Inactive [SEC, MECH] Scavenger v1.4.0 - Item Recovery on Death (Permissions, iConomy 4 & 5) [1.1-R4]

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    Scavenger: v1.4.0
    Reliable item recovery on death.

    Latest Download: v1.4.0 (Source)
    Unzip, copy the contents into your "plugins" folder and reload your server.

    Older releases: v1.3.0 (953) v1.2.0 (818) v1.1.0 (740) v1.0.0 (740)

    This gives you your items back directly after you die so there is no need to pick them up again, assuming you have the correct permissions set.

    This is much more stable than NoDrop and other competitors I have seen (no dupe bug, no loss of items on logout during death).

    Permissions Integration:
    Here are the permissions that you should allow for certain actions:
    • scavenger.*
      • Grants permission to use all current and future Scavenger functionality.
    • scavenger.scavenge
      • Grants permission to recover items on death.
      • If this is not applied to the user or user group, items will drop normally.
      • Prevents any scavenger charges from being applied.
    You can also just use *

    Coming Soon:
    • Ability to configure what is dropped and what is recovered.
    • v1.4.0
      • A charge to restore a player's inventory can now be configured.
      • Supports iConomy 4 and 5.
    • v1.3.0
      • Changed the code to discard duplicate scavenges rather than using the duplicate.
      • The Scavenger notifications can now be disabled.
    • v1.2.0
      • Changed code to use my Bukkit pull request which allows slot-by-slot recovery of items (requires 766+).
    • v1.1.0
      • Added armour restoration and protection against inventory overflow.
    • v1.0.0
      • Initial release.
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    Please add an economy system Like BOSEconomy that you must pay to get yiure items back that would be awesome
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    Thanks, you're my hero =)
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    When I get back from holiday. I'll try and get it done next weekend.
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    I love it!
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    I noticed a small bug with scavenger on our server (860) last night.

    Now scavenger states that it is gathering my items, but when I spawn no items. So I thought maybe I just couldn't see them so I disconnected and rejoined the server and had everything. Now the same thing happened to another admin, but I saw an item in his hand even though on his screen there was nothing in his inventory.

    Maybe this is a bug in Craftbukkit 860 or could be other plugins that I'm using.

    I will post a plugin list upon request.

    Thanks ahead of time,
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    I don't have Permissions and I want this to work for players as well.
    I am not a scripter so I do not know how to change it :(
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    Just add permissions, it's really not a heavy plugin.

    Thanks for the report. Did any errors appear and/or did the "Restored your items" message appear? Also you can try "/scavenger restore" if that happens again to force a restore.

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    Well there are no errors in the console and the "Restored your items" message does come up.

    But here is something odd for you that I didn't notice before, well never tried. If I right click, after spawning with an empty inventory, the item in the selected slot will appear, even though may hands were empty.

    I haven't tried /scavenger restore yet, but I'll jump off a cliff tomorrow to try it.

    Update: I tried to use /scavenger restore, but the server is telling me it's an unknown command. Now I do have permissions installed so I know I would normally have access to it. As of now we only loose our items every so often.

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    Scavenger: v1.3.0

    can you make it work with iConomy :D? like a dead fee
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    If you could find any sort of pattern or console errors, that would be great.
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    So far after a day or two /scavenger now shows up in the /help menu.

    As for loosing items, my users and admins haven't seen any problems, I'll post back if anything.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Hi - I'm running a server, but i totally can't wrap my head around permissions, so I've ditched it altogether and untill now I've not had an issue.
    However this plugin only recovers OP's inventory unless permissions is installed - Is there a possibility of adding a config option for letting non-OP players to recover their inventory?
    *Edit* maybe "everybody:true/false"?

    Is there already an option for this that i missed somehow?

    Thanks for your time
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    Possibly, yeah.
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    Ross Gosling

    Does this work without permissions and if not can you create a version which lets everyone recover their inventory
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    Can't wait :D
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    Sorry I know I am being slow with this. I have been configuring my server for multiworld the past few days. I promise to get to it soon :)
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    having also a problem there's no error that came up in server.log but my player died and all of his items we're gone :(
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    Tell him to relog. They are not gone but there is a Bukkit bug.
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    it's really gone.. even he relog..
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    Without more information, I can't help. Sorry.
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    oh okay.. :( it suddenly vanished after numerous dead..
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    I'm experiencing the same issue as DragonMasterNYC is with CB #863, randomly, not all the time, whenever a player dies it displays that Scavenger picked up the items and gave them back to the player, but the player's inventory seems to be empty. My guess is that it is only empty on the client side and the server has the inventory with all the previous items. This is because even if you die again your inventory might show up, or if you open a chest you can see all your items again, and as DragonMasterNYC said if you click on a slot that should have an item it shows up. So, maybe its an issue with a packet not properly being sent to the client or something like that.
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    Thanks I'm working on a solution.
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    how can i add permissions to that other players on the server can get their items back
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    It is in the first post...
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    i type scavenger.scavenge and it says unknown command
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    SirHedgehog need to learn how to use permissions I am afraid.
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    iConomy support soon? Please.
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    Testing with [953] right now...

    It works!

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