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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Its at bottom of OP.

    Are you using bukkitperms? We don't support that yet.

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    PermissionsEX. Pretty sure I don't have bukkitperms running at all.

    Just doubled checked. The only plugins related to permissions is what was included in the PermissionsEX binaries.
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    Thanks for the updates phaed! Love this plugin...
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    Had some more time to mess with the plugins. All I'm using now is Pstones and remote toolkit, still nothing happening when I place a block down. =/

    Adding this..

    even removed remote tool kit, still nothing when I place an appropriate block. -_-

    At this point, in case it's something weird, I'll even give you access to the VPS to see if you can't get something out of it.
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    Send me via pm, im interested to know what that is, your not the first person who has this problem.
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    Shot ya a convo.

    Lesson learned guys. Make sure you grab the .zip and use it's config file.

    ..Oops. >>;

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    oops. miss that out.
    thanks alot.
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    You have two 5.5's in your change log.
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    Registered to say fantastic addon one of the best so far keep up the good work.

    We are using it now in place of worldguard
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    Gabriel Crowe

    has anyone else experienced crashes on using /reload ?

    permissions are good, sqlite, very few other plugins.
    1060 build of bukkit, and very unstable. is there something obvious i have missed?
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    Is there a way to disable all of them except the one I want? And why can non-op'd people use things like grief rollback when I never gave them permissions?
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    :-( just upgraded from 4.something to 5, missing the cloaked fields already, it made a fun part of a puzzle :(

    Is there any chance they will return?
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    Hello Gabriel,

    I was haveing the issues with reload on monday with the old version i updated to 5.5 yesterday and every seems to be working fine now.

    using 1060, permissionsbukkit,mysql here no problems so far
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    Change log
    Version 5.5.2
    Version 5.5.1
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    AWWW YEAAAA!!! *plots explody traps everywhere...
    The block limit permissions take this plugin from awesome to first blowjob awesome...
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    Try the new build, let me know if the /reload bug is fixed
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    I cannot seem to make iron doors (330) work as unbreakable

    - 330
    That's what I have for unbreakable in my config but when it's placed it's not registering it in MySQL. It's also not blacklisted anywhere in the config. Is this a limitation of PStones?

    Thanks Phaed!
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    Freaking awesome idea and easy in use, god damn thanks for this plugin :)
    Atlast i can get rid of griefers in a different ways xD
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    Is there a command you can use to see how many of each field type a certain player is up to? That might be helpful with the new limits option to make sure you're initially setting them at a good place as well as helping you monitor a need for increase.
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    If I had to take a guess, and this is a guess only. But I think is will exempt anyone who already has more than any limit you set.
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    That's like being allowed to go 100 miles per hour if you're already going over 55 when they put the sign up. Ok, questionable analogy but you get the point :p
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    Change log
    Version 5.5.3
    • You can now allow groups, e.g: /ps allow g:default g:members. Works with PermissionsBukkit and Permissions 2.x groups.
    • You can now allow teams, e.g: /ps allow t:kol. Works with SimpleTeams (soon to be released)
    • Added: /ps counts [typeid/player] - shows you a list with all players and the count of a specific field type, or shows you the coutns of all fields belonging to a specific player
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    I was taking a nap. The point I was going to make is moot. lol.
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    Ah more good stuff, thanks.

    1) A command to list all the fields that a person has placed (their type, world, and coords), maybe with type/sort options (show me just their glow of life fields, show me all of their fields, etc.). It would have to be paged too of course. I'm comfy querying the SQL but I'm imagining trying to figure out where exactly a specific player has been placing all of their stones if I wasn't.

    2) An option to revert all of the nearby field blocks of a person back to specified block type (like dirt/stone). I use iron/gold/diamond blocks for small/medium/large fields and I wouldn't have to worry about free mats being left behind if I only removed the database entries via /ps delete player. An option to do "all" instead of just "nearby" might be good too if that can work programatically (not sure about chunks that aren't loaded). It also might be nice to be able to do that by field type, in case a person has overused one type and you want to only hit that one.


    EDIT: Oops.

    Possible issue with limits:

    -   title: Glow of Life
        block: 89
        radius: 5
        slow-heal: true
        no-conflict: true
        - 0
        - 50
        - 200
        - 150
        - 200
        - 250
    The guy in question has this node for his group (I only use group-nodes):

            - preciousstones.limit3
    and only 9 Glow of Life fields, but it won't let him place any more. I'm using PEX with a simple interitance rank structure:


    This person is set to level2, which I believe should correspond to a limit of 200 Glow of Life fields. Both a sql query and /ps counts confirm his 9 GoL fields.

    Is this a possible inheritance issue (inheriting 0 from the default rank that I don't want placing any pstones)?

    Halp :D

    EDIT: It's not just GoL fields, so I'm going with my inheritance theory. He only has 2 small protection zones and he can't place any of those either (supposed to be able to place 100).

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    Re-download. I have reversed the order of checking the limits, it will now start from the largest and check its way down. Hopefully this resolves the inheritance issue.
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    Let no one ever claim you are slow on updates or fail to address problems :p

    I'll try it in a bit when I can kick my people off again. Thanks.

    Looks like they can place stones again, thanks. It might be good if people could view (only) their own counts to reduce the number of admin queries on servers with limits as well. I'm envisioning the first question people will ask when you tell them there's a limit is "how many do I have?" and some may keep asking "what am I up to now?" ad nauseum.

    EDIT: And show them the limits for each in the list:

    Field         Count    Max
    Glow of Life    4      10
    EDIT2: Is it PS that's giving people back full blocks of GS instead of dust when they break them with a pickaxe? I like it, just didn't realize that worked.

    EDIT3: Was there ever any update to the problem of creepers behaving really dumb inside protection fields (ie. standing around)?

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    I am following both you and Hawkeye on github. I noticed the p-stone logging in Hawkey. What, if anything do I have do do to enable this? Or wait to next build :)

    Edit: Nevermind I hadnt refreshed my config file. I was looking at the still open old version. :oops:
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    I just downloaded the latest jar link and the zip and both of them launch saying this:
    [INFO] [PreciousStones] version 5.5.2 loaded
    is this just a ver displayupdate error or is this 5.5.2?
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    confirming same issue with 5.5.2 version listed after latest DL of supposed 5.5.3 version and install from both links.
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