Inactive [SEC, MECH] Scavenger v1.4.0 - Item Recovery on Death (Permissions, iConomy 4 & 5) [1.1-R4]

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    Scavenger: v1.4.0
    Reliable item recovery on death.

    Latest Download: v1.4.0 (Source)
    Unzip, copy the contents into your "plugins" folder and reload your server.

    Older releases: v1.3.0 (953) v1.2.0 (818) v1.1.0 (740) v1.0.0 (740)

    This gives you your items back directly after you die so there is no need to pick them up again, assuming you have the correct permissions set.

    This is much more stable than NoDrop and other competitors I have seen (no dupe bug, no loss of items on logout during death).

    Permissions Integration:
    Here are the permissions that you should allow for certain actions:
    • scavenger.*
      • Grants permission to use all current and future Scavenger functionality.
    • scavenger.scavenge
      • Grants permission to recover items on death.
      • If this is not applied to the user or user group, items will drop normally.
      • Prevents any scavenger charges from being applied.
    You can also just use *

    Coming Soon:
    • Ability to configure what is dropped and what is recovered.
    • v1.4.0
      • A charge to restore a player's inventory can now be configured.
      • Supports iConomy 4 and 5.
    • v1.3.0
      • Changed the code to discard duplicate scavenges rather than using the duplicate.
      • The Scavenger notifications can now be disabled.
    • v1.2.0
      • Changed code to use my Bukkit pull request which allows slot-by-slot recovery of items (requires 766+).
    • v1.1.0
      • Added armour restoration and protection against inventory overflow.
    • v1.0.0
      • Initial release.
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    No error but where are my armors ? :D
    All equiped armor disappear ?
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    It already does that.

    I think it shows it in the console on boot. Not 100% on that.

    You're using 1.2.0 right? 770 isn't supported so maybe it broke something. Are you sure your armour isn't just getting destroyed before you die?

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    I tried leather / iron helmet / goldboots
    And not destroyed... or by the pluging ? they just dissapear, no trace, all other item are recovered.
    I first edited the src to add golden apple consummation, i though it was that, but there i re-tryed with original .jar, i'm removing all my pluging and roll back to 766 to test, I come back :D.

    I removed all plugings, CB to 766
    And yes its the 1.2.0 from you .zip, i'm a begginer in java and bukkit :D, does .setArmorContents(restoration.armour); Work ?
    And what's this ? slot ? i'm tryind to understand your pluging !
    public static final int ARMOUR_MODULUS = 4;
    public static final int ARMOUR_HEAD = 2;
    public static final int ARMOUR_CHEST = 3;
    public static final int ARMOUR_LEGS = 0;
    public static final int ARMOUR_FEET = 1;
    My server.log from the last test.
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.5_02
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-729-g5ee3f0f-b766jnks (MC: 1.5_02)
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Preparing level "minekahest"
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Preparing start region
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] [Permissions] (Phoenix) was Initialized.
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] [Permissions] version [2.7] (Phoenix)  loaded
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] [Scavenger] Started
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] [Scavenger] Attached to Permissions
    2011-05-14 23:24:23 [INFO] Done (0,054s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    2011-05-14 23:24:28 [INFO] Likaos [/] logged in with entity id 138
    2011-05-14 23:24:48 [INFO] Likaos lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    2011-05-14 23:24:48 [INFO] Connection reset
    Still no boots, all equiped armor is lost, i'm OP with the * node in permissions, any idea ?

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    Yes. I just put diamondboots on and killed myself. The boots were restored so I don't know what's happening, sorry.

    That is code from 1.1.0 which I haven't removed yet.
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    ok ... found it, if you /kill you loose your armor.
    all the other kind of death works.
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    Yeah I should have mentioned, /kill uses setHealth(0) which does not fire any Bukkit events. It's a Bukkit bug, not a Scavenger bug.
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    SORRY THANK IT DIDENT work sorry bout the caps it was on and i am not retypeing
    good job with the plugin tho i got it to work aftrer a while
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    I put in a bug report for this and it has been promptly fixed. This should fix /kill with the next recommended build.
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    Is it possible to NOT display that [Scavenger] message every time you die? That's my only suggestion for now. =)
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    would it be possible to recover items only on pvp kill and a normal death the items drop normal (suffocate,fall,mob,explosion,burn,lava,...)?
    would be good with seperate permission-node to keep a complete nodrop for all mods/admins
    selfkill should be excluded from pvp
    for example: .pvp .pve .self .all
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    I downloaded this plugin hoping I'd be able to save myself and items since I died due to the stupid "/k" command being awfully close to "/j" and killed myself. Well, this plugin works well but if you're already dead when you install it, or die by that command it doesn't seem to be able to save you from that. :(
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    If you want golden apple consumption there is a plugin for that called GoldenRevive
    I love this plugin BTW thanks again for keeping it alive :)
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    It's ok i want scavenger with goldenapple (and i did it), not goldenrevive :D.
    I just want it act like a "ZEM" in the mmo "hellbreath", its like a guardian for pvp, no loots.
    Other thing
    With bukkit 790... some problems, my players "die" randomly, its like a /kill, instant death and... i saw the bukkit #785
    Bukkit issue or scavenger ?
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    @SirHedgehog I noticed iConomy (presumably) support in the coming soon section; are you still working on this?

    If not that's cool, but I'd really like to charge a set amount (or percentage) on death for players. If you're not interested in pursuing this I suppose I could rig up something that stacks on top of this plugin.

    Also, you might consider adding the ability to disable/configure the death messages in future releases. Just a thought

    Great job so far btw; works great!
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    Can you make it configurable with a percentage of getting back?
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    Hi folks, I am on holiday at the moment until the 15th June. I'll be around but not making frequent updates other than critical fixes. When I get back I will look through this thread and add the new features.
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    This Plugin is not workin... I get the same error every time I die in game. "Error: Found an existing set of items for you when trying to save your current items"

    Idk What to do. Please help me
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    That error means that you have a previous restore that wasn't applied and then died again. Could you please tell me your Bukkit build and whether logging out and in again fixes it? If it's reproducible under certain circumstances, please let me know those as well.
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    I really like this mod, but I'm looking forward to the update that let's you select which items are kept. I would like the admin group able to keep everything, but normal players on my server to only keep tools and armor.
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    Hey, I know how to repeat this error. It has happened to me a few times. When you die and get healed at the time time, it seems the game thinks you have died, but you go gain health back. So scavenger takes your items, but doesn't give them back. when you die again, you get your empty inventory back, So you lose your items.

    At least that's how I see it. :)
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    @SirHedgehog Just a note, it seems there is a glitch with maps giving the wrong map back... Not sure how maps work exactly, but it seemed worth mentioning :).
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    This will need a bug report filed then, with Bukkit.

    Sorry, I don't quite understand?

    Just to repeat, I am on holiday/vacation until 15th June. I'll pick up the changes when I get back.

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    Can someone confirm that this still works in 818? Thanks


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    well, i wouldn't call it reliable (or i do something horribly wrong) because recently i used the /kill command and Scavenger then said: Gathering your dropped items. nothing more... if i use the /back command, i get where i died but all my items are picked up by Scavenger... so am I doing something horribly wrong or is this plugin not really reliable?
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    Something in 1.6 has broken it under certain circumstances. I am trying to figure out what.
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    From time to timewhen a player dies in the Nether Scavanger has problems to recover the iventory. It said that there already userdata and could not restore those items....
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    People complains about empty inventory's after dying.
    They says the same like Dazzel says, it says an error and doesn't gives the items back.
    It happens sometimes, i could not find the problem when it happens.
    (minecraft 1.6.6 bukkit 818, using Scavenger 1.2.0)
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    I am getting reports of this from my server too. I can't personally reproduce it. I tried /kill, lava, fire, drowning, falling and none produced the bug. I need to know what happened each time it failed, leading up to and including their deaths. I believe this to be a Bukkit bug (with it firing 2 death events) but we'll see.

    In the mean time, I will change the code to discard the duplicate in favour of the original.

    I have changed the code to discard duplicates. Please let me know if it continues to fail. An error will still show but hopefully you won't lose your inventory.

    This has been added in 1.3.0

    Also, if it fails still, try using "/scavenger restore".

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    Yes, it still works with B818.
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    when can we see hopefully see iconomy support for this plugin? :eek:

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