Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Most likely a problem with the config file. At some point I renamed a bunch of options in there to make it easier for me to manage. I strongly suggest renaming your config file to something else to get a new config file, then adapt it that to your needs again.

    I don't know why. I just could confirm that MobArena indeed does prevent the teleporting of players back to the ground (and that I can fix that in the next release of my plugin).

    Sorry about not giving an answer earlier. No, that would not be possible. The noclip prevention isn't a "real" feature of the plugin. Let me elaborate:

    Let's say we have three blocks in a line, A B C, with A and C being Air and B being Stone. The player stands in A and wants to go to C through the wall B.

    Minecraft doesn't allow the player to move from A to B, because B is a wall (you'd get a "moved wrongly" message to the console and the player gets teleported back to A). But Minecraft will allow walking from A to C, as long as it is done in one big step.
    NoCheat prevents players from making steps bigger than ~0.6 blocks. Therefore a player can't make the step A->C through the wall.

    If you take away the ~0.6 blocks per step limit, noclip won't be prevented anymore.

    However, you can allow flying at normal movement speeds with my plugin, and still have the implicit noclip prevention.

    No. I don't take any responsibility for such things. It's the server admins problem to decide if someone gets banned and why, therefore you should talk to that admin about it. You may refer them to this following statement if you think it will help your case.

    I already do my best to predict these pushbacks within my plugin, but Minecraft simply doesn't allow for much accuracy in these cases, therefore this can't really be fixed. There will always be some false positives, but these are then usually labeled as "low" or minor severeness by my plugin.


    CraftBukkit 888 will have a new system for how player_move events and teleports within these events are handled. This means that NoCheat will likely break or behave in a strange way, until I adapt it to the new (probably better) system.
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    Generated a new config and it works fine now. Thanks.
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    Thanks for letting us know this! :)
    Edit: 1000th post lol just realized, dedicated to NO Cheat :D
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    Any chance u can dissable the feature in minecraft that shows mob id's? People on my server use it to find dungeons and caves, its not entirely fair in my opinion.

    Kicking them for using it would be great. Possibly with a counter so if the user turns it on they get a warning, and it counts how many seconds per hour it will tolerate before kicking. eg. UserA has used the F3 Feature for a total of 10 seconds this how = kick, Persists after a kick until the end of the full hour. Eg. 8am till 9pm would be an hour, meaning if he was kicked at 8:45pm, he wouldn't get kicked for violation at 9:01. This would only be to stop server lag.

    This feature would be really handy.
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    Thanks, that makes sense. However, couldn't you check if a player is inside a block, then if so, move him back? I understand that it wouldn't work when just going through small walls, but it would prevent people from going through ground, for example.

    I don't think that's possible, since that's all client-side. The server doesn't know when a user toggles F3 on or off, and can't do anything about it. Sorry.

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    Try using AntiXray - i think thats it also don't letting people see monsters if they are don't really see them :D
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    Is there anyway I can stop people just from using fly but still allowing them to run fast with mods such as zombe mod pack?
    I cant seem to get it to work because fly and run is under "moving"
    Any help would be apreciated.
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    According to your first post, the speedhack flag comes up with glitches involving the system clock. According to Notch's blog, in 1.6 he "* Fixed a system clock change messing up the game speed"

    As such, is there a reason to keep this flag? I've noticed that during lag spikes it goes off, is there any hacks still around that would flag this?

  10. I have a player able to fly on my server with no cheat active. It doesn't even flag any warnings with default settings.

    He goes up and down and runs across the sky.

    While the plugin is giving warnings all the time when players teleport or are just mining.

    CB 860
    1.04c NoCheat
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    Lol posted in the wrong topic :D
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    Like imjake9 said, it isn't possible to know if a player activates F3. I strongly believe AntiXRay also doesn't prevent that, as it just focuses on ore(s). A similar approach as AntiXRay would be possible to prevent it by removing monsters from the game and only adding them back in when a player is close. But that would likely cause all sorts of other problems.

    Currently there is no way to do achieve that. Maybe I'll try to seperate those two checks further to allow this, but I can't promise anything.

    The fix by notch is just a modification of the client. It is possible to just reverse that change to get the old behaviour back. But the number of speedhackers has gone down a lot now that an actual mod is necessary to cheat instead of only changing the system time, so it is probably no longer as important as it was before.

    I've updated those descriptions now to better reflect the current situation.

    Can you type "/nocheat -p playername" into the chat the next time you see him and tell me what that command tells you? And can you look in the nocheat.log file (/plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log) and see if there are any messages about him written in there? It would be really strange that he doesn't produce any logs at all.

    Version 1.05:
    • A little bit better lag-detection and handling in speedhack check
    • Removed workarounds for respawning and using portals in favour of a simpler solution
      I didn't like them at all, mainly because they relied on some stuff being happening in a specific order, and if that wasn't the case, they'd fail and potentially do strange things
    • New option "checkops" for each check, allowing you to enforce that OPs are also checked
      So all out there who don't use Permissions plugin can now decide which checks will observer all players and which will observe only non-OPs (instead of only observing non-OPs)
    • Write nice keywords like [player] into newly generated config files instead of the ugly %1$s stuff
      When defining your own log messages, this much easier to understand and read (probably)
    • Generate a file "descriptions.txt" with lengthy explainations about every option in the config file on startup
      That's new. So I spent some time writing descriptions for all options in the config file, and you'll get them all the next time you start the plugin. The descriptions also contain some tips about what to do and what better not to do.
    • New option "enforceteleport" to override other plugins decisions to cancel NoCheats teleports (ideal for e.g. MobArena)
      This will prevent other plugins from preventing my plugin from teleporting players. E.g. MobArena cancels all teleports of players, and therefore crippled my plugin. But because this overriding of decisions of other plugins is usually not a nice thing to do, you'll have to set this option to "true" yourself
    • The GUI config tool will now display the descriptions for each option as a nice message if you click the "?" button
      For those who don't know, you can double-click the plugin to start a GUI config tool for the config-file. (other OS than windows will probably have to write something like "java -jar NoCheat.jar" to the command line to start it). This GUI has been a bit improved with nice little "?"-Buttons for every option, showing you the info that you can also find in the descriptions.txt file.
    • Always rewrite the config file on startup, removing no longer existing options and adding new options with their default values
      So on startup the plugin will read the config file, then write it again without options that are no longer supported/with new options and their default values.
    • Minor changes to make the transition to post-CB-888 a bit smoother (hopefully).
      Some minor changes to how teleports work. Nothing important.
    So that is quite a list of changes. I hope nothing breaks because of these changes, I tested as much as I could. If you find something that suddenly doesn't work anymore, feel free to make noise to bring it to my attention.
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    Great work with this plugin! and nice profile pick :)
    i have never had any issue with it its was a drop'go i have had this sice CH#725 i thing
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    Would love to see multiword support. Meaning on some maps I block flying and others I dont.
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    I am having the problem of the speedhack check, failing to work after a certian amount of time, almost like it gives up. I have set the speedhack check to "low at 14" and normal players send on average at 11 packets on my server. Although there are the seldom false positives when climbing up cliffs but no-cheat speed hack should not stop working. I have it set this low to detect players using 1.25 speed. The speed hack check works for about 1-2 hours after the server is started then this happens. All other no-cheat checks work still after the speedhack check stop working. I am using CB 860. No-cheat 1.05. Also when I type /nocheat it still shows speedhack check as active after it stops working.
    Along with all these plugins
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    Working fine here on bukkit version 900 players detected and stoped
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    FYI: I'm running NoCheat on a 300+ server with not a single impact on performance.

    Good job :)
  19. He produces some logs, but no more than anyone else, only (1,0,0) and (0,1,0) types.

    -p returns same as all others - NC: ***** has permissions: bogusitems*
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    This plugin works great I'm just wondering what the speedhack and airbuild low med and high values stand for are they the y value that it checks or something else? Also I'm wondering are there any item spawning hacks?
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    I've got players being kicked for "hacking" on respawn running 1.05 on CB build 902. Seem related to their movement from death location to 0x0 (spawn) on the map. But it's much better that the alternative which was 1.04 not letting them go to spawn and trapping players inside their own deathchests. Players lost a lot of items over the last week. :p Keep up the great work.
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    Unless you have explicitly specified via custom actions that players should get kicked, it's not my plugin doing the kicking. CraftBukkit itself has such a check in place that will kick people if they are "moving too fast".

    You can find a file "descriptions.txt" in the NoCheat folder when using the latest version that will explain most of the options and their meaning in detail.

    1,) I started to rewrite parts of the plugin to respect the idea behind the changes of CB #888. While it will probably keep working in its current state anyway, I like the new way of doing things better.

    2,) And I got my hands on a recent version of a seemingly popular griefer client thanks to a kind person willing to share it with me. I haven't tested/analysed it yet, but I expect it to give me some new ideas on how to improve NoCheat.

    3.) Completely unrelated, yet somewhat related: . Apparantly in September 2003 there existed a trojan written in JAVA dubbed "Nocheat.A". Coincidence? [creeper]

    Yes, but still somehow funny.

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    Suggestion (sorry if any of this is stupid, lol): Some sort of command to disable nocheat for a specific player. With this plugin running it seems the people that nocheat is giving warnings about are all playing normally (I've assumed this is because the plugin moves them back). But that makes it hard to determine when somebody really is hacking. So my suggestion is to make some sort of command to make nocheat ignore a player, that way if they then start moving really fast or something you'll know for sure that they were hacking.
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    You can completely turn off NoCheat for a player by giving them the following permissions:
    - nocheat.* (disables them from being checked by the plugin)
    - -nocheat.notify (counters the first permission making it so they don't see the moving violations)
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    I'm using RB860 and NoCheat 1.05, we are having issues with some players not able to use minecarts, when they get to their destination and the cart goes back into a chest (using FalseBook), NoCheat will flag them and warp them back to where they started, 700 blocks or so away. Any thoughts on this? I've had to disable the moving check to stop it.
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    CB 910... plugin is working quite well for me :) Just thought id stop by and say so. No ones flying and its blocking it all well :D
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    Is the permissions modification instant? I don't really use permissions.

    Also on a side-note there was a guy using flyhack yesterday, I'm running v1.05 but he was still somehow able to bypass it. I know it's set to stop flyhack. (and he wasn't OP)
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    Is possible to allow players to be rocketed by CommandBook when anti-fly mod is activated ?
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    Oh no! Do you think you will have the plugin ready for the new system before the next Recommended Build?
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    issue on 1.05 + 860: when a player leave boat, he will be ported back to entryposition. can you please fix this?
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    you should add multiworld compatibility

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