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    Sure, that's what the config.txt file is for. You can e.g. set "logging.chatlevel = off" to completely disable messages in chat, or " = false" to completely disable any form of logging (to file, chat and console).
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    awesome thanks so much.
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    Here, have some statistics:

    Version 2.10:
    • new command "/nocheat performance", displays some performance statistics about how much time NoCheat took to handle certain event types
    • minor code cleanup
    You'll get a nice list of (currently 6) different event types that NoCheat listens to, and three numbers each:

    "total": is the total time NoCheat spent handling that event type.
    "relative": is the time NoCheat spent on average per event.
    "events": how many events have been handled by NoCheat.

    And at the end you'll get the sum of the "total" times.

    Statistics are reset if you do a server "/reload".
    Statistics aren't reset if you only do a "/nocheat reload".

    If you don't know, please read about what the difference between "seconds", "milliseconds", "microseconds" and "nanoseconds" is, or you'll get really confused about the displayed data.

    Get it, as usual, here:

    Got problems with players (not) being able to fly after changing worlds? You might want to read this:

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    My Administrator cannot fly, even though I've given all of the permissions for the plugin. We're using Permissions 3x, by the way.
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    There's your problem Permissions 3.x doesn't support SuperPerms. NoCheat requires SuperPerms.
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    NoCheat only supports SuperPerms. (PermissionsEx, PermissionsBukkit etc)
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    Ah, that's a shame. I'm finding it hard to move on to the newer perm plugins since they contain less features.
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    both permissions 2 and permissions 3 are dead projects. most new permissions plugins have importers to make the process easier.
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    I've yet to see a Permissions 3 importer, and the developers never fully explain how to manually setup their own Perm plugin. It's all very annoying, and half don't support multiworld settings or colors. :/
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    @NEREVAR117 no offence, but you honestly havent looked. Both PEX and bPermissions will import p3. They are all well documented with examples. Both support colored prefixes/suffixes. What you wont find however, is someone to do it for you. Ohh both support Multiworld. Im using bPermissions, have 5 worlds, custom prefixes for each one, etc.
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    When I last checked, they did not. I checked both PermisisonsBukkit and bPermisisons... along with another one. I'll look into them again though.
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    This fails for me i give the group the permission node to fly and it doesnt allow them to :/
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    Make sure you have allow_flight set to true in your

    what version of nocheat/bukkit are you using
    what permissions system and version are you using?
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    jailed get automatic kicked, for moving to quickly please the the no cheat plugin activate after few seconds.
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    is work with PermissionsEX?
    and, when the plugin is updated to 1317? or it is functional with 1317 versions of the bucket?
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    It works with 1317, and it works with PermissionsEX

    Got a logo, after over half a year I finally spent 30 seconds to make one. You like? :)

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    Very good!
    plugin can kick players who are in the AFK?
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    hm my mod's can't fly with 2.10 and cb 1332 + essentials 2.6.103 + newest gm.
    I get the log for failed flying, but they have the nocheat.* node
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    Being AFK isnt quite a cheat ;)
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    bad, I would not want to put another plug, hoping this will contain such features. All the same anti afk function should be part of the anti-cheat plugin
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    Try giving them only the "nocheat" node, without the ".*" at the end. That should work.

    As GmK said, that's not a cheat, so I'll not add it to NoCheat. Sorry.
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    i dont think spawm check is working.

    chat.check = true
    chat.spam.check = true
    chat.spam.timeframe = 5
    chat.spam.limit = 5
    chat.spam.actions.0 = spamLog spamCancel

    and i could still spam

    nocheat.admin.chatlog not working for me. i have set in guest and should inherate all the way to owner

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    How do you stop people from spamming like 1000 words what do i need to change in the config?
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    I need more info to help you. E.g. what version of CraftBukkit, what version of NoCheat, did you get any error messages from NoCheat when it started/when you wrote a chat message? Are you OP and do you have a Permissions plugin? Which one, and what permission nodes did you assign to yourself?

    Alternative, please just type the command "nocheat permlist yourname" in the server console ("yourname" should be replaced by your ingame name) and make sure it says " false". If it says "true" instead, then you have messed up your permissions setup.

    Why would you do that? The "admin" is there for a reason, as this node allows people to see log messages of NoCheat in the ingame chat. What possible use can it be to show those messages to everybody?

    The default config does that, but for reference, it should look like this:

    chat.check = true
    chat.spam.check = true
    chat.spam.timeframe = 5
    chat.spam.limit = 5
    chat.spam.actions.0 = spamLog spamCancel
    You should update to the latest version of NoCheat, if you haven't done that already, as one older version had a bug that would prevent this spam protection from working correctly.

    New version 2.11 is now online:

    • Use Bukkits ConsoleCommandSender instead of implementing our own (it's recommended to do it that way, so I do it that way now)
    • Keep some data of players when they logout for a while, in case they come back (to prevent players from intentionally resetting their data by fast logout/login)
    • New check "fight.direction" to identify most "kill-aura"/"force-field" hacks (read below)
    • Option to set a penalty time for failing the "fight.direction" check , during which no further attacks are allowed (read below)
    New version features a "fight.direction" check which will try to identify those hacks that allow players to attack all entities close to them ("forcefield"/"kill-aura" and the like).

    As a little bonus, not only can it prevent the attack from happening, but also deny all following attacks for a specific timeframe (default 0.5 seconds, you can change that). If the player fails the check again during that time, the timer gets reset. This may result in players using one of the above named hacks to be unable to attack anything (even if hitting correctly from time to time), while most normal players will not notice that delay anyway and think it's just the normal game imprecision when one or two of their clicks didn't result in damaging the enemy.

    Overall this should encourage players to aim better and only click when there is a good chance to hit the enemy player, instead of spamming left mouse button while flailing their crosshair wildly across the screen.

    To prevent log spam, with default settings the check will only spew out log messages if players fail the check a lot, because legitimate players will fail that check from time to time too, due to normal lag and the enemy changing location before the attack gets processed by the server.

    This is the first part in a series of checks that will tackle PvP and PvE exploits and hacks. It is also the most complicated of them, so I'm very interested in feedback.

    PS: How is that different from the mxAntiPVPHack plugin? mxAntiPVPHack only checks the speed at which attacks occur to see if there is something suspicious going on. NoCheat checks if the attack itself is plausible, ignoring timing (for now).

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    Will the new NoCheat work with Bukkit 1240? Waiting to update to 1317 as most of my plugins aren't updated and break with with 1317. I'm guessing no but just wondering. Thank you so much for stopping force-field!
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    It should still work with 1240.
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    Awesome! Thank, I'll try it out.
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    I did got errors [​IMG]
    can you help me out?
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    You'll need a newer version of CraftBukkit to run that version of NoCheat. At least CB 1240 is necessary.

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