Inactive [SEC/MISC] Vanilla v0.2 - Disable /pl and /ver, hide plugins from list [1.1-R6, 1.1-R7, 1.2.4-R1.0]

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    Vanilla - Config options to hide plugins from the plugin list and disable the version and plugin list commands
    Version: v0.2
    Tested on CB 1.1-R6, CB 1.1-R7, CB 1.2.3-R0.1


    Outdated Information:

    Vanilla is a plugin that can fake servers as vanilla and hide plugins from the plugin list. All of this is configurable (look below).

    • Block use of /pl and /plugins (The plugin list command)
    • Block use of /ver and /version (The version command)
    • Hide plugins from the plugin list
    With this plugin, you can fake a vanilla server by hiding the plugin list & version commands. You can also instead of doing that, hide specific plugins. For example if I want to hide MCBans & BigBrother, griefers would think the server cannot rollback changes and more importantly, they think they cannot get globally banned. Hiding the plugin from the plugin list makes it disappear completely. Even though it doesn't show, it will still function fully. Also, if you hide any plugins, you should probably want to hide Vanilla itself so people(griefers) don't know if you are using it. Also, the console will still be able to use the commands & plugins will not be hidden from it.

    • Nothing right now :)

    Default config:
        hideversioncommand: false
        hiddenplugins: ''
        hideplugincommand: false
    If hideversioncommand is true, the version command cannot be used by anyone. Same with hideplugincommand except it hides the plugin list command. The hiddenplugins option can hide plugins. For example, if I wanted to hide BigBrother, MCBans, and Vanilla, it would look like this:
    hiddenplugins: 'bigbrother,mcbans,vanilla'
    Each plugin is separated by a comma and is case-insensitive.

    Vanilla.version - Allows player to use the /vanilla command to see the version
    Vanilla.reload - Allows player to reload the configuration

    Download Vanilla

    Source Code

    Version 0.2+

    Version 0.1
    • First release.
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    Hi there!
    Thanks for this great plugin, I have however one more request:

    a permission node so me and my admins/mods can always see the complete plugin list.
    Due to my server being hosted I cannot access the console.
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    This is in the 0.2 version I have to get around to releasing.
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    Could you also add a config switch to enable the output "You do not have the permissions to use that command?" (I know, this plugin is meant to simulate a Vanilla bukkit, but would be nice as optional feature!)
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    could you please add an option to set /version to a configurable free text. So we could let it return "This Server is running Bukkit"(without version) or something special with the name of the server. Colors would be great to this free text, beacause the original one has.
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    Link not working :(
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    What about a command that has its own permissions node and shows ALL plugins? in the list of plugins red text could mean that the plugin is disabled and shown, orange for disabled and hidden, yellow for enabled and hidden, and green for enabled and shown
    eg: /pluginsv
    and: Vanilla.plugins
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    City Builder

    Wish I had known about this plugin when we first started our server to keep prying eyes out of the plugins list.

    But better late than never, thanks for the plugin.
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    THX for this Plugin :))

    Can you Add /me ?
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    Thank you for this awesome plugin!
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    Can you disable /me ?
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    /me is a vanilla command, so no.
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    Can you Make a New Plugin "AntiMe" :D
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    If you want to simply disable the /plugins, /pl, /version, and /ver, place the following in the bukkit.yml file that's in the same directory as craftbukkit.jar file

        version: []
        ver: []
        plugins: []
        pl: []
        - plugins
        - version
    This plugin is great if you want to hide specific plugins you're running from the /plugins list.
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    hope 0.2 comes out soon. Great plugin!
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    Is the 0.2 code on Github?
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    Yes. I still haven't tested it yet, but once I do (And that will probably be soon with the reopening of my server), the 0.2 version will come out.
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    Terry Tibbs

    Looking forward to 0.2.
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    If I have some time (and that's a big IF) I'd like to do some pull requests for things I'd like to see, would you be alright with that?:)
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    Sure! But while your at that, if you can tell me, how do I even accept pull requests? :p
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    ....I'm not sure I was hoping you could tell me how to do one properly, I've never done it before, I've only uploaded my own projects to Github:cool: I will figure it out though and let you know.

    I think it involves me pushing changes to Github, then you have to look over the changes and accept/deny the lines being changed/added/removed (as a whole). Once you do that, the code I wrote becomes a commit to your source (so version history is saved and can be rolled back if needs be). It sounds really complicated but apparently it's easy; I'll have to go over the docs on github
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    Can you make it so we can hide other commands?
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    Could you add a character like * or something that hides ALL of the plugins. I REALLY could not be bothered listing all of mine.
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    If you read the line under hiddenplugins: '', it says hideplugincommand: false. Go ahead and toggle that to true. Now everything is gone! :)
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    permission node to see plugins ?
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    Not yet. 0.2 will come out with this feature soon.
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    Ahh, Thanks!
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    a really good plugin but can you do that admins or people who have op rights can see the plugins?
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    What would be awesome is if you could type in fake plugins that users could see with /plugins.
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