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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Hey, can you use color codes like "&4" in the "actions.txt" to make custom cool messages?
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    Do you get any error messages on the console while there is lag? Or is it when people do something specific. I never experienced lag and really no part of NoCheat could do that, unless something fails, which would likely spam your console with stack traces of some kind like "Couldn't pass PLAYER_MOVE event to NoCheat: ..."

    Also, which version of NoCheat and which permissions plugins did you use?

    I never tried that. Do you want colored messages for messages in Chat or in the console, or both?

    You'll have to update your CraftBukkit to at least 1185 for that version of NoCheat to work. Please make sure that the server displays "This server is running .... blabla .... -b1185jnks" That very last number starting with b is your craftbukkit version.

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    I was thinking in the chat, but having colors on the console would be cool too.
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    New version 2.09 online:

    I've been working on that for a week now, but you won't see much of that work, as it is almost all code changes and optimizations:
    • Removed NoClip check, as it was broken and I don't want to fix it
    • Removed legacy "itemdupe by drop hack" protection, as it is no longer needed and could be exploited for other kinds of item duplication in combination with specific plugins
    • Modified config.txt - it now includes descriptions from descriptions.txt at the end of the file.
    • big internal improvements, which should result in much better performance and less used memory when players fail checks, especially "chat.spam".
    • Removed Gui config editor, as it didn't survive those modifications. It will be back at some point, probably.

    It will only work with 1240, not with 1185

    Get it as usual here:
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    @Evenprime is there a way to reload your plugin btw without rebooting the server or using full reload haha. Also the new update any cpu fixes or just memory? we been hitting 80+ daily
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    Currently not, but that's what I've had in mind when making these changes. Reloading the NoCheat configuration without /reload will be possible soon.

    It should have a noticable effect on used cpu too, but as I wrote, almost only when players actually fail checks (but then it is very noticable). Especially players failing the "spam" check hundreds of times per second should no longer cause heavy cpu or memory load thanks to the new design.

    @Kane : Well, to be honest, you can already reload the nocheat configuration files while the plugin is running, if you use "nocheat reload" or ingame "/nocheat reload" (ignore that the game claims the command was incorrect, that's a little bug I missed and will fix).

    But I've not tested that too much yet, so it will probably have some unwanted side effects. I didn't want to include that command at all in this version, but somehow it slipped in anyway...

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    Yes, current version of NoCheat does prevent the unlimited distance destruction of blocks that was introduced (by accident, probably) with the creative mode of Minecraft, and seen in that video. It also provides an option to check for blockbreak direction for "instantbreak" blocks too (in creative mode, every block is instantbreak), which renders most of the new "creative" nukers ineffective.

    But in the end, creative mode is pretty much a griefers heaven. Allowing people to break blocks instantly wasn't a good idea, and even if you run a server with whitelist and other means of protection that go beyond NoCheat, you are still wide open to these attacks.
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    Yea I don't have creative enabled by default anyways, but yea, this plugin works really well against hackers!
    This, with LB, WG, HP and, multiworld build permissions makes the server "un-griefable" :D

    If they do repeated hack attempts will it spam peoples screens about the hacking notifications, I bet you implemented a cool-down though.
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    Yes, you can change what gets displayed and how much time should be between two displaying the same message in detail. You can read through to find out how to. Most messages have a default "cooldown" between 5 and 15 seconds, which seems reasonable imho.
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    i look for a solution to forbid the piston item dupe bug (gravel, sand) on slow servers.

    So is it possible to check for the player's item drop more than x in time y?
    30 items in 1 second?
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    I'm not sure if Bukkit throws any type of event in the case of pistons "creating" blocks. Probably this is something that a plugin can't do.

    Version 2.09a:
    • now officially with a "/nocheat reload" command and corresponding permission node to give rights for using it
    • further code cleanup and simplification
    • remove stored data about players when they disconnect
    • removed player interact check for invinite durability hack because bukkit fixed that in 1240
    Another part of my task of cleaning up NoCheats codebase.

    The "InfiniteDurability" check is gone now, as bukkit fixed the problem finally with CB 1240, making it obsolete.
    I now remove any temporary data stored by NoCheat when a player leaves the game.

    The command that I introduced with 2.09 called "/nocheat reload" is now officially working and can be used. It will reload all config.txt and action.txt files from NoCheat and reset all data that gets invalidated by this reload, while keeping other data. Players with the permission "nocheat.admin.reload" can also use that command ingame to do that.

    PS: This version fixes a bug of 2.09. So if you're using 2.09, update asap.

    I'll start using my Twitter account "Evenprime85" for giving information about NoCheat development and when new versions are released, starting today. So if you want to follow that account, you can do that now.

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    Following :D
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    Question on Nocheat.
    How to make so that he kick flyhack?
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    Have permission nodes been fixed?
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    Is there no event if a player take an item from the groud?
    Takes a player x sand within lesser than y second, the admin or player with permission node get an info about the player.

    Today one player was using the bug and created more than 15k sand, to craft sandstone. -> Cheating/Bugusing
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    Does anyone know if this works with P3? I know it doesn't support P3, but does it actually work with it? Because I'd have a hard time moving from P3 considering the plugins that still use it, namely Heroes.
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    CB #1240
    NoCheat v2.09a

    When ever I run the command /nocheat reload it blanks the config file and have to /nocheat reload again to create defaults all over again. Please fix asap.
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    Read to find out how to setup such actions.

    Depends on why you think they are broken. All nodes work as expected, you'll just have to avoid using "xxx.yyy.*" type permission nodes with PermissionsBukkit, as that doesn't really support * nodes. Instead, just use "xxx.yyy" to express "xxx.yyy" and all children of that, which works always.

    Yes, there is an event when players pick up items, but it's not suitable for identifying that duplication bug, because it would also trigger when e.g. people destroy a chest filled with sand and then pick up the sand from the ground. I suggest just preventing the use of "sticky pistons" if you got problems with people duplicationg sand/gravel, until the problem really gets fixed.

    No, Permissions 3.x is ignored by NoCheat, because that doesn't support "SuperPerms".

    Do you get any error messages on the server console when using the command?

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    When I give my group...
    superpermbridge.nocheat.*: true
    It does not allow them to fly.
    When I give my group...
    nocheat.checks.moving.flying: true
    They also can not fly.
    When I give my group...
    nocheat.admin: true
    They still cannot fly.
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    i have the same problem
    only ops can fly
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    Is this distinguishable if a player takes 15k blocks via single items or if he take 15k via 234x64 stacks?
    So there were a different...15.000*1 or 234*64. Or a check if the player has destroyed a chest since z seconds?
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    "superpermbridge" does nothing for NoCheat, as it doesn't use the old nijikun Permissions system.

    Can you try and use the command "/nocheat permlist playername" for one of the players that can't fly despite you setting up the permission node(s) and check if what you get as answer matches what you set in your permissions plugin? That command only does a "player.hasPermission(...)" for all permission nodes that belong to NoCheat.

    If not, then you've made a mistake in setting up your permissions plugin, or you use a version of CB that doesn't fit the NoCheat version (the version numbers at are important).

    Sure, you can do that, but at some point that gets just way too complex and convoluted for the little gain from it. Disabling sticky pistons seems a lot more reasonable and is guaranteed to fix the problem. Alternatively you could try and request a plugin in the appropriate part of the forum that disables sticky piston movement in combination with sand/gravel (there is no real need to have sand/gravel attached to sticky pistons except for item duplication).

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    since 1.7.3 were out i disabled all pistons but my players were very disappointed, a small number of it leave the server. And with 1.8.1 i enabled pistons again (wg blacklist) and now I see a player bugusing

    Since the piston bug I have taken out many items from my goldshop
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    Thank you very much. But I can show an example. To kick it. I have 2 days I can not understand how to do it.

    moving.check = "true"
    moving.runfly.check = "true"
    moving.runfly.walkingspeedlimit = "22"
    moving.runfly.sprintingspeedlimit = "40"
    moving.runfly.jumpheight = "135"
    moving.runfly.checksneaking = "true"
    moving.runfly.sneakingspeedlimit = "14"
    moving.runfly.checkswimming = "true"
    moving.runfly.swimmingspeedlimit = "18"
    moving.runfly.actions.0 = "moveLogLowShort moveCancel"
    moving.runfly.actions.100 = "moveLogMedShort moveCancel"
    moving.runfly.actions.400 = "moveLogHighShort moveCancel"
    moving.runfly.checknofall = "true"
    moving.runfly.nofallmultiplier = "200"
    moving.runfly.nofallactions.0 = "nofallLog nofallDamage"
    moving.runfly.allowlimitedflying = "true"
    moving.runfly.flyingspeedlimitvertical = "100"
    moving.runfly.flyingspeedlimithorizontal = "60"
    moving.runfly.flyingactions.0 = "moveLogLowShort moveCancel"
    moving.runfly.flyingactions.100 = "moveLogMedShort moveCancel"
    moving.runfly.flyingactions.400 = "moveLogHighShort moveCancel"
    moving.morepackets.check = "true"
    moving.morepackets.actions.0 = "morepacketsLow moveCancel"
    moving.morepackets.actions.30 = "morepacketsMed moveCancel"
    moving.morepackets.actions.60 = "morepacketsHigh moveCancel"
    moving.noclip.check = "false"
    moving.noclip.actions.1 = "noclipLog"
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    Perhaps there is a way to check the version of NoCheat? I'm pretty sure I'm on the 2.08~2.09.
    It says it is set to true.
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    If the "/nocheat permlist playername" command says e.g. "nocheat.checks.moving.flying: true" or "nocheat.checks.moving.runfly: true", then NoCheat does respect that value. Which means that if a player still can't fly, it has to be something else. I'd suspect another plugin like "towny" doing the fly detection and prevention.
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    It seems to have started working. Odd. I just did the checks in general instead of admin.
    Thanks for the good support,
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    Easiest way would be to add "kick" to one of the lines, e.g.

    moving.runfly.actions.400 = "moveLogHighShort moveCancel kick"
    but I don't recommend that, because it will kick the player immediatly when he fails that check the first time. And NoCheat isn't perfect and may in some cases falsely detect legitimate behaviour as cheating. So what you really should do, is this:

    1. Open your actions.txt file
    2. Copy-Paste this line into it and save the file
    consolecommand delayedkick 5 0 kick [player]
    That defines a new action called "delayedkick" that only gets executed if a player fails a check more than 5 times within 1 minute.

    3. Add the word "delayedkick" to the action lines where you want the kicking to occur, e.g. at:
    moving.runfly.actions.400 = "moveLogHighShort moveCancel delayedkick"
    That will, when a player fails the runfly check more than 5 times within 1 minute, kick him. (And if you wonder, the numbers 0, 100, 400 aso. at these lines say how hard a player has to fail checks for them to get executed. Higher number -> bigger failing and more likely cheating than lower numbers)

    4. Run the command "/nocheat reload" or do a normal "/reload" or restart your server to make NoCheat use the new configuration.
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