Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    This is exactly what I've been looking for. If you can figure out how to stop the super speed boost from messing with the system clock, this will be absolutely perfect!
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    Thanks for the update. Do you have any idea what the performance hit is of this mod? Does it have to do a lot of calculations?
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    SweetCraft Girl

    I hope an update to auto-exclude ADMIN/OP status is added soon.

    Flying is practically mandatory for GMs as well as my Gnomes that do construction - especially in Nether.

    It is also a great way to watch someone from above combined with /vanish.
    Thank you,

    Sweet! - A Minecraft Community
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    This is so fantastic! People don't realize how much extra load fly/speed/tp adds to a server!!! Plus it's bullshit on legit SMP servers. Still not much in the way of speed detection though; will this be possible? We did some testing and although it stops them when they speed/fly out above terrain, they can still run extra fast on ground.

    Thank you sooo much, you just allowed me to increase my server population a lot by reducing load.
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    It only does floating point additions, subtractions, comparisons and Math.floor()/Math.abs(), which are all really cheap operations, compared to what the server has to do anyway. More precisely the worst case is:

    2 x Math.abs()
    8 x Math.floor()
    <15 x floating point add or sub
    up to 16 calls of world.getBlockAt(x, y, z)
    and a few dozen comparisons like <,>,!=,==

    Performance shouldn't be an issue.
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    Thanks and very sweet :)
  8. If you do start adding speed detection and other forms of anti-hacks you'll want to rename the plugin... But you could become the person known for protecting minecraft against hacks. Is that a good or a bad thing?

    Also, is there a way to not output every single violation with a certain time frame. Like after the first one, only report after all violations have been made... otherwise the server console is spammed with text every time someone decides to try and fly.

    Note: Epic first plugin for bukkit btw.

    Thought I'd say that my biggest request it permissions support. Not sure about how the code works but this was my idea:
    1) Anyone with permission "nofly.allowed' can always fly... no matter what.
    2) Anyone with permission 'nofly. delegate' can call /flight [name] and allow someone else to fly.

    Just an idea.
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    Finally, someone did it!
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    Some Problems here:
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888943401 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 13
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.48219,80.35414,2732.42500
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888943628 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 14
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.48132,80.35414,2732.42500
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888943879 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 15
    2011-02-16 20:42:23 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.48119,80.35414,2732.42500
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888944128 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 16
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.50324,80.35414,2732.44116
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888944377 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 17
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.50224,80.35414,2732.44180
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: At 1297888944684 player J0s3f triggered.                                                                                                                                                                                                Total Violations: 18
    2011-02-16 20:42:24 [INFO] NoFlyPlugin: He went from 2786.49215,80.35414,2732.42                                                                                                                                                                                               500 to 2786.50198,80.35414,2732.44196
    What i did was putting a ladder on a tree, then jumping to reach the ladder and trying to go up!
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    Hero to many, bane of script-kiddies.

    Speaking of that... Can you think of anyway to detect no-clip? This is actually the worst problem afflicting my server right now. Even when trying to run a legit server you still have sneaky no-clippers going underground and pulling out all the goodies to sell on the cheap; like Chinese gold-farmers.
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    Thanks for the picture and log. I could reproduce and fix the bug.

    It already prevents people from physically moving through walls. However, they may still fly around as some kind of ghost and explore what's underground clientside. Like auto-mapping that can't be prevented.

    New Version: 0.3

    Slowly approaching the point where the plugin works as I want it to.

    - as stated above, fixed another ladder-related bug.
    - Speed-Hacking detection (!): Every two seconds the number of move events sent by a player is compared to the expected maximum number of move events during that timeframe (server lags are considered in the calculation to reduce false positives). If something doesn't add up, you'll get a message logged to the server console detailing how far off the expected value was from the real value.
    - Renamed to NoCheatPlugin due to changed scope of the plugin

    EDIT: Sorry, that's it for today. I won't be able to get the Permission stuff right today (its close to midnight for me), so I'll delay that to tomorrow and get some sleep now.
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    Here are two more false positives.
    1. Sneaking out onto a corner and waiting will trigger the plugin and cause the player to become stuck. To reproduce sneak out from a corner as far as possible and wait a few seconds.
    2. Boats when destroyed while sitting in them will trigger the plugin as well. Does not cause the player to be stuck.
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    The new .3 Versions is producing a lot of false positives on my server. Even for myself walking in a straight line on level soil and I'm in the browser client. I would be willing to offer up my server to test on if you need a place; usually 10+ online.
  15. love this plugin <3 no more exploit kids :D
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    This thing has a lot of promise, and I look forward to the day when it's accurate enough that I'll feel good about using it to foil those little jerk kiddies. It'll be nice to not have to tp around and check on them at intervals.
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    throwing this on test now.
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 4:05 AM ---
    The latest version currently does not kick or prevent players from doing this - however it does log the action in the console. 50/50 i guess. I was using a basic speed increase by the clock settings - nothing insane.
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    Phantom Index

    Does this cause problems with MagicCarpet?
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    @Evenprime , How well is the logging done at this time? There anyways to quickly locate comment offenders or will it just be spam in the log? I have yet had a chance to try it yet.

    Thanks :)
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    Wouldn't that be something of a teleport then? I guess if they aren't exceeding the run speed it wouldn't be detected that way. I wounder if you couldn't check for more than two consecutive blocks directly above the block the player is "standing" on?
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    Nathan C

    Yeh, nice. It detects my speedhack. Now just make a config, where I can ban the player after a number of times they speedhack.
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    Options please,

    exclude users
    adjust detection settings/thresholds.

    I seem to be getting a lot of speedhack false positives.

    Issues with getting stuck sneaking and building, such as over a ledge or bridge.
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    That server side mod sucks up a lot of memory and is poorly designed and implemented which is why I don't use it. Its also very slow. To keep tabs on ppl and to remain unseen using vanish its easier to use the client side mod.
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    Didn't know sneaking to the edge of a block was possible in Minecraft. I relied on people being unable to hit that fine line between the actual end of the block and where I drew the line (this strip was only 0.000001 units wide in the last version of the plugin, so I felt pretty save about that). I've now completely rewritten how it is determined if a player stands on a block or should be falling down next to it with that in mind. The new code should finally capture all such corner cases.

    I have a strong idea about why it was triggered when destroying a boat and made a small change. However, I haven't tested that one yet.

    @Goblox: Hm, I'll have to have a look at the browser client, maybe there are differences to the standalone client. Walking in a straight line like that should definitely not cause false positives at all.

    Anyway Version 0.3.5

    - Revamped "onGround" detection. It looks uglier but should be as fast as before (potentially faster, because I use a different command to get the block id from the world) and the sneak to a ledge and get stuck should be fixed now for good.
    - OPs are now no longer filtered. I use the builtin player.isOP() command to find out if so. is OP. This is just a workaround till I get some real Permissions support.
    - potential fix for false positives while leaving vehicles

    I decided to postpone the Permissions support to first release a fix for the "sneak and get stuck" bug. I'd rather have people using my plugin and giving error reports (thanks btw. to all who did that!) now and therefore getting such serious bugs out was more important to me.
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 4:32 PM ---
    Sorry, seems I reintroduced the old "half-blocks" are not considered solid ground bug during my modifications. Will fix it now. (just that you are warned)
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    No more false positives on speed but lots and lots of people getting stuck on apparently fly violations.
    Sneaking on steps (53) is reproducible (not sure if they need to be above the ground or not - possibly so.)

    Seems like Stone Slabs also cause problems. I saw someone get stuck walking from 1 block, to stone slab (44) to 1 block. The transition looked like this (XxX). I've rolled back to NoFly .25? two versions ago as it appears to be last working version.
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    Read Evenprime's recent post right above you, it's being fixed.
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    I was apparently typing at the same time; although the sneak on (53) bug is still relevant.
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    @Goblox: Both bugs were actually the same bug and should be now fixed for good. The problem is when rewriting the detection of solid ground I forgot that standing on a stair or stone slab is seen as standing IN the block, not on it.

    Version 0.4:

    - Permissions support (finally): Well, it was a lot less painful than I thought to implement. The relevant permissions are "nocheat.speedhack" and "nocheat.moving" . If you have the permissions, you won't be checked against these.
    - As said, fixed the regression with stone-slabs and steps. If you find other stuff that once worked but now doesn't, please tell me.
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 5:27 PM ---
    Can't thank you brave souls enough for testing this plugin in this early state.

    Is there a simple way to have configurable "responses" to violations, working something like the Permissions-plugin that I should know of? Or existing infrastructure for plugin configuration? I'd rather avoid parsing files myself and implementing options to change preferences while the plugin is running, if possible.
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    This is awesome :D as soon as there are some sort of permissions to make it at least ignore OPs I will for sure add this. Flying is just too valuable for admining purposes.
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    worldedit jumpto has worked fine for me since .2.5 - that's all I use (bound to G15 Macro).

    So far so good, evenprime. have quite a few people braving the MC.Net outage and haven't heard any bad reports / haven't seen a false positive yet.
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    I will test 0.4 but in 0.3 if you get ejected out of or destroy mine cart you tend to get trapped in the ground.

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