[SEC/MECH/ADMN] BananaProtect 0.5 - automatic block protection + anti grief functionality [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Also, is there any ways to allow for permissions 2.7.4 support for bananaprotect.admin?
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    Hey @Pencil , my name is Adrian and i'm from Brazil, i gave some questions:
    First: Can you make only certainly blocks to be protected, for example, only Wooden Planks?
    Second: And when a player try to destroy the block of another player, a message appear saying, eg: "You don't have permission to do that" or "This block is protected by "PlayerName""
    Third: Can a protected block protect the block under and above it, eg:
    Stone (original from world)
    Cobblestone (Placed by a player, protected_
    Stone (original from world)
    and when a player try to destroy one of the stones ( from the original world) receive a message like in the second question? ^
    Well, sorry for my bad english, thanks for the attention, and thanks for your support in this plugin,
    thanks @codename_B for the plugin
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    I switched to Pex for permissions - so much better no problems with chests now and no problem with my staff being able to look to see whos blocks they are. Just need something to add a block manually, and need something to remove block protection. as I've said I run into a problem of when i break someones block because they griefed the protection still remains.
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    i love the plugin but bananaprotect.admin is not working :(
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    If you are not using a permissions plugin that supports SUPERPERMS it wont.
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    can you add support for permissions x3
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    Switch to PEX trust me its A LOT better.
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    i will try this PEX
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    Its basically permissions 3x but better. MUCH better. Has superperms support as well
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    do you install it like normal permissions
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    just read the wiki, it has information all about everything you need to know.
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    This project seems not to be so alive?
    Possible to get Source?
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    I was wondering what the word is with this project?
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    It is a very nice plugin !:)
    But PLEASE update it on minecraft version 1.8.1
  15. Plzzz make this work with permission 3x so my moderators can interact with blocks..

    BTW I LOOOVE This plugin One of the best plugins EVARH for antigrief!!!

    Have one more questin though, When i type /rollback 1 "name" is it suppose to delete everything in a wide area for that player? my problem is sometimes i just want to rollback a medium sized house, but everything around it of that player gets deletet to.. not all but in a big area..

    Please keep up the good work.. :D Would be LOVELY if bananaprotect.admin worked with permissions 3x
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    Could you make it so it dont care about dirt, grass and three seeds? It`s very important on a public server.
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    Realy like your Plugin. any chance to fix the bug that you cant use the Lighter (ID 259)?
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    I'm new to bukkit but i've used plugins in the past and i'm clueless on how to install this, it saves as a .zip with not JAR in it and it looks like the .zip should be a jar because if the files it contains. Could you please explain how to do so, i would really like to use this.
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    update plz this is my alltime favorite plugin
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    Im a bit of a newbie with plugins as I only created my server 3 days ago but In my freebuild worldi would like a block protection plugin (this one) but I don't want block protection in my PvP world.
    I've opened the config file to change which world it is enabled in but i don't know how. HELP!
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    With this plugin I can find out who owns an object?

    I can assign to an object, the protections without having to build them?
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    Is this project dead now? Haven't heard anything about it....
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    so it still works :)

    i found a way to fix this unknown command op all your mods and make all op commands unknown it works good :p
    link for unknown command : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...-7-returns-unknown-command-messages-818.1753/

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    I know I still use it. But, it could really use a tool to manually add/remove block protections. I run into a problem with my admins and moderators tearing down old buildings and protection still being on a few blocks of "air" lol
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    Updated. Updated. Updated. Please
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    Can you undo a rollback?
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    If this is updated... any chance of iConomy support (or cross-economy plugin support using Register)? A per-block cost for protection would be really handy!
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    Great Plugin, he save the homes of my players from grifers and fast rollback ) but after 2 weeks use it i have 32k files and 155 Mb they take, i think be better to use MySql for db, not files, and add iConomy support, pay for blockprotect per block, i know about bananaregion i'm use it too, but only in the towns.
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    @codename_B is there a way to undo a rollback if not can you add it :D

    and a command to delete "all" of a users blocks

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    Is there a way to toggle button/lever protections? I use buttons a lot on my server and they can't all be protected.

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