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  2. Got it, very insightful and thoroughly explained. Thanks man.
    If only i had some knowledge of java (i skipped that class in uni :p) i would write a plugin to do just that hehe.
    I'll let you know how it worked out :)
    Btw....that means i will manually have to edit these files every time there is an update right ? I mean there is no way that bukkit might overcome this problem in a later version ?
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    Bukkit doesn't really know which plugin uses functions of another plugin. But if it really fixes your problem, you could then ask the developer of CommandHelper to add that line to his plugin.yml file for his future versions.
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    Found some bugs in the latest version.
    When you place ICEBLOCK underneath SOULSAND it creates slower movement, and when you jump it glitches NoCheat, cause massive amounts of severe (mine hit 154 in 3 seconds.)
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    Hey evenprime
    your plugin is awesome man i wouldnt run my server without it , but i finally have a request for you !
    is there any way you can kill the piston dupe bug with NoCheat ? theres a video on youtube about it and if you could add it to yoru plugin it would be greatly appreciated by all admins who use your plug
    Thanks again for the awesome-ness keep it up man :)
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    The players on my server often get a "moving violation" if they die. Often if they died because of falling, but sometimes also on other deads.

    CB 953
    NC 1.7b
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    I couldn't reproduce that. Running over and jumping around on Soulsand that's built on ice works prefectly for me. But I added a little change to the plugin that may have an effect on your problem.

    The bukkit team already promised to look into that/fix it if jeb@mojang doesn't do so. If I'd write an addition to my plugin to fix that (I don't even know if that would be possible for a simple plugin, because there are no "piston events" implemented in bukkit yet, so I wouldn't know where to start), it would likely cause new problems when the fix made by the bukkit team is released.

    For now the best idea is probably to just remove pistons from the game with any plugin like worldguard or similar. There is even a plugin that specifically only removes pistons from the game, but I can't find it atm.

    That should be fixed now. Took me a while to figure out how to handle this best. This problem was mainly caused when player's bodys still moved while they respawn (e.g. falling, floating, being pushed by enemies), and therefore (if the timing is bad) caused one of those move events from their former lives to arrive after they respawned.

    Version 1.07c (for CB 953+)

    • Fixed respawning in case the player's body is still moving while respawning
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    I can confirm that this plugin works splendidly in my multiworld server. Thanks for the everything :D
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    well, is there a way to ban the flying harder? because one of my players can still fly, but he doesn't want to say how :(
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    My players are getting kicked for hacking, or at least that's what it tells them. And some of them are getting kicked constantly, one of them said he was crouch jumping to jump farther and he gets kicked every time and tells him that he was kicked for hacking.

    I have absolutely no other plugins that would cause it to kick my players, but you said this plugin doesn't kick players, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing...

    I'll try removing the plugin and seeing if it still let's him do it.
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    There are only two possible reasons for that. He either has the permission to fly (your Permissions settings have a mistake somewhere in them), or another plugin blocks teleporting. In that case you could try to change the NoCheat configuration of "enforceteleport" to "true" and see if it works.

    The most likely explaination is that you use a NoCheat version that wasn't made for the CraftBukkit version you are using. Please look at the top of the first post to see which plugin version matches your CraftBukkit version and only use that.
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    Just dropping by to say that after using you plugin since ~early March? that it still works great! Keep up the good work!
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    Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but i need to clearify it :)

    Would this customaction
        kickplayer: "/kick [player]"
    Work with this action
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh kickplayer"
    Please tell me if i got it wrong, thanks :)


    I did a little testing and by setting 'kickplayer' on both medium and low, i finally got a result.
    The only problem is that it don't execute the command, instead it pauses the "cancel" part, allowing the user to float around in the air for a few seconds before continueing to cancel. This repeats itself.
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    Can you to fix the bug with pistons ?
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    Speedhack detection doesnt work properly in my server. It kicks out some players all the time and they are not using hacks (slow internet connection might be the reason?)
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    Hi, I have to offer you. There is such a fashion, it is called "X-RAY", most interestingly, this allows you to see almost all of the blocks, and where they are located, so something very strong effect on the game in multiplayer. You can try to close the bandwidth of the mod in your plugin, thank you.

    Official link (X-RAY):
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    Check his Alternative/Complementary plugins spoiler in the description.
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    Try using "kick [player]" instead (without the /). Those commands are treated as if they were entered into the server console.

    jeb@mojang has confirmed that they write a fix for that, and the new Minecraft version 1.7.3 that contains that fix will be released tomorrow (probably).

    The plugin should never kick players from the server (only if you define custom actions like Lykkepillen does). You probably use a version of NoCheat that doesn't fit to your CraftBukkit server version. That can cause various bugs like the builtin Speedhack check of Bukkit (it only checks if a player moves more than 10 blocks in 1 event) to go nuts. Please look at the beginning of the first post to see which version of NoCheat works with which version of CraftBukkit.

    Speedhack check is still a bit wonky due to the changes that came with 953 (it is not as tight as it has been before). I'll see if I can get it up to its previous standards sometime soon. Free-cam can't be fixed, because that's only happening clientside. For the other "features" I'll have to test first. I planned a fix for instant mine (or nuke, as it is called in another hack client), but haven't yet found the time for it. Maybe this weekend.
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    is there a way to let certin users cheat ie use fly mods?
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    Yes. If you have a Permissions-plugin (Permissions, Groupmanager, ...) give the players that should be allowed to fly the permission "nocheat.flying". If you want to allow them to move fast while flying too, you can should them permission "nocheat.moving" instead/in addition, which will just stop them from being checked at all.
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    I'm wondering if there's any way to "turn down" the alerts I receive in the chat?

    I've noticed I get the moving alerts when players do simple things, like teleport somewhere, die and get taken back to spawn, and even lag. So I would rather like to turn down a lot of the spam I have to see and only be notified for example, if a player sends a certain amount of the severe events within a timeframe?

    Sorry if we can already do this, I looked everywhere in the configs but didn't see anything! Just want to make the "false positives" it gives me all the time go away and only tell me when they're actually doing something really severe.. :p
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    Thanks that worked! :)

    Would it be possible to add an option to kick 'floating' players after a period of time? If a user climbs a high cliff, jumps off and enables a fly-mod, the player will stay in the air.

    -Thanks for a great plugin! :)
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    Which versions of NoCheat/Craftbukkit are you using? While the minor false positives are a design problem and can't be fully fixed, the severe teleport false positives should be fixable. Just tell me which versions you are using and if, which plugin handled the teleporting/respawning.

    To answer your orignial question: No, it's currently not (directly) possible to only get informed after x events. You could work around that by defining a custom action
        warning: "[3,false] tell Yourname [player] is doing something bad!"
    in the config file and using "warning" instead of "logXXX" in the relevant parts of the config file. That would message you after 3 such violations by a player. It's a stupid solution, which is why I'm already working on a better system for logging/custom actions and in general categorization of violations for NoCheat 2.0.

    That'd be very difficult, because a player that doesn't move at all doesn't produce any move events.
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    I'm using Bukkit #953, and NC version 1.06. Would updating to 1.07 help any? A lot of the "false positives" are happening when my users go through MultiVerse portals to get to different worlds etc.
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    Yes. In the last version 1.07c I fixed a lot of false positives in combination with teleports/respawning. :)
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    Well couldn't you check a players last point of movement, check X on the map, calculate the distance between Y (player) and X (ground) and see if theres any blocks in between?

    This sounds easy for me, but i'm no developer and i have no idea what it takes to make such checks. But hopefully it can be done! :)
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    The problem is not deciding if a player is in the air (your method would work), but to get the code that would check it executed at some point. Since bukkit plugins (usually) only get to execute their code if there is an event that they listen to, a player that doesn't cause any of those events will be invisible for the plugin. There are of course ways around that to e.g. get the code executed every x seconds instead of waiting for events, but that also makes stuff more complicated.
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    Today I had some idiot use this on my server:

    Created havoc all over the place and I had to restore a map backup , is it possible to block this "nuker" thing? or somehow detect this pikaclient mod and ban the user?
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    It would be possible to detect this "nuker" thing. I've plans to add such a feature to NoCheat in the future (I want to write it in a way that can't be simply bypassed by the mod creators), but that'll happen probably only with NoCheat 2.0 - because it's become difficult to modify NoCheat 1.xx in such a big way without breaking a lot of other stuff unintentionally.

    The only thing I could offer for now is a quick-fix that will detect and prevent most of these "nukers" (e.g. the one in the "NEXUS" client) due to the developers of those mods being pretty lazy when implementing them, leaving various possibilities to detect them. That fix will however only be temporary until the mod developers catch up. I'll see what I can mash together and release a quick-fix sometime later today (central european time).

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