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    LWC v4.1.1 3/1/2012
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Bleeding-edge builds
    [​IMG] Feature requests, Suggestions and Issues
    [​IMG] IRC - Live Chat ( #LWC )
    [​IMG] github
    [​IMG] wiki (not fully up to date yet, sorry!)
    [​IMG] Donate

    Using LWC

    [​IMG] Modules
    Modules are seperate plugins much like LWC but extend LWC in some way, usually by giving extra functionality. While there may be more than already listed here, these modules are ones that are officially supported by LWC and maintained by the same author (Hidendra).

    [​IMG] LWC-Economy 1.30 - [​IMG] Download
    Configuration file: plugins/LWC/iconomy.yml

    LWC-Economy allows players to buy protections with economy money. At the moment, iConomy, BOSEconomy and Essentials are supported (have an Econ plugin that you want supported? PM me!) It can be configured on a per-user and per-group basis. It does not use Register.

    Aside from purchasing, when a user removes a protection, they will also be refunded what they initially paid for the protection.

    Discounts can also be given to each individual group, player, or by default. A discount is defined by giving X amount of protections for Y price, e.g 5 protections for free (0). After getting 5 protections for free, they pay full price again. They cannot get another discount again unless one of the following becomes true: a. an admin manually resets them b. the discounted amount of protections is increases (e.g increasing from 5 to 6 will mean said player gets 1 more for free) or c. the discount price itself changes (which means they will again get 5 protections for the new price.)

    What can be protected?
    • Chests
    • Dispensers
    • Furnaces
    • Doors
    • Signs
    • Trap doors
    • Anything else! Protections can be customized to anything you wish.

    • Plug 'n play! LWC handles all dependency resolution -- you just put LWC.jar in your plugins directory
    • Has reached a level where its routinely safe and stable.
    • Protections can be: Public, Password, and Private (by User and/or Groups)
    • If the block has a persistent inventory (ex. chest), LWC can protect it! (Unless the server owner disabled the protection of a specific block!)
    • Limits of how many protections a user or group can lock
    • Small memory footprint. No flat files.
    • For chests, only 1 side of the chest needs to be protected. The plugin saves space by dynamically linking connected chests as protected
    • Much, much more. This post would be extremely long if I were to post every feature LWC has to offer.


    If your server would benefit more from a version of LWC in your native tongue, or you just want to do it because LWC is awesome, I'm open to allow translations to (almost any) language. Almost all LWC messages are editable.
    Locale files can be UTF-8, but are limited by Minecraft's charset (Latin-1.)

    The current and latest English locale can be found here:

    Currently, the following languages are officially bundled with LWC:
    • German - de - @Dawodo
    • Polish - pl - @Geoning @dudsonowa and @andrewkm
    • French - fr - @Cehel
    • Dutch - nl - @MadZero & @aoa2003
    • Czech - cz - @hofec
    • Swedish - sv - @christley
    • Russian - ru - @IlyaGulya - requires a Cyrillic font mod for the MInecraft client
    • Spanish - es - Raul " @RME " Martinez & David " @DME " Martinez
    • Danish - da - @TCarlsen

    Changelog (open)

    LWC 3.54
    • FIX: Exploit related to Showcase & LWC
    • /lwc admin report has been fixed

    LWC 3.53
    • FIX: All Permission plugins will now work as they should. In SuperPerms, lwc.protect will default to true. if you are using Permissions 2/3/GroupManager/etc, lwc.protect will default to false

    LWC 3.52
    • FIX: Permissions 2/3 stopped working correctly in 3.51

    LWC 3.51
    • lwc.protect has been changed to be default false again in SuperPerms

    LWC 3.50
    • Remove the permission metadata from defined commands so the endless onslaught of "LWC throwing Dave error !" stops

    LWC 3.49
    • FIX: Double console output

    LWC 3.48
    • 3.48 and 4.00 alphas can now be interchanged without receiving errors.
    • FIX: lwc.protect now defaults to true for SuperPerms, so Permissions 2/3 can be used without receiving Dave errors

    LWC 3.47
    • NEW: iConomy 6 support. LWC-Economy does not need to be updated, only LWC.jar

    LWC 3.46
    • FIX: The Redstone event was not being propagated via the new events

    LWC 3.45
    • FIX: plugins/LWC/locale/ (Locale override) could not create new key values such as grass, stone, etc.
    • Feature: The "nospam" mode now hides notices.
    • Feature: Double wooden doors will now also auto open when opening them. They must both be protected.

    LWC 3.44
    • FIX: LWC would not auto reconnect to MySQL after sitting idle for a few hours

    LWC 3.43
    • NEW: Native PermissionsEx (PEX) support
    • NEW: /lwc admin purgebanned can now take -remove as an argument to also remove the removed blocks & item contents (e.g: /lwc admin purgebanned -remove)
    • FIX: An exception would be thrown when using /lwc admin cleanup while using SQLite
    • FIX: A Bukkit bug would throw an exception when a block was pushed above a chest via piston
    • FIX: The /permissions command on PermissionsBukkit 1.2 (not 1.1) was not working correctly.
    • The Polish localization has been updated courtesy of @Geoning

    LWC-Economy 1.30
    • NEW: Native Essentials Econ support
    • NEW: type: has been added to discounts (very latest iconomy.yml) to allow you to revert to the old way of how discounts were given (default: EXACT, old way: TOTAL)
    • NEW: Refunds can now be disabled by making iConomy.refunds false

    LWC 3.42
    • The flag "EXEMPTION" has been added to allow you to exempt flags from commands such as ADMIN PURGE and ADMIN EXPIRE; it prevents the protection from being removed unnecessarily. It can only be activated by LWC admins. Use /cexempt on or the usual /lwc flag exempt on
    • FIX: Some servers were experiencing a freezing issue on startup which is now fixed
    • FIX: Disabled modes were not properly disabled, despite being told the mode was disabled.

    LWC-Economy 1.21
    • FIX: On some servers LWC-Economy would not bootstrap itself into LWC correctly
    • LWC is unaffected, but due to how automatic provisioning works, the binary will be different from the last due it modifying the build number in /lwc admin version

    • FIX: Servers with autoUpdate set to true would find 3.40 would crash all of the time due to a stackoverflow exception.
    • FIX: PermissionsBukkit /permissions command was unusable due to LWC making it load when the server first started, not when it normally would.

    LWC-Economy 1.20
    • LWC-iConomy.jar has now become LWC-Economy.jar -- please update accordingly.
    • BOSEconomy is now supported alongside iConomy. No extra setup is necessary for either!
    • Money paid for protections can now be refunded when you destroy the protection, even if the person who paid (the owner) is offline.
    • Discounts now give out the exact amount of protections for the discounted price. For example, if 'newCharge' is set to 0 and 'amount' is set to 5, a player will be able to create 5 protections for free after it takes effect.

    LWC 3.40
    • Almost all current LWC Module events have been deprecated. They have been replaced with events such as: `onProtectionInteract(LWCProtectionInteractEvent event)`
    • Fixed PermissionsBukkit compatibility: some commands did not work correctly
    • `/lwc admin cleanup` has accelerated to warp 5
    • Servers without any Permissions plugin would find anyone would have LWC Admin access
    • The mode "nospam" has been added to prevent protection creation messages from popping up (e.g "created protection successfully.") Use /cnospam or /lwc mode nospam, which toggles it on and off.
    • Protection history. LWC now logs all protection creations/destructions -- in the future, this may log chest access, but if it happens it will be a separate plugin such as LWC-Economy
    • -remove flags have been added to `/lwc admin expire` and `/lwc admin purge <player>` to remove the associated protection block. For example, if you use `/lwc admin purge -remove Hidendra`, it will remove all protections by Hidendra, and also all of the blocks protected in the world, along with any chest contents.
    • If LWC loses connection to MySQL, LWC will prevent access to chests until the connection is regained. This is to prevent stealing from chests if the connection is somehow lost and cannot be immediately regained.
    • Pistons can no longer destroy protected doors and so on.
    • Multitude of bug fixes and minor corrections
    • Minor optimizations

    • PermissionsBukkit is now officially supported. LWC will still work on builds pre-1000
    • lwc.blockinventory has been renamed to lwc.deny - please take note
    • Fixed a bug where protections would be loaded from any world
    • Fixes to the Danish translation

    • Added core.ignoreExplosions to core.yml to allow an admin to allow creeper explosions / TnT to destroy protections
    • Protections will now keep track of the last time they were interacted with
    • Added the command /lwc admin expire to allow you to expire protections that have not been used in so long. Example: /lwc admin expire 2 weeks
    • Added the command /lwc admin purgebanned to remove protections of every played in banned-players.txt
    • Added the command /lwc admin query to allow raw queries on the physical database
    • Drop transferring could not be disabled, it is now fixed.
    • Various bug fixes

    • Fix "fetch size" error
    • Removed the auto-removal of the very old players table


    • Very important bug fix for those who are using MySQL and prefixes. Prefixes will now work correctly and any issues arisen from MySQL usage should now be resolved
    • Fixed lang-defined block names being used in core.yml - protections instead of the english variant, otherwise all protections are broken.

    • It's not all about me! I've tried my hardest and /lwc credits was the result. It turns out there is a lot more people I am extremely thankful to than can fit on one chat page, so instead it scrolls.
    • Many, many people helped with LWC in vastly different ways and it's impossible to credit every single person accurately, thus I missed a few people.

    This update introduces three more languages: Russian, Spanish, and Dutch.
    • Russian - @IlyaGulya - requires a Cyrillic font mod for the Client
    • Spanish - Raul " @RME " Martinez
    • Spanish - David " @DME " Martinez
    • Dutch - @Tcarlsen

    Chunk corruption workaround
    • Have you ever noticed, when you /cinfo'd something, it said "That air is not registered"? Or when chests randomly stop working? If you get this a lot, you are most likely affected by an issue in Bukkit where chunks will mysteriously report Air (or some other block) for each block in the chunk. Please refer to this bug report on Leaky Bukkit:
    • @morganm graciously found a way to workaround this issue, and it involves forcing every single protection to be cached and some other magical tidbits (without getting too technical.) To enable this, open up plugins/LWC/core.yml and then change bukkitBug656workaround to true. If you don't see it under core:, add it:
          bukkitBug656workaround: true

    • Trap doors are now available as a default protection for any new configurations: they will not automatically add themselves to existing LWC configurations
    • The default value for magnet.yml - perSweep has been changed from 20 to 40
    • The command /lwc debug has been added to test your permissions and show you precisely what you have access to
    • LWC now displays the git commit and Jenkins build ( in version strings (e.g /lwc admin version or /lwc admin report).

    • Translation: Swedish! Thank you @christley!
    • Bug fix for block placement

    • Translation: Czech! Thank you @hofec
    • The default value for core.showMyNotices has been changed to false (does not affect current installs.)
    • Burning furnaces have been fixed
    • Iron doors have been fixed
    • Redstone fix
    • Fixed auto register allowing registrations without having lwc.protect
    • Feature: auto openable Iron Doors. On by default -- iron doors (including double doors) will open (or close) when you click them provided they are both protected and you have access to them. "openAndClose," which closes the door automatically after x seconds (3 by default) is available but currently may not work as expected (works oppositely for doors facing North or South; doors will stay open.)
    • Trap doors (aka hatches) have been added to the default protection list. However, if you have an existing core.yml, and want trap doors, you either need to delete core.yml and restart the server (thus redownloading it) or adding trap_door to protections.blocks, e.g
                  enabled: true
                  autoRegister: off

    • Sign names have been normalized to "Sign" (e.g Wall sign and Sign post are shown as just Sign)
    • Added locale values for "you" and block names (chest, furnace, dispenser, wooden_door, iron_door, and so on.) Custom block names can be defined if you have custom protections.
    • Dutch translation -- thank you to @MadZero and @aoa2003

    • Notices will be shown correctly to admins when showMyNotices is disabled.

    • Limit the amount of queries the Magnet module can use (can be changed with magnet.perSweep, default 20. Delete magnet.yml to auto-regen it). On larger worlds, this was a severe issue
    • magnet.enabled now works correctly

    • MySQL prefix is now working as it should
    • Minor fix with the cache update in 3.02

    • Cache null protections as well, to prevent massive redstone spam

    LWC 3.01

    Thank you so much to the many, many people who provided feedback and suggestions on 3.00.
    This changelog may be incomplete as I probably missed some obscure changes.

    The following languages are now available in LWC:

    Lists support
    • LWC supports the Lists plugin which allows you to create a list for your protections to use. Anyone in this list attached to the protection can access your protection
    • When modifing/creating the protection, use l:ListName or list:ListName, e.g: /cmodify l:Test or /cprivate l:Test

    • is now gone. It has been replaced by multiple .yml files, e.g core.yml, limits.yml, worldguard.yml, and so on.
    • Your old is still automatically converted.

    • The old in-database limits has been fully removed. It is replaced by an on-disk alternative, limits.yml. This very easily allows much more in-depth limits management (e.g only: 5 chests, 2 furnaces, 0 doors)

    Custom protections
    • It is now extremely easy to create your own custom protections, or remove existing ones (core.yml -> protections:). For example, this is how you would make Note Blocks protectable, and allow people to play them (But not change the note!):
                enabled: true
                ignoreLeftClick: true

    • [I hope] final major revision to the LWC Api. New additions will allow other plugins to hook into LWC much more easily and do things that were not possible before. Features can be seamlessly integrated into LWC as if they were in LWC itself.
    • PhysDB.getPrivateAccess is now deprecated -- please use protection.getAccess instead!
    • Protections can be more easily modified utilizing methods in their objects: save() (queued save), saveNow(), remove(), removeCache() (just removes the protection from the cache, not the database), and update() (just updates the cached protection, save()/saveNow() already does this)

    LWC Modules
    • Modules can be thought of as a plugin inside LWC itself -- more or less they will change LWC's behaviour in some way, depending on the module.
    • Very easily implemented by developers: cancel protection registrations, cancel that damn protection message, and way more! More info on the wiki.

    Admin customization
    • There are now a ton of permissions nodes; there is one for each admin command. For example, for every Admin command, you could use: lwc.admin or lwc.admin.*. For just "find" and "forceowner", you could give a group/player the following: lwc.admin.find and lwc.admin.forceowner. Full list on the wiki.
    • Please note that lwc.admin.* only grants all Admin commands; lwc.admin still has a higher authority over the former (e.g, lwc.admin is considered the owner of any protection, while lwc.admin.* is not !!)

    Player customization
    • Like the admin commands, the main LWC commands can now be customized via permissions. lwc.protect still functions the same (all functionality); some examples of new nodes are: lwc.create or lwc.create.* (create anything), lwc.create.private (only be able to create private protections), (/cinfo), lwc.modify (/cmodify), lwc.unlock (/cunlock), and so on. Full list on the wiki.
    • Please note that without lwc.protect, you need to manually assign flags. E.g: lwc.flag.* or / lwc.flag.magnet

    Magnet flag
    • The chest will act as a magnet and suck up nearby items (within a 3 block radius.) This can be very useful for automatic farms (e.g animals or crops.) It is compatible with double chests.
    • Can also specify items that these special chests will not pick up (in magnet.yml)
    • Compatible with Double Chests

    • It is now possible to sell protections with the fully optional LWC-iConomy bridge module. You just throw LWC-iConomy.jar into your plugins folder and then edit iconomy.yml in plugins/LWC/ when it's generated on the next startup!
    • You can also allow players to have a certain amount of protections at a reduced price (or even free) e.g free protections while you have less than 5 (but regular price after that.)

    • LWC now does major caching of protections in memory. Previously, LWC hit the database everytime a protection is opened; now they are routinely stored in cache without a huge hit on memory usage (very minimal.) It can be increased from the default of 10000 if you wish in core.yml (core.cacheSize). More will most likely be cached in the future
    • Access rights are now stored with Protections (for the curious, it uses an OUTER JOIN, so just 1 query.)
    • Protections are precached (as many as possible) when the server is started
    • Lots of bug fixes (mostly miscellaneous.)

    • MySQL prefix can now be configured (if you change it with an existing MySQL install, it will fix that automatically, don't worry!)
    • /cpersist or /lwc mode persist now acts as a toggle for the mode
    • Added the following aliases: /cpersist , /cdroptransfer , /cmagnet , and /cadmin
    • /climits displays your protection limit and how many protections you have protected.
    • Minor changes all around


    • Security bugfix regarding an issue in minecraft itself (thanks sycot)

    • Native German translation! If you wish to use LWC in German, please change "locale" in to de. Many thanks to @Dawodo for doing the translation!
    • /lwc admin cleanup will now show the correct values instead of variable names when outputting results
    • enforce-worldguard-regions is now compatible with WorldGuard 5.x
    • Redstone is now changed again. All set redstone flags are reset. Redstone will obey the deny-redstone config value (which is false by default), meaning if it is set to false, you need to explciitly set the flag to disable redstone (/lwc flag redstone on), and if it is set to true, all doors prevent redstone by default so you need to set the flag to allow redstone.

    • Minor bug fixes

    • By default, redstone WILL NOT open doors (at the moment, it appears dispensers are unaffected, hopefully they will be fixed in CraftBukkit). In order to allow redstone to open your door, you need to issue this: /lwc flag redstone on. Using /lwc flag will show you the available protection flags -- these are "switches", only on/off (only redstone flag exists at the moment)
    • Bug fix: Protections will auto protect themselves again when being placed

    • Official support for RB builds >600 now that I am back home
    [hit max thread length]

    enjoy, gents
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    I'm very new to the game, but I do have a server up and running and I'm using LWC.

    I have a very n00b-esque question. How do I actually make a group of users who can access doors and chests. I've looked quite a few places, and I still have yet to figure it out.

    I want to basically make it so any White Listed play on my server can open and access a few doors and chests around the Spawn area. Do I just add /lwc create private @helljack g:white-list ?
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    Groups are essentially the same as groups for Permissions/Group Manager -- you just use the name of the group you created there.

    However, what you're trying to do sounds like you want to allow anyone to access the doors/chests, but not protect them themselves? You could just do
    (or /lwc create public)
    which makes the protection "public" in the sense that anyone can access and use it, but not themselves protect it.

    as for your example (/lwc create private @helljack g:white-list), if your white list group is named white-list for Permissions, then yes :)
    (also, you can omit @helljack if that's you. The owner (eg. you) is seperate from access limits)

    Thank you cj :D
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    Soo many pages....

    We have been having a problem with people locking doors that aren't on their property or that they have buildrights in a WorldGuard cubiod. Is there any way to prevent this or am I stuck with banning/jailing people?
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    Can anyone help me with something please? Currently using v2.21, and this is spamming my log hardcore. Here's a snipper of the error.

    2011-04-14 14:37:19 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_QUIT to LWC
        at com.griefcraft.listeners.LWCPlayerListener.onPlayerQuit(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.kickPlayer(
        at fr.crazyws.mccrestart.Schedule.restart(
        at Source)
    2011-04-14 14:37:19 [INFO] [HeroChat] [LOCAL] silentknifer has left the channel
    2011-04-14 14:37:19 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_QUIT to LWC
        at com.griefcraft.listeners.LWCPlayerListener.onPlayerQuit(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.kickPlayer(
        at fr.crazyws.mccrestart.Schedule.restart(
        at Source)
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    Most likely because you're on 2.21

    At the moment, no. It will probably be added in 3.x (which is being planned) which will be able to support it much much more easily than it could be right now.
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    I'm using this plugin on my server, but I'd like my users to only have access to /cprivate and not public or passworded protections. Even better would be so they could only set private protections that they could access, and no one else. Are either one of those currently possible? Or do you plan on making them so?

    thanks much.
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    does the /lwc admin limit command work? im useing the err RB600+ build from when you were away becould it works 100% and its error free :D we can lock doors and everything!!!! and remove the door and the lock is gone :D even works well with worldedit/guard. why upgrade something if it ant broken?
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    Great plugin, works like a charm but is there an option to customize the max amount of useable secured chests per group? For instance that the group Citizen can at maximum secure 4 chests.
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    Maybe add a lockpick for like people who aren't admin but are like right next to them? So they can breach locked doors with a command.
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    I love this mod. It gives me everything my community needs/wants and more.

    Keep up the great work!
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    How do you know? What is your lwc configuration? That error is coming from minecraft itself

    at the time it isn't planned, it'd be a neat idea for an addon type plugin, though!

    Yes! :D
    /lwc admin limits 4 g:Citizen
    that is a good point :p the major change between then and now is that redstone is blockable on doors and of course the german translation

    could you post your permissions config? :D

    At the moment it's not possible. In LWC 3.x it will be, though! (which is probably still a good time away, but at least it's being planned). 3.x will be the final branch of LWC.

    Thank you :)
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    Thanks for the reply, would this mean they can only lock 4 doors aswell? Or like 3 doors and 1 chest? How does it go with Region lock? How can I set up my server that only chest protection can be used in certain Regions.
  17. Is/would it be possible to have a setting that would allow public chests to be destroyed by other people, but not private chests? I can imagine running around putting public chests everywhere that no-one else can remove!
    Unless of course public chests are already destructible by anyone?
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    lwc freezes then comes all wrong. 2.30 :/
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    "Freeing SQLite" is what I get for 10 sec whenever I reload the server, it's getting longer and longer with time.

    I see on the previous page that someone gave this link:

    What is it? Is it safe to install ?
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    Hello all! I wanted to know if its possible to add a group to a "private lwc" chest protection / with 8 users. Also is there and easy way to transfer that protection to a new chest just by adding the group?

    Thanks in advance!
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    why does lwc say on /lwc info (click on chest): "This Air is not registered"
    When trying to lock this "air" chest it just wont say anything.

    If i walk to the neighbour chunk it works fine its just bugged in some chunks
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    It is a Minecraft issue, or an issue when Bukkit updated to the latest version. Are you using the latest recommended build ? (677)

    Yes, either when you create it (eg. /cprivate g:group1 g:group2 g:group3), and most likely all 8 groups wont fit, so you'll also need to do this:
    /cmodify g:group1 g:group2 g:group3 g:group??
    (or /lwc -m / /lwc modify)
    As for transferring the protection a different chest -- at the moment it is not, short of using the "persist" modify, e.g:
    /lwc mode persist
    /lwc -m g:group1 g:group2.....
    (click all chests)
    /lwc -m g:group6 g:group7.....
    (click all chests)
    Yes, that build will fix it :). It is simply 2.30 with the fix added.

    At the moment it isnt possible but will be in the future.

    Have you tried the latest recommended build? #677
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    Ok here's my problem...

    I'm using CB 677 and lwc 2.30. I'm using MySQL.
    When I make a new protection on a chest, it says it was successful, but when I view the protection info it says "The chest is not registered"

    LWC is connecting to my SQL server, and populating the lwc schemata with tables... the user has permissions... is MySQL just broken for lwc or what? Its working for all my other MySQL mods...

    Fixed.... something must have gone amiss after I restored from a backup.
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    Hello Hidendra!
    Found a bug in your plugin.

    When breaking a wooden door which is protected it unregisters it. All is good here.
    When using worldedit to remove that door, for example selecting cuboid, and using /replace woodendoor stone, that door stays registered. I can destroy the stone, place a door in that spot and it will still keep its past registration.

    I had 10 doors once, all registered very close together, and wanted an easy way to remove them so i used world edit, but then out of curiosity checked and found that block is still registered...

    Could leave garbage entries in database... you know what i mean
    I dunno if you can fix this or not.
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    2011-04-17 10:37:29 [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to LWC
        at com.griefcraft.sql.PhysDB.loadProtection(
        at com.griefcraft.lwc.LWC.findProtection(
        at com.griefcraft.lwc.LWC.findProtection(
        at com.griefcraft.listeners.LWCBlockListener.onBlockRedstoneChange(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockDoor.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.k(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.h(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockRedstoneTorch.e(
        at net.minecraft.server.Chunk.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.setTypeIdAndData(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.b(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockRedstoneTorch.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.h(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    I use "Bukkit 677" and "LWC 2.3". Can anyone help me?
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    @Rodle26 this is a problem from SpawnMob plugin. not from LWC.
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    I did not see that! Thank you.
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    Yep I'm on 677
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    I love this plugin and it works perfectly on my server thank you.

    I'm just in the process of transferring LWC to MySQL and notice there is no option to configure a table prefix or a table name. Could you please add this as I have several versions of the same server being served from the same database (testing, development and live) for example and this would be a simple but great addition.
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    It's not a bug. It's not something I can fix because another plugin destroyed the block. Actually, you CAN fix it.
    /lwc admin cleanup
    Waloosh, it's fixed ;) (and probably lots of other mishaps)

    Thanks, I have added it to the list :)

    You don't suppose you're getting this error when the server is stopping? if you are, it is normal but will not show up in future versions.

    Well, I'm honestly not sure then in that case. I haven't heard of it happening before, and there's nothing LWC related in the error messages in the first post of the thread you had created, which makes it harder if it really is LWC doing it.
    The only thing I could think of that could be possible is that if you are using MySQL? Does the MySQL server ever go down sporadically for a few minutes?

    Weird indeed then, I haven't really heard of that issue cropping up in the 1.4 builds, only the CB 1.3 builds (where it was a growing problem). Does it only occur when the server has been running for a while? Or is it a permanent bug in some chunks?
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