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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    This works unbelievably perfect for me on multiworld.

    What can't you get working?
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    Can you update it on #928?
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    agreed, needs update. doesn't seem to work now. I get no log or chat messages now
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    Could you please add a permission-node to allow fast running through moving check? Because I want to allow my user to run, but I don't want them to fly or walk though walls.
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    Version 1.05a

    • Fixed leaving vehicles (again)
      That bug just doesn't die. It always creeps back in :/

    This is the last version for RB 860. I thought its probably a good idea to provide that for those that don't want to upgrade to the new RB yet.

    I will release a new version for the new 928 in a few hours.
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    When users use a nether portal (from nether to normal world) nocheat flags it as cheating and takes them back. Meaning they cannot exit the nether.
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    Work is done, time for Q&A:

    It doesn't sound stupid. I think a way to temporarily deactivate it for a player would be useful in many situations. I'll put that on my todo list.

    Should be fixed in Version 1.05a and 1.06

    Permission changes will be recognized almost-instantly. For perfomance reasons I cache the permissions of the players and only check them every 10 seconds, instead of for every move event.

    The flying player could be the result of another plugin blocking my plugin from doing its work. I'll try to add a warning in future versions of my plugin to inform people if something like that happens.

    No, sorry. I have searched but I couldn't find a way to reliably tell that CommandBook gave players such a boost.

    It's ready now

    should be fixed in 1.05a and 1.06

    You can achieve different settings for different worlds by using a Permissions plugin and the multiworld support of that plugin. I'm thinking about adding multiworld support to NoCheat, but currently it's not a priority.


    Due to the way my plugin is written, that is currently impossible. But I plan on rewriting most of it anyway and will support that someday.

    Which version of CraftBukkit and NoCheat were you using? I tried 860 + 1.05, 860 + 1.05a and now 928 + 1.06 and all of these combinations worked as expected with Nether portals.

    Q&A end​
    Version 1.06
    • Adapted moving and speedhack check to RB 928 - this means that they won't work with older CB versions!!
      Seriously, don't use this version with older CraftBukkit versions. It really will not work correctly.
    • Removed bedteleport check
      Supporting that in the new way things are done is something I don't really want to do, as it could easily conflict with what other plugins do.
    • Modified bogusitems check to ignore picking up of items with a stacksize of exactly 0 (to workaround a bug in bukkit)
      A bug I just read about. Pickup-events always claim that the picked up itemstack has a size of 0 (instead of its real size), and therefore bogusitems would've recognized that stack as an "infinite stack" and deleted it.
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    I'm not actually sure if I updated NoCheat, i'll check.
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    Could you or anyone please post a link to the 1.05a version please? I'm not ready to update to CB #928
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    You can find the link for it behind the spoiler "older versions" in the Download section:
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    Should my server use this or AntiXRay?
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    Could this help me out with the Zombes Mod and ore cheat?
    Want to disable that.
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    Is there a similar plugin to this? Anti-flight doesn't seem to work for me. Latest build of this + bukkit.
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    Works just fine with bukkit 928
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    The nocheat.speedhack permission doesn't work... so I've put nocheat.moving instead, while waiting for a fix. =p
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    Reporting some issues:
    1-Poeple can use flyhack to glide.
    2-flyhack/speedhack in water.
    3-block glitching to teleport using lag. break a block go into it with lag and relog.
    anyway to fix those ?:(
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    Is possible to hook NoCheat with CommandBook (for /rocket and /slap commands) ?
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    I've been having a strange problem lately but I'm not sure if its related to this plugin or not, allthough it did seem to start happening after I installed NoCheat.

    Sometimes when a player puts a sign down, breaks the sign and trys to pick it up again the players inv will get flooded with signs, and anyone else who tries to pick the same sign up also get flooded. I thought it was maybe something to do with bogusitems but disabling that doesnt help.

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    I had this bug yesterday, too! First I thought it's a bug of speedsigns, but I see you haven't installed it. After I burned the sign on the ground the problem was solved.
    (Protector is an unpublished plugin from me, but it has nothing to do with blockplacement)
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    It's a bug in Bukkit itself.

    Look in this thread about the RB. Some items can be duped just by dropping them and then picking them up. This is probably what happens with your signs and what can happen with some other items.

    To bad bukkit (probably related to that problem) now also seems to have a bug in the PLAYER_ITEM_PICKUP event that prevents plugins from determining the stacksize of pickedup items. (or the stacks on the ground really have size 0 ?)

    If you are going to downgrade bukkit till this is solved, don't forget to also downgrade NoCheat to the 1.05a version.
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    People can't flyhack but they can speedhack without any notifications or move cancelations.
    Please can you fix this or tell me what im doing wrong.

        filename: "plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log"
        logtofile: "low"
        logtoconsole: "med"
        logtochat: "med"
        logtoirc: "off"
        logtoirctag: "nocheat"
        speedhack: "true"
        moving: "true"
        airbuild: "true"
        bogusitems: "true"
        logmessage: "%1$s sent %2$d move events, but only %3$d were allowed. Speedhack?"
        checkops: "false"
            low: "14"
            med: "15"
            high: "16"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        logmessage: "Moving violation: %1$s from %2$s (%4$.1f, %5$.1f, %6$.1f) to (%7$.1f, %8$.1f, %9$.1f)"
        summarymessage: "Moving summary of last ~%2$d seconds: %1$s total Violations: (%3$d,%4$d,%5$d)"
        allowflying: "false"
        allowfakesneak: "false"
        allowfastswim: "false"
        waterelevators: "false"
        checkops: "false"
        enforceteleport: "false"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        checkops: "false"
            low: "1"
            med: "3"
            high: "10"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
        checkops: "false"
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    @Evenprime Here is a new one like there could even be more.

    Sneak Speed Hacking at normal speeds :p
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    Why would you care about that? It doesn't really give them an advantage.


    I'm trying to edit the messages it gives players when they get far no luck. What source/java file are the messages in?


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    No!!! Please, no!! I haven't been using that mod on Godcraft! :p
    But seriously, it's not really cheating but I could see you wanting to eliminate the possibility of people using it. I don't know if it'd be simple/easy to block though.

    All it is (if the NoCheat guy is interested in trying to fix it) is changing two lines of code in ln.class (MovementInputFromOptions) around line 95:

    moveStrafe = (float)((double)moveStrafe * 0.29999999999999999D);
    moveForward = (float)((double)moveForward * 0.29999999999999999D);


    moveStrafe = (float)((double)moveStrafe * 2.29999999999999999D);
    moveForward = (float)((double)moveForward * 2.29999999999999999D);

    So, I doubt it's able to be blocked b/c it's just walking speed.
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    I would assume if its sending a sneak packet though he could.. I mean the server knows to tell the other player that he is sneaking then I can't see it not being possible.
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    This seriously needs better multiworld support! My players which are only allowed to fly in my creativ world, where cheating is allowed. But if they go there and go back to the survival map they still can fly/speedhack and all.

    Please check and update D:

    Other than that awesome plugin

    Thanks in advance
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    When did you do you permissions right? Last I looked you could set your permissions to allow flying and your other world permissions to denied it.
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    That is true and all, but as soon as a player enters a world where he may use cheats and goes back to one where he may not use cheats, he still will be able to use them.

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