player creates in a given time.

    If the event pops up only once per player in a row, it is more likely that lag caused it. If a player triggers this event multiple times in a row (with standard settings that means every 2 seconds), he is likely speedhacking.

    I've now filed a feature request with bukkit that would greatly help me with solving the lag problem. I hope it gets implemented eventually.
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 4:27 PM ---
    Version 0.6:

    - I'm testing a new idea to cut down on false positives in the speedhack check. Events are now counted every second and only if the limits are overstepped three times in a row, a log message is recorded (that should help with servers that regularly stop processing move events to do something else, e.g. "save all").
    - New check "dupebydeath": Explicitly delete all items that are going to be dropped from a players inventory when he dies. This prevents one of the most common item duplication exploits.

    The config file has changed a bit, and with it some standard values. Be sure to have a look at the first post to see the differences.
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    Brilliant, brilliant plugin.
    Thanks a lot. So I could find 2 Speedhackers on my Server :)
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    I love the sound of this plugin, and have been testing it locally on a test server and it works perfectly. I want to push it onto my main server but am I bit concerned about the overhead it may bring.

    My server usually has around 5-15 players varying over the day, its on a VPS so the resources arent all mine to use, therefore if resource usage shoots up and uses my limit of one physical core the server will become laggy for all. Does anyone have any busy server experience with this mod, and if it causes any over head or have a recommend config to keep resources down?

    Many thanks to both the plugin author for making such a needed plugin, and anyone who can offer advice for big server usage.
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    Brilliant plugin. Please keep updating it, since I support it like many others :)
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    Now i just hope there is a way to stop texture cheats. After that the server would be mostly cheat free! Thanks for the plugin.
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    I'm also interested in such data. Anyone who uses the plugin in a productive environment having performance problems?

    Version 0.6.1

    - More/New configuration options - allows you to choose in greater detail what happens in specific situations
    - "dupebydeath" is now a permission, meaning anyone with the permission "nocheat.dupebydeath" will still be able to exploit that bug
    - removed configuration option "moving.logonly", because it is replaced by the more detailed "moving.action.(low,med,high)" option
    - renamed log-levels from "info", "warn", "severe" to "low", "med", "high" to fit other configuration options
    - Speedhack violations can now be treated like moving violations (that is resetting the player to the position where he started)
    - Lots of changes in the background to allow me to implement additional features in a more structured way in future
    - I'm now pretty sure you can use the reload command to restart/replace the plugin without breaking anything, because I moved everything viable from the constructor into the onEnabled() method
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    It can be interesting to look for a beta-optionaly/feature for TP-Back player when speedhack detected for exemple and etc...
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    This is running very nicely on my server running CB440. I have a question though, some of my players have made water elevators but they no longer work because the anti-fly stops it. Is there anyway to allow the event when next to water?

    The elevator is this:
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    I've been getting the severe notification on players who are using beds... also it seems players are able to warp or teleport from bed.. and they can move around although technically still in bed after a teleport... and this seems to be causing nocheat to trigger also.. (which is a good thing, the bed exploits are coming on quickly already). Additionally I haven't checked yet, but I just added craftbook, any idea if the use of elevators will trigger any false positives?
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    Not sure I understood that correctly. The latest version allows you to have players teleported back to where they started if the speedhack check is triggered. In the nocheat.yml config file add "reset" to the three "action" lines of "speedhack":
            low: 30
            med: 45
            high: 60
            low: loglow reset (here)
            med: logmed reset (here)
            high: loghigh reset (and here)
    Technically its a bug in Minecraft. But I'll see if I can get a exception into my plugin that allows players to use that bug without accidentally allowing other stuff that isn't possible in vanilla Minecraft.

    I need to work a bit more on the exception for beds. I believe I set the distance limit from which players are allowed to get into the bed too small (going to bed is basically a teleport over a not-so-short distance). I will just have to increase that limit to fix the problem with players going to bed triggering nocheat. By "teleporting/warping from bed" do you mean the actual server command teleport or the exploit of moving a very long distance in one tick ("clientside teleporting")?

    I don't know if elevators would trigger it. Usually serverside moving and teleporting of players is not captured by my plugin. So it solely depends on how the elevator works. When you find out if it works, please tell me.

    X-Ray is a very difficult problem to tackle. Most admins find out who is using X-Ray by intentionally placing valuable resources close to a player (but underground, of course) and watch him a while to see if he starts to dig straight down to the resources.

    I can think of two real ways to defeat X-Ray, both are not easy to do (and may be impossible to implement as a plugin):

    1. Modify the map: Remove valuable resources from the map and store their location. If a player gets close to the location, place them back to their original position. That's easy to do, but you have to persistently store the location of the valuables somewhere, or they are lost in case of the server shutting down.

    2. Lie to players: Instead of actually changing the map, you just modify all information about the map that is sent to the player and replace e.g. diamond ore with stone. That's more difficult to do (especially to catch and modify all information that is exchanged between server and client) but has less impact on other functionality of the server. Plus, you could only lie to specific players.

    I can't promise I will ever try to implement one of the above. But if you know about another plugin that does at least something similar (e.g. modify the map data sent to the player) and could be of help implementing one of the above, feel free to notify me about it.
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    The "bed bug" being used on my server is a player getting into bed then using a /warp or /tp command after getting in bed... they are then able to float around the map in a laying down position hovering about a half block above the ground, it's pretty wild.
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    Was strolling through the code, and noticed this in the new dupe checking:

    for(int i = 0; i < playerInventory.getSize(); i++) {
    	if(playerInventory.getItem(i).equals(drop)) {
    		i = playerInventory.getSize();

    That's the craziest loop break I've ever seen in my life @_@. Try replacing "i = playerInventory.getSize();" with "break;".
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    i'm using b409
    what version to using for b409?
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    Player using fly hacks can still float above water at normal walk speed.
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    At least going to bed should now no longer trigger a violation.

    There are two reasons for that. 1) the loop was much more elaborate when I first wrote it (until I found the easy way to access and modify the player inventory) and 2) break is the ugly sister of goto (imho). I hate to break the flow of a code block somewhere in the middle. In that case the loop is small enough and probably won't get more complicate in future so I took your advice and put in a break.

    Version 0.5.5 should be able to work with that build, if I am not mistaken.

    I tried to but I can't fix that. At best I could force them to "fly" through the water instead of above it, but that doesn't change that they can move faster than normal swimming. Minecraft has a hard (impossible?) to predict way of determining if a player goes distance x or distance 2x (sometimes even 3x) in one tick. So I have to settle for checking if players don't go further than 2x per tick which is already more than the normal walking speed and much more than the swimming speed. Unless Minecrafts code is changed to be more predictable and limited in player movement, I can't do much more than I do now.

    Version 0.6.2

    - Hidden water ladders work now
    - going into a bed shouldn't trigger a violation anymore

    I had a long workday today, so there are no new features for now. Maybe I'll have a look at the players teleporting out of bed bug/exploit tomorrow.
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    Works amazing....Too amazing.

    For some reason, it triggers when I use my Zombe fly hack. I have given myself the 'nocheat.*' permission, set the .*' for all admins, have my name in the ops.txt, etc. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am using build 493.
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    Have you changed the name of the Permissions "yml" file to the name of the world you are using? I just switched from Permission 2.0 to Permissions 2.5.2 and ran into the same problem. Had to rename my plugins/Permissions/config.yml to plugins/Permissions/world.yml ("world" is, I believe, the standard name if you haven't chosen one explicitly) to get Permissions to work correctly again.
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 1:01 PM ---
    I updated the description in the first post to better reflect the current status of the plugin plus I checked if it works for RC #493 and works with the latest Permissions 2.5.2 (it does, therefore I didn't make a new version for that and just changed the numbers).
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    I have Permissions 2.5.2 and the Permissions/config renamed to world.

    When I start my server, I get no errors and all plugins, including yours, is enabled.
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    Strange. I use this world.yml for testing (its an old example file of Permissions, I only change the "nocheat." permission for the default group for testing, as I am a member of the default group). It works with "nocheat.*", with the explicit e.g. "nocheat.moving" and without the "nocheat." line as expected (giving or not giving rights appropriatly in each case).

    I check for permissions in my plugin with
    Permissions.has(player, "nocheat.moving")
    which is probably the simplest and least error-prone way to do it.

    In the permissions-thread I read that some people could resolve their problems by renaming their world into something else than "world", but I don't know if that really helps.

    You could also try to copy your world.yml directly into your bukkit folder. I'm not sure why but Permissions always creates a file world.yml there and maybe it tries to use that file instead of the file in the plugins/Permissions/ folder as a source.
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    The anti-duping-on-death exploit fix seems to be broken, using the latest version of your mod and CB 493
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    using the latest CB 493 with latest nocheat plugin, tested it with a player, he can still speedhack using cheatengine -

    EDIT: seems to work after a second restart xD
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    Just tested it and it works fine for me. What is written to the console when you load the plugin?There should be a message like "[NoCheatPlugin] version [0.6.2] is enabled with the following checks: ..."). If "dupebydeath" isn't in the list of checks, you haven't enabled it yet. Go to /plugins/NoCheat/config.yml and set the entry "active: dupebydeath:" to "true" (see the first post for how it should look like).

    If that doesn't help, the player either had the Permission "nocheat.dupebydeath" or died in a way that isn't producing a EntityDeathEvent (I've read some time ago that drowning may not trigger that event. I don't know if that is still the case or not).

    What exactly did he use cheatengine for? Afaik it is used to modify applications in memory. What values did he change?
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