[SEC/MECH/ADMN] BananaProtect 0.5 - automatic block protection + anti grief functionality [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jun 19, 2011.

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    What use plugin alternative Bananaprotect for version bukkit 1.0.1 ??
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    do anyone have a link were i can download the compiled version?
  3. Mm. Is it possible to add a function where it's not possible to place blocks on another players blocks. So for example, atm it's possible to place water bukkets on other players blocks and "spam grief" blocks on other players properties. Em, it should be able to change that right. Add like a, cant place blocks in a radius of example 4 blocks away from another players block(s).
  4. How to disable chest proteccion in pencil version?
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    OMG thanks @Pencil to bad you got banned :mad:

    I don't think you can :(

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    Update would be awesome!!!!
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    Working on one hopefully it works :D
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    Can you fix the lighter bug?

    i can't light anything with a lighter on my server
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    This is not 100% done and there might be errors/bugs

    Removes flint and steel blocking, Removes door/lever/button protection, Added protection to jukebox's and cake.
    Changed look of all messages.
    Change the log block from lift click with locked chest to right click with iron pickaxe
    Here the thread http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/myblocks/
    I'm looking in to mySQL too :D
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    As you know this is now inactive due to not being maintained.
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    ..Would someone be able to make a version of this with the automatic block protection, rollback and the item to check who placed a block? And no MySQL.. MySQL is a pain.
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    MySQL would be a option like for LWC
    And i got stuck on a bug making it D: will keep tryin' :D
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    Oh, thank you very much! :)

    And when abouts will your MyBlocks plugin be up for download? Its EXCATLY what i need.

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    Soon hopefully until then just use bananprotect(i'm not editing the way myblocks saves files so you'll just have to rename "BananaProtect" folder to "MyBlocks")
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    Some of the people on my server have been nagging for a approximate date of when the plugin will be released, if you can give an approximate date, that would be good! Thanks! :p
  17. Next time comment in this post MyBlocks
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    Yep :p
    Read what i said here http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/myblocks/#comments
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    How would you like that to be implemented? I'm (still) working on a new version of this with more efficient block storage.
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    Cheese is beast

    Hey spiritwind it is cpscott16 2
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    hey guys after desperatly looking for any way to ignite fire again so i made and update myself and wanted to share with you.
    All the update does is taking pencils version and I replaced the flint & steel ignite function. You can protect flint and steal by essentials instead and only let your mods/admins be able to use it.
    All i have done is replace setCancelled to false on that part so all the other credit goes to Pencil and codename_B.
    I was also trying to prevent placed sand from falling however this does not seem to be possible. As canceling the onblockphysic does not to be called when the sand was just placed. if i can work that out to i'll upload here as well.

    If the original developer(s) are not ok with posting the link i will take it off no problem just let me know.

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    It's no problem at all.
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    items are disappearing from the chests
    note: the chests were protected
    what can i do?
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    Could you please set it so you can protect worldedit creations? I want to build fast but it's griefable
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    this would be a nice feture since i cant find any auto protection block that have this in it
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    I have a question what will happen to blocks that got worldedited?
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    Dear codename and all other banana protect users,
    I have updated your Version again to work with the latest (and with this also R5 Bukkit) Version. This time it was quite a pain to get it all set up but it works now flawlessly. I also added a permission (ballow.fire) which allows users with this permission node to use the flint & steel. I just updated the plugin so all credits goto codename like last time!
    So here is the link:

    it would be nice if you could update your first post, so users find it faster and have a running version

    You might need to delete your /BananaProtect/config.yml
    and reset it to the worlds you want to add.

    Made a new update,
    the only thing not working was ballow now everything is working like its supposed to.
    Delete your current config. Start Server, Stop Server
    open config and add your worlds to the config. Then Start the Server again.
    You wont loose all your previous Protection. It works with that like a dream.

    Another Version with no Player Interaction Protection like Levers, Chests, and so on (Maybe you want to use World Guard or So on)
    Rename it to BananaProtect.jar

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    Needs updating for R6 as it doesn't work!
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    This plugin was the best anti greaf system ever but the devoleper isn't here :(

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