[SEC/MECH/ADMN] BananaProtect 0.5 - automatic block protection + anti grief functionality [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jun 19, 2011.

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    excuse me, i'm from brazil and use translator for talk, would not seem arrogant.
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    If you want to make a new thread on devbukkit go right ahead :) you can add me as a project member
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    Sure :) I'll do that.

    Please, don't try to trick me.....
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    want to believe, believe, do not want, I can do nothing I'm talking the truth, why hell i buy a domain for my server from brazil, if i no live here?

    check my site:
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    Please get this stuff out of here. I have a domain .US yet I live in Germany (de) Your point is invalid...
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    register forum and check the language spoken ;)
    I will not discuss, thanks for the 2 updates that did. have a good game / life
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    Lol so any info? Just curious, don't mean to pester you guys.
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    Hmm, I could add it, but I lack time currently. Maybe next week :3
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    Sweet :) was just wondering, could really use it. I got a lot of blocks I want to move over to bananaprotect. It's SOOO much better then OBX. OBX on a dedicated machine with 20+ players at a time causes massive resource eating lol. Found that out the hard way. I'm glad to see you changed BP to allow the doors and what not to remain open it's the reason I switched back. LOL Now you have UBER 1337 Plugin! All it's missing is that tool. Just keep me (or us if anyone else wants it) posted on it :)
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    One of My players told me it isn't possible to use things from other players, even if they put you on their allow list.
    This is on almost every useable blocks like: Levers,doors,chests,funace....

    Do I have to set smth in the config file or is there another solution for this?
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    Use my update :/
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    Teh Kitteh

    Hey pencil, thanks for the update! The hole tree thing was killing me. But I have a problem or two still.

    First, you disabled door/lever/ect protection... I still need that. Is it possable that you can make a command like /unprotect to unprotect a specific button/lever/ect. Also, could you make it work with Chests and Furnaces too?

    Also, it seems that this plugin breaks fire completely. I can't make a portal. It might be another mod conflicting but I am unsure... care to clarify?
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    Well, I could do that. But you might want to look at LWC to protect levers and such.

    And yes, codename made it so fire is disabled :/
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    Hey Pencil , the CreepCraft Site is closed , so your link is down. But i NEED this version , because you can turn the chest protection off. The Players on my server want to build together , and got chests ... TOGETHER . But they cant open them . So i really need the version ! I saw that you was online , so i signed up quick to write you this post :D Can you please ReUp it .
    I need it . Please Quick :D Thank you , i LOVE your work .
    --Sorry for my bad english XD
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    U can't disable chest protection with my version :confused:.

    btw, the link works for me :/
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    yes , but i also need the global-use doors etc. .
    This would be nice.
    Is there a way to NOT PROTECT a chest ?

    The link is down...really .
    Can you please upload it to another website or something ?

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    /ballow? D: It works for chests afaik.

    also, the link DOES work, i even provided an alternative for it right under it D:
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    sand and gravel stopped falling in my server and it would be nice to pick what blocks will be protectected like ownblocks but this is still the best auto block protecter out there other than the sand and gravel bugg!!!!! o ya ps a command to enable use buttons for all players you are the man and thank you for your hard work i will give cookie/karma as soon as i fined out how lol EDIT!!!!! just found out my portals are disabled to
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    Yea I'm having a problem with my admins not being able to look into others chests, which is a problem. I use LWC for doors chests ect. Also IF you do make the config, adding an exception for designated blocks option would be perfect. That and a tool to add blocks manually. Anyways other then that LOVE IT lol.
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    this has been mentioned before, Codename_B had no intention of allowing fire to be used, it is an anti grief plugin after all (pretty much said by Codename_B himself)

    @Spiritwind (just grabbing ur attention via tagging :p)

    look above, your safe zones idea may be in the making, good idea to put forth your idea now so @Pencil can get some ideas ;)


    this is probably not useful right now
    are you sure your not using some sort of paranoid IP blocking mechanism?

    if so, ALLOW HTTP traffic

    @Pencil you could probably put this link in ur post, so there is a second opinion on whether your link is down or not ;)

    Try this for chests and doors, http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...est-and-door-lock-no-databases-updating.4336/

    altho i dont know when it became inactive, it has been working fine on #1060

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    Don't have any paranoid ip blocking mechanisms XD I'm guessing its the dns thats failing :/ I posted a 2nd link under the first one which contains only the IP which should work :D Try it? ^^
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    Maybe its down in AUSTRIA ?
    Why is it so hard , to put that file simply on megaupload or mediafire or something o.0 ?

    OK , now i opened it with an american Proxy , and finaly it was working.
    Thank you.

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    It's not down D: not even in AUSTRIA lol

    Tho, you never asked me to, you simply stated it's down :3

    I'll upload it to another host when I get home juuuust for you :3

    BTW the host is in Germany VERY close to the border to Austria XD
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    Any new info

    also one other minor thing. The item that adds say woodensword for example to manually add blocks. What about something to remove block protection. I run into a problem with the fact that if I break a block the air gets protected and nothing can be placed there....
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    any chance for config txt for blocks protected?
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    Hey, can you make something that we can use as tool to protect and unprotect blocks? Like a config file where i choose what block gonna be used as the tool, and a permission node like:
    banana.tooladminprotect (can protect our unprotect any block)
    banana.toolprotect (player can only protect and unprotect blocks that he placed)

    And sometimes i see this error in console:


    You have any idea of what could be?
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    Actually I already mentioned this lol along with a couple other things. Look above your post a couple you'll see it. If you agree or have any ideas that I could do to fix maybe the issue I have say something >.< lol
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    if you got any time off sometime could you add text something like: "This is (name) block" or "you don't have permission" or something like that when someone tries to destroy someone else's block? :) would be great
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    it works great for me but i was offering a link to get an extra opinion so u dont take the heat because someone has stupidly blocked ur IP for instance Peerblock can block alot of ranges with the very few lists included with it (P2P and so on) especially the AD blocks

    EDIT: im not saying u have ads on ur site etc , but those ranges cover some pretty large amounts of addresses and ofc there can be accidents
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    Just got this server error.


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