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    Version 0.5.3:

    - Less verbose logging
    - Moving violations (flying, noclip, teleport) may now only be logged instead of preventing the player from doing them (check the configuration section of the first post)
    - New check "airbuild": Prevent players from building blocks in midair. Haven't tested that one yet because I still lack a clientside plugin that allows it for testing, so it is disabled by default. You'll have to enable it in the config file if you want to test it on your server.
    - May work now again with older bukkit versions: I reverted the class constructor back to the "ridiculously long" thing that newer bukkit versions tend to warn about. It doesn't break anything to still have that in newer versions, so I'll stick to that for a while till more people upgrade their bukkit.
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    Not to boost your ego or anything but you rock. If Bukkit gave awards for best plugins I nominate NoCheat. I could see a future tie-in with MCBans - where absolutely positive identifies get autobanned and added to the world ban list.
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    Didn't see that post before:

    I like that idea and it shouldn't be difficult to add that.

    Yeah, currently I'm very generous with the horizontal movement limits. I may as well start working on that now that (almost) all bugs in the flying detection are fixed or mitigated by allowing players a small "illegal" move before logging and/or reacting to it.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 6:17 PM ---
    Version 0.5.4:

    - Implemented option to automatically send log messages to players with the new Permission "nocheat.notify" ingame
    - Tested against recommended build "b53jnks"
    - When loading the plugin you'll get informed about which of the currently 3 different checks are active

    So while implementing this new feature I stumbled upon this: and a thread that encouraged developers to use this new "Recommended Build" as a reference for their developement. Which I hereby start to do.

    PS: Renamed the thread, because now it isn't only about "flying, running, teleporting" anymore.
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    You are a God...
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    He's my son, what does that make me?
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    This plugin still worth using since the 1.3 release?
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    As far as I've seen, Minecraft still doesn't prevent flying and such things itself, so it still has its purpose.

    I didn't want to update the plugin until a stable 1.3 version of bukkit is available. Now I just read that there's a 1.3 Recommended Build which means I'll test and potentially update the plugin (it probably still works for 1.3 in its current form) to fully support that new RB later today.
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    Not work with build 436...
    2011-02-24 13:27:56 [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor
    e.bukkit.nocheat.NoCheatPlugin(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File
    , File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of NoChe
    atPlugin to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
    2011-02-24 13:27:56 [INFO] Hint! It's probably someone called 'Evenprime'
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    That's just a warning. As long as you get a message after that stating that NoCheatPlugin has been enabled, it still works.
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    Ok thanks you :)
    Good plugin ^^
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    Updated to Version 0.5.5
    • Fixed bug that could result in all checks disabled if Permissions 2.0 was not installed
    • Now should also support Permissions 2.1 (however the Permissions plugin itself seems to have bugs, so I'd recommend 2.0)
    • Now adjusted to new Recommended Build #432 - will no longer work for (much) older releases

    Now that the recommended build is a 1.3 Server, this may finally break for 1.2 servers.
    Permissions plugin seems to go through some turmoil currently. The developer gave up on it or something.
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    thanks !! no warning :)
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    So, the known problems regarding invisibility and getting stuck on ledges won't happen if the admin is just logging infractions and not preventing them, correct?
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    Yes. If you only activate the logging, nothing gets changed and therefore everything will behave just like without my plugin.

    However, I've read at some other thread that people going invisible after long distance teleports or marches might be a bug in Minecraft itself. I never experienced that myself (with or without the plugin), so I can't tell if that is true or if it was fixed with MC 1.3.
    --- merged: Feb 24, 2011 8:11 PM ---
    Now that server 1.3 is recommended and seems somewhat stable, I'll start again to work on the moving-check to also detect people who "fly" fast through water or close above the ground, which has been mentioned in this thread.
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    Thank you!
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    Just to refresh this since i've been following it closely.. permissions isn't dead but there is a big push now toward "GroupManager" so much to that the "Essentials" plugin has adopted it internally, however you shouldn't have to worry because the group manager plugin basically "fakes" essentials to be backward compatible... seems it's the new direction though, so might consider looking into what they are doing.. thanks for the 0.5.5 update will get it on asap!
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    Love this plugin, but have one question: Is there currently, or could there possibly be sometime soon, a way to tweak the sensitivity of the flight detection? The problem I'm running into with my test subjects is that some of us are being detected and bounced as flying when we are just jumping. I assume this might be a product of our latency at the time of the jump, as it's not entirely consistent in it's occurrence.

    For now, I've got it set to log the activity and send notifications, but I'd really love to take advantage of the prevention if I can. :)
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    NoCheat seems to think my players lying down in a bed are cheating >_>
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    Never tried the bed, neither in multiplayer or singleplayer. But thanks for the tip. I will look into that.

    Version 0.5.6

    Haven't found the time to do much, but at least something is better than nothing

    - Now you can choose how many minor moving violations in a row a player can have before the plugin logs him/resets him (as a frame of reference, a normal jump consists of 7 events). You may want to tweak that number to adjust it to your needs.
    - Some previously normal violations are now counted as minor (to make the above change more useful)
    - Never actually stated this before in a changelog: if a player has many minor violations in a row (4 times the limit you set), a normal violation gets created, such that you only have to log normal and heavy violations and still be informed about people who try to fly.
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    Yeah, I have a problem with the bed as well.
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    When you go on a bed (at night) the NoCheat reports that as a SpeedHack...
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    I lack a server to actually test this with multiple players. Does it only think the players in the bed are speedhacking or all players while someone lies in the bed? Anyway I'll fix it today, but an answer to that question will help me a lot. [​IMG]
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    can you make it so people die, when they try to cheat.. ?? :D
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    After messing around a bit with the bed, I still can't reproduce the "Speedhack". I only manage to get a normal moving violation (because a player gets teleported into the bed when he right-clicks it at night), which I can easily fix in plugin.

    Are you sure it said "speedhack" and it was the player who went to bed and not the other players that don't sleep? What exactly happens to players that don't sleep while someone else is sleeping? (Can't test that myself, because Minecraft is offline).

    Uploaded v0.5.7:

    - Fix for false positive moving violation when people enter a bed

    Please check if you still have problems with players who go to sleep being reported as cheaters.

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    It shows that someone has a speed hack, but he only does 95.. that something :D he is on ice or somewhere.
    I think they go out of water and then it shows that speedhack thing :D
    what i need to do, to they cant move when they try to speed hack.
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    Just a quick note: People who get a lot of false positives on the speedhack check may want to try craftbukkit build 448 or later

    Changes: "Prevent movement event to be spammed for moving less than a pixel."
    --- merged: Feb 27, 2011 2:58 PM ---
    Version 0.5.8:

    - Now the limits for horizontal movements are much smaller (instead of 0.5, 2.0 and 5.0 they are now 0.05, 0.15 and 5.0 for minor, normal, major violation). This reduces the usefulness of mods that increase the players step size.
    - every player now gets at least 5 freemoves (= minor violations in a row) before he gets logged as a minor violation. This is mostly because minecraft unregularly combines 2 moves in one message - which therefore would cause a false positive.
  28. Alerts when a player gets hit by a monster :p.

    Also, my admins and I were conversing, about the amount of spam you get from notifications and came up with the idea of having the option to send the notifications to the admin channel on CraftIRC. So yeah, can I suggest that you integrate this with CraftIRC, so that admins who have CraftIRC on their server could set this up to send the notifications to the admins channel, rather than Minecraft chat :).
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    Version 0.5.9

    - Reverted back to higher limits for horizontal movement

    Thanks for the feedback. I totally forgot that enemies may "punch" the player around a lot faster than he can walk.
    CraftIRC, is there an existing plugin (preferably with sourcecode) that already does use CraftIRC for such things? Would be easier for me that way.
  30. Not that I know of. But I'm sure if you got in contact with Animosity that he'd help you :).
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    Ok. From what I've seen it shouldn't be too hard to add that without explicitly tying in with CraftIRC. Sending a server command /irc something (or similar) should probably be enough.

    On a different note, I'm currently working as kind of sideproject on one of the item duplication cheats I've been informed about, the one that requires a player to die. I've already found out why it happens, and it shouldn't be hard to fix that one.

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