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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by phaed, Jan 18, 2011.

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    We currently have a few blocks set up for no-build and a separate block that's just no-PVP. We'd like players to be able to protect their houses with just a few disguised stones, but make it a bit more challenging to prevent PVP. The no-build ones have a fairly large radius while the no-PVP ones are small. There's an issue with overlaps/defaults though... It seems when we place a no-PVP stone within the range of a no-build stone, the no-PVP stone's default allow-build setting (i.e. the no-build flag is left out for this block in the config) overrides the no-build stone.

    I'm not sure how the permissions would be handled in this scenario as it gets a bit complicated with multiple flags and multiple overlaps. If the flags were isolated and existing stone protection fields override the default when no flag is specified, you could run into issue with people placing no-build stones in range of stones without a build flag specified.

    I'm thinking the best route is to just turn on no-build for these no-PVP stones, but our no-PVP stones (obsidian) are significantly easier to obtain and less useful outside of PreciousStones than our least effective no-build stone (iron block) while only half the radius. Any ideas?

    Also, any chance of using SQLite so we can run custom queries against the PreciousStones DB? It would be nice to determine the most common stones, update any old stones if the protection radii have changed, etc. Edit: on a related note, apparently Java serialization is bad.
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    Im going to have to refine these overlap rules a bit. And good idea about SQLite, i think im going to add this next.
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    your doing some great work.. i got some ideas for simple vanilla style plugins that would be easy to code f you are interested. PM me if you wanna here them
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    I also noticed that two overlapping no-build stones from different owners deny both owners build rights in the overlap. IMO the stone placed first should get to own the overlapping area while the remaining "unclaimed" area in range of the 2nd stone belongs to its owner.
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    I'm sorry, but I have no idea what to do. All I want is my iron door to be unbreakable (preferably in one place) and some obsidian too. But I'D want to break them.

    Can someone help me?
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    so in the config file make a space that says:

    block: 49
    radius: 1
    prevent-destroy: true
    so this will make all obsidian blocks *that you place*, and 1 block in every direction, unbreakable by other people. only you. and of course you can adjust the radius to your liking. since doors are 2 blocks high you may have to extend the height by at least 1 more to encompass that. just add:
    custom-height: 1
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    Thanks, but will it only apply to future-placed blocks? I've already placed it and want to protect it.
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    bit of a wierd feature request but can you make it so players can add a chat line for the no entry areas, seperate to each area ie

    /ps entryforbidden sorry the trainstation is underconstruction try latter

    then when a play not on the permision list trys to enter, that pops up
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    Broken? Using version 1.4 and people can place and remove blocks even though it's a protected area.
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    have you set up the permisions correct? it needs permisions addon now
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    Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
    Which download location is
    the most reachable of them all?
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    I believe I have, yes.
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    Running Bukkit 159 and the version for this as of my d/l this morning. Anyway I have enter=false but nobody could open the door to a hut. Now this is by the spawn area and that might have something to do with it but to this day I haven't figured this out. At least the creeper explosion reset :)
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    setting it to true means that you will use its no entry rules
    we added a seperate block for no entry zones
    set it to entry false (i believe, if it is pushing them away from the block then im sure im right :) )
  17. Doesn't want to work for me on CraftBukkit #164, running Permissions 1.9. Says it's loaded but upon placing a block it doesn't get protected.
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    we used it fine on that one, we had to add the permisions though as shown on the first page make sure you add them correctly - 'permision here' yml is a right bleep for the wrong space etc

    this is part of our default user permision

    - 'preciousstones.benefit.*'
    - 'preciousstones.whitelist.*'

    that seems to work ok for us
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    @mrgreaper Ooops my bad, I meant to type in:
    prevent-entry: false
    It was correct in the config, I goofed when explaining it here. (modified original post) I'm going to go test it out further away from spawn and see if that corrects it.

    Edit: It's a spawn point issue.
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    np, i know that when you place a block in someone elses area (if you are an admin) it automaticly inherits the area owners name as its owner, a very nice touch by the creator.
    so if you have placed blocks to protect your spawn area (unneeded as spawn area cant be edited by default unless on the ops list) then it will inherit that person as owner hmm but thinking about it, if the prevent-entry: false then it shouldnt matter
    dont know chap ....my mind is drawing a blank
  21. Yup, I have that set. My group also has no restrictions to commands, yet blocks aren't getting protected.
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    Got the same problem...Permissions 1.9 and CB #164. My users can break all the blocks and the protection-block does nothing...:(

    Edit: Problem solved!

    Please make sure that you're not using a spell (e.g. /cast fill from "Spells" plugin) to create your protection blocks. You have to set them manually.
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    So every diamond block i place will have the properties mentioned?
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    does this not work with version 169 of bukkit?
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 5:10 AM ---
    well we are up to 186 now, whats up with ps
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    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 6:17 AM ---
    hey just a random thought but... the prevent pvp force field... does this also prevent pvp for the owner? If yes, would there be any way to only prevent it for other players?

    Also, how much damage do the two damage fields do?
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    Right now it prevents it from anyone that doesn't have bypass permissions. You mean a disarming field? I'll look into adding another attribute for this.

    Same as one. It's half a heart (or five hears) of damage per block walked inside a field or fields.
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    yeah exactly, a disarming field.

    it seems like this is working for me now, at least my iron blocks resist tnt, but I havn't been able to make it display block details. I am right clicking it with a pick, and i have public details set true.
    --- merged: Jan 31, 2011 7:03 AM ---
    oh i should have asked this before too, but does the damage field hurt the block owner?
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    could be a bug im gonna look into it.

    it does not
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    Can you push your latest 1.4.3 code into GitHub? I fixed a bug (?) in 1.4 that causes PStones to throw NullPointerException on our linux server. However we're not able to update to 1.4.1+ since there is no code I can merge my changes into. I also put in a pull request if you want to take a look at it. Thanks for all your hard work, fantastic plugin!
  31. Man, this plugin hates me :(. It doesn't want to work - running CraftBukkit #186 and Permissions 1.9, version 1.4.3 of this, it says it loads fine yet does nothing if I place an indestructible block.

    I have no plugins that I think would cause a confliction with this and I've setup the permissions correctly.

    If it helps - my server is running on a Linux OS.
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