Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Version 0.5

    - added configuration support
    - choose your log level and destination(s)

    By popular demand, configurable logging. When you start the next time, you'll get a folder "plugins/NoCheat/" with a configuration file and a log file in it. You can use the configuration file currently only to configure logging, but it will be later used to set all kinds of values and stuff.

    For details on what you can set at the configuration file, have a look at the first post (which I'm going to update now).
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    Nathan C

    Are you a god?
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    From my log:

    2011-02-19 01:06:37 [INFO] NoCheatPlugin: [Playername] probably uses a speedhack. He sent 67 events, but only 60 were allowed in the timeframe!

    Says that for most all of my players (real life friends who I know don't cheat). Also, one of my players in particular has been getting stuck while holding shift to look safely over ledges. I have tested this and found that he gets frozen in place and can only move upon deleting NoCheat and performing a /reloadall command.
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    I'm having issues with the permissions node to add exceptions to the hacking prevention. I added the commands to both the players individual permissions (my mods, that is), as well as attached the permissions nodes to their group as a whole.

    Despite this, they aren't acting as "Exceptions" to the no-hacking and they + I can't fly. (Flying is very useful as a server admin!!!!).

    Any known problems with this, or should I send you my permissions config.yml for you to have a look? (if youre willing!!!)

    Appreciate any help I can get.

    - Latros
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    I tend to get a mass of speedhack alerts a second or two after a save-all command is issued.

    random events: (these are soooo close to not being counted)

    He sent 62 events, but only 60 were allowed
    He sent 64 events, but only 60 were allowed

    These are people getting stuck i think.
    He tried to go from:
    -2840.30000,15.00000,1144.39363 to -2840.39799,15.00000,1144.39250
    -635.55241,73.02442,-78.64331 to -635.55188,73.02442,-78.66290

    (please change He to They, not all my users are guys)


    Minor issues, thank you for making this.

    Not sure if this is addressable, but the largest problem I have by far is users going invisible.
    Makes it hard to have pvp on.
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    can you make it automatically kick cheaters?
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    The people in my server can still fly... shouldn't this prevent it?
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    Speedhack limits are now configurable.

    The sneaking to corners is the only problem I haven't been able to perfectly solve yet (damn you, floating point coordinates! *shakesfist*). I also can't reproduce these most of the time, even when building a tower and sneaking around all its corners.
    But I now made a small change to how I determine if the player is standing on coordinate X or X+1 by using my own math.floor method in certain cases, to be a little bit more permissive (the problem is, if I'm to permissive, players are able to fly up walls).

    I tested that again and it still works well for me, in any combination. But you can send me the permissions config.yml anyway. Maybe I'll spot an error in it.

    The first stuck person is also one of those sneaking to a corner cases. I hope I can cut down on these errors with the new version. The second one seems rather random. I guess my plugin expected him to fall down, because he isn't standing directly on a block. But he claimed he can be 0.02442 above the ground at that place. Any chance to find out what was below him/surrounding him at that time?

    Log messages have been slightly changed.

    Depends on how they fly. If they fly thanks to a serverside plugin, that's expected behaviour. If you have given them Permissions via the Permission 2.0 plugin, its also allowed. If you don't have the Permission 2.0 plugin, all OP can fly.

    Version 0.5.1

    - Minor change to ongroundcheck
    - changes to log messages
    - more configuration options (especially speedhack)
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    ME: No action taken, just quietly logging infractions.
    That's even better than what I was thinking, I'm looking forward to this, thanks!
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    Player: Wtf? I can't super speed anymore?
    [MCBans] PLAYER has been banned!
    Server: The No-Cheat plugin has been installed and is assumed working as directed...

    You just made my day.... Hahaha! Perfect Plugin!
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    Mister Tickles

    Does this plugin fix the glitch where users bring their computer clock back then put it back to its original time and then get fast speed?
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    from the first post:

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    Nathan C

    Hmm yep. This makes everyone go invisible after they teleport.

    Removing it fixes that issue.
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    You mean people who cause violations dissappear or people who are explicitly teleporting? I could try something different and instead of canceling the move-event of the offending players just change the target location of the event to where I'd have them teleported. Maybe that works better?
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 11:09 AM ---
    Is there a way to send the player their location information such that their client can update it? I did the whole teleportation to previous location thing just to prevent the player from moving away from his serverside location. Just canceling a move event or redirecting it doesn't do that.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 1:24 PM ---
    Updated to 0.5.2:

    I changed a lot for how moving violations are treated:
    - Instead of cancelling the move event, I change the target and source to the players old position and teleport him there. This may fix invisibility of players
    - Violations come now in 3 categories (minor, normal, heavy). each is logged at a different level (info, warn, severe).
    - Players are now allowed to do one minor violation in a row (to give them a chance at getting out of stuck situations)
    - Players that cause 16 minor violations in a row will automatically cause a normal violation (that's mostly useful for logging, such that you only need to log "warn" or above messages and still get informed about stuck people. Also people who try to fly may end up in that category).
    - moved to new bukkit-version "b52jnks", so it may break for older versions.

    Edit: Forgot to mention: While logging of minor violations is quite verbose (for debugging reasons), logging for normal and heavy violations is very moderate. If there are multiple violations in a row, only the first is logged + when it ends the number of violations.
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    I dont know if 5.2 fixed this but if player jump of somthing the get stuck for no reason ... + your first post say' download 5.1 though it should be 5.2 right?[​IMG]

    (Download: v0.5.1 <----see--- (please delete NoFlyPlugin when upgrading from older versions)
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    You're right, its 0.5.2. Forgot to change that line.

    I've made some changes since 0.5.0 against people getting stuck. v0.5.2 should allow people to "unstuck" themselves in many situations. But if you still get that problem, please give me the coordinates of that incident (it should be logged to the log-file and/or the console) plus any additional info about the surrounding environment and what the player did there, if possible.
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    ok i will.. (could it be lag?)
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    Nathan C

    Love this. Some hackers were on my server and they showed me the hack.....I put the anticheat plugin on and watched them drop to the ground like lead baloons.

    Funny as heck, love this plugin.
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    i cant load the plugin.
    The NoCheatPlugin.jar is in the Plugin folder but there isnt even something like "failed to load nocheat plugin" in the console log.
    I tried "plugin load NoCheatPlugin" and a complete server restart

    edit: ok sry, i might have found the problem:
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    I have found that I am able to get around the NoCheat in one small way... I'm able to successfully use zombe's fly mod in the water, to travel at a high velocity in the water. Otherwise I feel comfortable going production right now with 5.1 (waiting for 5.2 and all this jenkins mess.. half my other plugins are dead on the test build)
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    Ahhhhem. I think my server is trying to tell you something.
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    v0.5.2 of my plugin shouldn't trigger that warning anymore. But thanks for nagging ;)
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    I thought they were just trying to discourage authors from using 'bukkit' in their constructors?
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    No problem, foxie thing! Just thought I'd let you know in case you weren't aware.
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    It's only forbidden to use "net.bukkit.x", "org.bukkit.x" or "com.bukkit.x". "x.y.bukkit" is allowed. The warning just tells plugin developers that they no longer need nor should use (in my case), Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) but instead
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 7:29 PM ---
    I wanted to take a look at that, but I seem to be either blind or stupid, because I can't find a clientside mod that allows that (probably I'm searching for the wrong terms...).

    Anybody know the name of such a mod? Fixing it would be ridicolously easy, but I want to have some way to test if the plugin addition I write really does prevent this.
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    I have also been unable to locate it yet.
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    Just out of curiosity; does it lag (or stress) the server when players user computer-clock cheats? or fly cheats? or any other movement cheats that this plugin tries to stop?

    Or is the only concern security and keeping things "legit"?
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    The computer-clock cheat does stress the server by bombarding it with events of the player. Each movement event of a player needs the server to not only update the players position, but also check it against other players, monsters, the environment and so on. Usually a player sends 10-30 move events per second, with that cheat they can send up to multiple hundred (depending only on how fast their client can send them). In the worst case, when the server can't keep up, its queue will start to fill, the time between receiving a event and processing it increases (lag) and it can even discard events of players if there is no space left in the queue.

    Flying usually doesn't put such additional strain on the server, its the same amount of calculations for the server as legit moves. It's just anoying for certain types of servers.
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    Can you set it up so that for both flyhacks and speedhacks or any other violations, a message is sent to all in-game ops of a certain permission, perhaps - nocheat.notify

    I'm still on 0.5.1 because I haven't made the leap to Jenkins builds yet.. things seem shaky right now with the new CB builds and the list of plugins that are/are not compliant so I'm hanging back on CB339... 0.5.1 still has a lot of players getting stuck while sneaking on edges. Also I posted earlier that with Zombe using the speed settings, can make an effective flat ground or water based high speed run that doesn't flag.

    Keep up the good.. make that great work!

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