Inactive [SEC/MISC] Vanilla v0.2 - Disable /pl and /ver, hide plugins from list [1.1-R6, 1.1-R7, 1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Vanilla - Config options to hide plugins from the plugin list and disable the version and plugin list commands
    Version: v0.2
    Tested on CB 1.1-R6, CB 1.1-R7, CB 1.2.3-R0.1


    Outdated Information:

    Vanilla is a plugin that can fake servers as vanilla and hide plugins from the plugin list. All of this is configurable (look below).

    • Block use of /pl and /plugins (The plugin list command)
    • Block use of /ver and /version (The version command)
    • Hide plugins from the plugin list
    With this plugin, you can fake a vanilla server by hiding the plugin list & version commands. You can also instead of doing that, hide specific plugins. For example if I want to hide MCBans & BigBrother, griefers would think the server cannot rollback changes and more importantly, they think they cannot get globally banned. Hiding the plugin from the plugin list makes it disappear completely. Even though it doesn't show, it will still function fully. Also, if you hide any plugins, you should probably want to hide Vanilla itself so people(griefers) don't know if you are using it. Also, the console will still be able to use the commands & plugins will not be hidden from it.

    • Nothing right now :)

    Default config:
        hideversioncommand: false
        hiddenplugins: ''
        hideplugincommand: false
    If hideversioncommand is true, the version command cannot be used by anyone. Same with hideplugincommand except it hides the plugin list command. The hiddenplugins option can hide plugins. For example, if I wanted to hide BigBrother, MCBans, and Vanilla, it would look like this:
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother,mcbans,vanilla'
    Each plugin is separated by a comma and is case-insensitive.

    Vanilla.version - Allows player to use the /vanilla command to see the version
    Vanilla.reload - Allows player to reload the configuration

    Download Vanilla

    Source Code

    Version 0.2+

    Version 0.1
    • First release.
  2. Works fine for me on 1597
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    Nah doesn't work, some plugins must be overridding it then if that's the case it needs to update. People can /plugins, /version ect even when in the config it's disabled.
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    Tommy Schmidt

    works fine for me on 1597, too.
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    Are you sure it isn't something like the permissions you're using, or are you using the Bukkit perms? I've yet to check out whether it's still working with CB-1.1-R1 (latest dev) but nothing should've effected it working.
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    This plugin is broken for R5. Will it be updated?
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    It should be a pretty easy update for the author, or anyone willing to contribute, considering about all that needs to be changed is the EventHandler calls.
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    Anyone volunteering? I could probably try if needs be but I'm not exactly brilliant.. :p
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    Uppdate please
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    can we get an update?
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    Vanilla will receive an update & be uploaded to BukkitDev.

    I'm going to recode the plugin & add in the features that were going to be added for 0.2. Since this is a small plugin, the recode will not take long and I'll have a version up by tonight or tomorrow.

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    woot, thanks :D
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    I've fully recoded the plugin and added 0.2's features. I'm going to test it now and release it today/tomorrow.

    I've compiled a development build. I've tested everything except configuration converting. Click here to download it.

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    works perfectly, thank you so much :D

    I have another plugin that needs to be updated but the developer wont reply, do you think you could have a look? Its a plugin to limit the amount of people that can join a group. I have a copy of the .java file if you would like to take a look

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    Where you using an old configuration? If so, did it convert it properly?
    Send me a message with the jar file.
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    I might test this out.
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    Ya, I used the old config file and I'm assuming that it converted because it works perfectly :D thanks for the update
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    Hi! I just installed the latest version and it doesn't work on 1.2.3 beta build. And I can't find a correct format because the new config looks a bit different than the one you display here?
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    The BukkitDev project explains the whole installation and configuration. Vanilla should be working without a problem on 1.2.3.
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    Thank you so much, you are a god! :p
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    idk.. dont work on my server :\
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    Thx soooooo much!
    I have search for this kind of plugin for month! :D
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    Try using other plugins. This one seems not to be supported well anymore. :(
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    Well do you know the plugins that have same features like this?
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    There exists one, but I am sorry I forgot the name of it.
    At the moment I only disable the plugins via removing the permissions for it. Since Bukkit provides permissions for built in stuff like /ver and /plg I do not need this plugin anymore.

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