Inactive [SEC/MISC] Vanilla v0.2 - Disable /pl and /ver, hide plugins from list [1.1-R6, 1.1-R7, 1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Vanilla - Config options to hide plugins from the plugin list and disable the version and plugin list commands
    Version: v0.2
    Tested on CB 1.1-R6, CB 1.1-R7, CB 1.2.3-R0.1


    Outdated Information:

    Vanilla is a plugin that can fake servers as vanilla and hide plugins from the plugin list. All of this is configurable (look below).

    • Block use of /pl and /plugins (The plugin list command)
    • Block use of /ver and /version (The version command)
    • Hide plugins from the plugin list
    With this plugin, you can fake a vanilla server by hiding the plugin list & version commands. You can also instead of doing that, hide specific plugins. For example if I want to hide MCBans & BigBrother, griefers would think the server cannot rollback changes and more importantly, they think they cannot get globally banned. Hiding the plugin from the plugin list makes it disappear completely. Even though it doesn't show, it will still function fully. Also, if you hide any plugins, you should probably want to hide Vanilla itself so people(griefers) don't know if you are using it. Also, the console will still be able to use the commands & plugins will not be hidden from it.

    • Nothing right now :)

    Default config:
        hideversioncommand: false
        hiddenplugins: ''
        hideplugincommand: false
    If hideversioncommand is true, the version command cannot be used by anyone. Same with hideplugincommand except it hides the plugin list command. The hiddenplugins option can hide plugins. For example, if I wanted to hide BigBrother, MCBans, and Vanilla, it would look like this:
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother,mcbans,vanilla'
    Each plugin is separated by a comma and is case-insensitive.

    Vanilla.version - Allows player to use the /vanilla command to see the version
    Vanilla.reload - Allows player to reload the configuration

    Download Vanilla

    Source Code

    Version 0.2+

    Version 0.1
    • First release.
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    City Builder

    For those servers with a lot of plugins, or an ever expanding and or shrinking set of plugins is there a way to just hide all plugins without having to type in each plugin name to the config file, maybe something simple like adding a *.* to hide all plugins?
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    Right in the config:
    hideplugincommand: false
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    How about being able to add "fake" plugins to the list?
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    is it possible to add a command to allow higher ups on a server to see the full plugins list?
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    Since May 16th we been waiting lol

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    Feature Request:
    • Yes, wan't the same! A "vanilla.plugins" permission. So specific groups can see what plugins really installed. (with PluginInfo, i can see all plugins)
    • Plugin-Fakeing: Show plugins, who not installed. Good to give the plugin-list a clean look. (example: hide falsebookcore, falsebookic and then fake the plugin-name Falsebook)
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    I think its already Requestet but i couldnt find where :D
    So: I have some Permissions Groups. Default, Builder, VIP,..and so on till Owner.
    Now i want that the Default Group canĀ“t see the Version and Plugins. But i want that every other Groups can make the commands. Can i do this already or can you implement it? ;)

    Best Greetings
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    Great plugin! keep up adding features if you can! i hate it when my friends join my server and see i have a plugin and go download it to there server... not any more!
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    man can u add a config for msg when use /ver or /plugin?

    example i can config my message, if i use /plugin i get the message for all

    NAME try to see plugins.

    sorry for my bad inglesh
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    Brilliant I'll recommend this to everyone.
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    @niccholaspage Plan on adding this to BukkitDev? Also, update the topic to latest RB? :)
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    Just Perfect! Runs on Bukkit RB 1185 :D
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    Using it right now. Thanks !
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    You could add the option to create an own custom plugin list! Thats displayed when the user is using /pl or /plugins. That would be awesome. So I could just create my own "fake" plugin list :) I really need this.
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    good idea!
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    definitely going to use
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    Thanks for that useful plugin. I'm using it since a couple months now.

    I have one suggestion for it, you could make that OPs could use /pl or add a permission node to be able to use /pl .

    Ty for considering :)
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    Nice plugin!
    Can you add an in-game command for adding the plugins to the no-show list?
    E.G.: /vanilla add <plugin_name,plugin_name2,Plugin_name3...> and also a /vanilla remove and a /vanilla list
    and in-game commands for enabling and disabling the /ver and /pl?
    if you don't, I may just do it myself and send you the update!
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    Can you make it you can use the command but for example a message may sit in placethe plugins block times?

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    Nice job, I don't understand how this would make griefing obsolete, if anyone could explain please...

    Thanks though :D !
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    Agreeing with a few other people here.

    Add an option where OP's can override and still see the plugin list?
    Other than that, I hope it updates. I really wanna see how this works and hopefully ploy evil people into traps. <3
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    Uppdate please
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    Lunar Delta

    It still works fine. Perhaps try testing before you come and beg for updates?
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    Would also very much like a update that has the option for OPs to still look at the plugin list.
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    Would you be able to move this over to BukkitDev soon, as well as implement some new things that've been suggested? I think it'd make my life a bit easier, but thanks for your time!
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    thanks a lot :p
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    Im not using plugin anymore because its outdated , I found an alternative Plugin which can do the same and even display a fake Plugin list.
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