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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    People are getting kicked for speedhacking whenever they use a portal. I fixed it before by giving players nocheat.moving, but really that is what is allowing them to use flyhack, is it not? XD.
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    Thank you so much for this wonderful mod, seriously these kinds of plugins are the most valuable on all of bukkit.

    Edit: Question... is it possible this could be lag?
    "sent 92 move events, but only 22 were allowed. Speedhack?"
    This guy doesn't seem the type to have a speedhack is all.
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    Mike L

    When I launch my server I get about 6 messages stating:
    [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'

    When a fly hacker joins, NC spams the console but does NOT stop them from flying/speed hacking.
    I am running the latest No cheat (1.06) and the latest bukkit (935)
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Edit: I have tried launching the server with ALL other plugins disabled but still get this problem :(
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    Sorry for my inactivity on this thread, I'm currently a bit swamped in (other) work.

    I'm also rewriting NoCheat (almost) from scratch to be able to cater to the needs and suggestions of people here on the forum. I can say as much already:
    It will have "real" multi-world support (like Permissions, but mine will actually work and not be that confusing ;), I promise) . I also plan on replacing the current "hard" checks that check e.g. distance > x => cheater, distance < x = ok, with heuristic based checks, but I'm not sure yet how that will work out.

    Replace "reset" with "cancel" in your config file and it should work.

    If it was only one or two such messages, I'd say it was probably lag.

    For everybody else:

    If you got problems with Nether-Portals, you probably have to update CraftBukkit to something more recent (I suggest going all the way to 935, it seems very stable and supported by almost all plugins).

    If you got problems with players being able to fly without getting stopped from it, you probably use a bad NoCheat+Bukkit combination (try NoCheat 1.05a and CB 860 or NoCheat 1.06 and CB 935 - avoid CB928 at all costs, it's buggy as hell). You can also try activating "enforceteleport" in the config file, which will prevent other plugins from preventing my plugin from preventing people from flying.

    For any other problem try deleting thenocheat.yml config file to get a new file and adapt that to your needs again.
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    Hi, i really like the idea of this plugin but i got a little problem with :(
    I have downloaded the plugin and put it in the plugins folder and deoped my self and set to a default rank. So i ran the server to test it and everytime i use the speedhack the server kicked me out :( same with flying but when i have rejoined the server i was standing on the block from which i used the speedhack or flymod ;( but i would like to change so like in other peoples servers i want the server to set the player to the location from which he used the speedhack but dont know how :( PLEASE help!!!

    Hi, could someone help me because i got the plugin but i dont know how to set it up so that when some one is using a speedhack or a flymod it will set them back to the place from which they use the speedhack because on my server if someone uses the speedhack or flymod they get kicked from the server :( PLEASE help!!

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    Can someone tell me which setting sends a player back to where they were when they are 'Moving too quickly"
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    Mike L

    Thank you so much! working perfectly! Keep up the great work!
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    Ah I figured as much, there was only one message total. Thank you for your reply, and of course for keeping up this valuable plugin!

    Edit: I apologize for asking so many questions, but what does everyone think about a violation like this:

    I am being spammed with these, some worse than others but overall quite a few are hitting my logs. Is it possible this user has a bad connection, or is this proof of a hack? This user has been known to use exploits in the past. I believe from visiting the locations he is hacking (a few locations are unreachable normally - not sure if there is a possibility of error though on exact location...) either way I wanted to ask this community before taking action in case this is a common occurrence with standard settings.

    I am on CB: 680 with the corresponding version (last one, not current) of NoCheat.

    Also, if this is proof of hacking, which hack would it be? Wallhack? Flying?
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    Is there anyway to stop players from glitching throu blocks? like making some lag and then get inside to teleport up.
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    Geoff Winans


    Since 1.04, I've had users able to fly even with NoCheat blocking flying.

    Here's the rough explanation of how they are doing it:

    Jump off of something and then activate fly mode while falling. While "gliding" down, type /kill

    Once they respawn, they can typically freely fly with NoCheat doing nothing. If they run against a building or otherwise touch the ground, NoCheat will wake up again.

    I can try to get a better explanation of how it is done later.
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    These are moving violations, Meaning Flying or Speedhack... I would think moving would be a dead give away. It also depends how many you get from this person, if your getting a spam of it every now and again this means they are trying to speed/fly hack again and again and finding it doesnt work. Ban them if it happens on multiple ocasions, and if on each ocasion your getting more then 3 volations in a row. In other words, that summary means 3 Minor, 2 Average, and 3 Sereous violations(3,2,3) and if your getting numbers above 2 in the 2 x's (3,x,x) then they most likley hacking, (1,0,0) or (2,0,0) i find is usualy lag.
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    Version 1.06a (for CB 935) + Version 1.05b (for CB 860)

    • Potential fix for flying players after respawning

    This should probably fix the problems with flying players. It consists of two changes:

    1.) When a player respawns, always use its respawn location as the basis for moving checks
    2.) Even if a player is very far above ground, reduce his/her height when getting teleported back in case of moving violations (due to an oversight by me this only worked for players < 10 blocks above ground before)

    As you can see I made two new versions with this change, one for CB 935 and one for CB 860, because some people still can't upgrade due to other plugins/bugs keeping them from doing so.
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    where are the permissions?
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    Before updating to the version for 935, my players had no issues using button warps to get around without it spamming violations. It still is stopping flying, but now my admins are spammed:

    How can I tweak my config to not care that they are using teleports? It lets them do it, but the violation comes up, and they always seem to get hurt now when they tp, like they're heads in a block, but its air.

    I'm on CB b950, but this occurs on 935 for me as well. I'm going to remove nocheat until its fixed, its killing my players I think, because when its gone, they don't get hurt on tp.

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    If you are using CB 950, you'll have to deactivate the moving-checks completely - they are pretty much fubared due to the changes introduced in

    You'll get false positives, false negatives, teleports won't work sometimes or kill people...

    I'll look into this, especially because you say it also happens with 935, so it can't (only) be the above problem.

    EDIT: I can't reproduce it in 935 at all, but easily in 950. Are you sure you got that problem also with 935?

    I think I've found all problems with the new CB 950 and fixed them.

    Version 1.7 (for CB 950)

    • Fixed teleporting and other stuff that broke with CB 950
    • Less false positives when jumping/moving around normally
    Version 1.06b (for CB 935) + Version 1.05c (for CB 860)
    • Less false positives when jumping/moving around normally

    I decided to make new versions of the older NoCheat releases with that fix because it was relatively easy to do and people may still be stuck with one of those versions.

    You can find them behind the "Instructions" spoiler in the first thread.

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    Thanks for the quick response, and you are correct, the instances I was seeing in 935 WAS actually a hacker on, its been taken care of :)
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    Nice to hear that :)

    btw. @ all: The 1.07 still works for the now released RB 953.
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    This has caught so many hackers it's not even funny. I have a non-whitelisted server so anyone can join. This plugin has helped a ton :D
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    I just tell them to stop hacking or they'll be banned. They usually either stop or leave.
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    Well I do the same thing and when they ignore me and continue to hack. I just ban them. :p
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    About 8 players logged on my server in total...this is what i find in my log...

    11.06.29 06:18:32 [INFO] NC: Moving summary of last ~5 seconds: player1 total Violations: (5,0,0)
    11.06.29 06:18:44 [INFO] NC: Moving summary of last ~5 seconds: player1 total Violations: (5,0,0)
    11.06.29 06:21:47 [INFO] NC: Moving summary of last ~5 seconds: player1 total Violations: (7,0,0)
    11.06.22 13:32:48 [INFO] NC: Moving summary of last ~5 seconds: player2 total Violations: (6,0,0)
    11.06.22 13:27:00 [INFO] NC: Moving summary of last ~5 seconds: player2 total Violations: (8,0,0)

    2 out of 8 busted.

    Please add a /nanny feature which *slaps* and *kicks* (auto-kicks from server).

    This would make nocheat better.
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    What with this bug?
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    Minecraft 1.7.2 (and therefore bukkit) seem to have many such duplication bugs in combination with pistons. Great, isn't it? Now instead of crashing your server like with 1.7.1 these little contraptions duplicate items.

    So it's very likely that yet another update to 1.7.3 comes out (soon) to fix that. Likely faster than I can find the issue and build a fix for it myself (if that is possible with a plugin).
  25. Somehow your plugin is stopping LogBlock, StarGate and possibly some other plugins from working and causing the server to keep freezing/crashing on #953.

    No errors are shown in the logs, but after removing your plugin everything started working fine :(

    EDIT: Removed EasyRPG - all works fine :p.
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    We're using this plugin with xauth on our server, when we updated to the latest version, the admins couldnt log in ( mods or admins), any idea why this happened?

    sorry if i can't provide any advanced logs, we just didnt get any and had to rollback the plugins
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    During further testing, it seems speed hacking DOES work with zombe mod 4.28.
    Flying does not, but holding shift and running fast.. does. =(
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    the pistons generate massive spamming if players will be moved.

    i use 1.7 do i have to regenerate the config?
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    well, this plugin does its job excellent, except for voxelair.
    voxelair just passes this... people can fly using this method but not using any other method :(
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    Speedhacking with zombe's only works up to a specific speed (according to my testing). It is now more likely to work is a result of the changed handling of move events in 953 (which probably will change again sometime soon because teleports seem to not always work as expected as a result of those changes - even without my plugin). I'll see if I can get the old, stricter behaviour of NoCheat back with the new movement system though. But you may also want to check if (in your config file) you have allowfakesneak: "false" set. That will stop all people who use the standard configuration of speedboost = sneak-key ;)

    Voxelair is a serverside plugin (afaik - never heard of it until now). If it is possible to fly using voxelair then that's a good thing and exactly what I want. To prevent people from flying with voxelair you'll have to configure that accordingly/remove it.

    I haven't tested pistons yet, so it is likely a problem of my plugin an dregenerating the config file will probably not fix it. I'll look into that and the other problems now.

    So, I checked that now. The messages you probably get "xy moved wrongly: Got ... Expected ..." are from Minecraft itself. They are not related to my plugin and removing my plugin won't make them go away. Sorry, but until Notch fixes this you'll likely have to just live with those console messages.

    EDIT: btw. the piston dupe bug will be fixed by Mojang sometime next week (according to jeb).

    I just installed xauth v2.0b3 alongside NoCheat 1.07 on my test server running CB 953 (I used the h2-database system, because I don't have an sql-server), registered my name with the plugin and then logged in. Worked as expected, even if the "teleport location" is in midair or somewhere inside a wall. I'm not sure what you mean by "admins couldn't log in" though, as far as I see the xauth plugin treats all players the same, only Permissions can be used to allow additional commands.

    The only thing I can think of is that your Permissions file may have some tiny error somewhere, and that only gets detected by Permissions plugin when NoCheat tries to get info about a player, and in the following screws up all further requests about Permissions for that player.

    NoCheat does in no way interfere or prevent execution of commands, so I really don't know what else could be the problem.

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    and how about too many items? does it block that too?

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