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    Have you ever wanted to protect those villagers on your server but all those silly players just kill them? Well, you found the right plugin my friend! This plugin simply sends the player a message when they try to hit a villager, "[VillagerProtect] You can not harm this villager." and then the villager takes no damage! huzzah!

    * Villager Protection!

    * Currently None.

    Permissions Nodes:
    * villagerprotect.candamage - This permission allows users to hurt villagers.

    Change Log:
    * v1.0

    - * Plugin officially released.

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    LOVE YOU MAN! <3 Gonna test it rightaway

    EDIT: [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\VillagerProtect.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    I am using 1.3.1
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    Hmm... very odd. I just tested it and it worked. I will upload the older version.
    EDIT: I uploaded a newer version! should work now. ;)


    • Villager Protection, from ARROWS, as well! (All other plugins like this have failed to do so)
    Sincerely, MursheX.

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    Sure! Like what! :D
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    I'm not sure... I can work on this plugin a bit more, give me some ideas :D Then we could integrate your plugin and mine into one?
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    Hmm, maybe disallow child killing? :eek: :>

    I can fix that.

    Could I have the source of this?

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    Hmm sure, why not. I can pm you the link.
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    Plugin does absolutely nothing. Doesn't register in console. No config if there even was supposed to be one. Doesn't work one bit. Players could all still kill the npcs with no permission granted to them. I mean there really isn't anything I could have done to mess up the install its one simple jar file.
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    Sorry to say but the plugin still cannot load. :S
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    haha, I'll fix it up. Give me a bit.
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    Did not work.
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    I have a fix for this if you want it? I decompiled the class file and got the source, changed stuff and made it work. Tell me if you want it.
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    Cool cool. Yea I'm sorry if that post sounded jerkish. I was more angry with myself wondering what I could have possibly done to screw it up and it slipped out into my writing. Though I came up with a temp fix until you can get it going right. I use grief prevention (not promoting) and found that if I set up an admin claim around an area I want Villagers then people can still interact with them but cannot kill them as the plugin prevents players from killing any animal or villager in another persons claim. I dont know if setting up a regular claim like the players do will still allow people to trade because you should have to /trust them. So I used the admin claim to prevent that as it will allow anyone to use things in the area yet still not dmg them. The reason I posted about this is because I thought you might be interested in any plugin that does similar things to yours. While its not as broad of a protection as yours is since it can only protect a village that you have found or created, it works for now. Oh and I dont know if yours does this but when players try to attack a villager or animal thats protected by the gives them a message in chat saying "this does not belong to you". I thought that might be a nice thing to add into your config, like to add an option to allow or disallow msgs to the user attempting to dmg the villager. Thanks for working on this plugin its well needed now with 1.3
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    A poop. doesn't work with 1.3.1, I will work on my plugins once I figure it out.
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    pls pls fix it its very useful
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    I like it. [redflower]
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    You think you can update it to 1.3.1 soon? I would also like to ask if you could add Iron Golems to the protection that players cannot kill it. Thank you very much. I would like to use the plugin. :S​
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    we are waiting :D
    to update 1.3
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